On behalf of the people of Pattaya  - i am most honored to welcome you to our fair city.       


You will be amazed to know that only 45 years ago – Pattaya  - as we know it today – did not exist.


Only a  few fishing families lived in the area – and most people traveled about by foot. 


But the bay and nearby islands provided good fishing and more families came to settle.


Eventually a village developed.


As the village grew – they gave it the name Pattaya –

Which was the name they used for the strong winds that came at the beginning of each rainy season.


People in the surrounding areas in time began to spot the business opportunities  - and guesthouses began to develop along the beach


These in turn provided a good market for the fishermen – and so

Tourism began in Pattaya.


A major tourism market for Pattaya was the us military who began to come to Pattaya for r & r.  This in turn led to bigger hotels and nightclubs.


Today Pattaya  is Thailand’s  premier  beach  resort.


More than  one million tourists from all over the world come to Pattaya  each year.   


Pattaya  provides  high standard  hotels,  restaurants, sports, entertainment and shopping facilities.


And Pattaya is  Thailand’s  most  important  diving  center


The royal cliff beach hotel - where most of you are staying - was built in 1974 – and lifted the  standard of hospitality in Pattaya to new heights.


Kings and queens -- heads of state -  and celebrities – as well as guests from the four corners of the world - have enjoyed Thailand’s warmth and hospitality hear at the royal cliff beach resort.


With the construction of the Pattaya exhibition and conference hall – just across the way  – Pattaya  has  also become a major center for international conferences.


And so – we are most honored that you have selected patty for your 3rd global summit on peace through tourism.


You have set a very important agenda for yourselves – with your theme – one earth one family – travel and tourism serving a higher purpose.


I wish you success in your deliberations – and hope that you will have the opportunity to experience a bit of Thailand – the land of smiles before you leave.


Thank you