Welcome Everyone.  Wow.  Such great energies surrounding us. How wonderful.

I’m so happy to be here today. I’m Patriece Robinson flight attendant with American Airlines. I ‘m here representing an incredible charity that I have been so proud to be part since 1998 called Airline Ambassadors.

We have a short DVD to show you but before we get started I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the very hard working and dedicated organizers of IIPT with a special thanks to Lou D’Amore for giving us the opportunity to share our story with you today. Thank you Lou.

As we get started I promise no public safety announcements about how to put on your seatbelts. I invite you to please sit back relax and enjoy the story of Airline Ambassadors. No matter how many times I see this DVD it just wells me up.

There are so many incredible heartfelt stories and memories of all the struggles and challenges we’ve encountered and yet endless accomplishments because of contributors and volunteers like you.

Airline Ambassadors was founded in 1996 by Nancy Rivard also a flight attendant with American Airlines. As you saw in the DVD Nancy’s dream started with one child at a time.

Today Airline Ambassadors is recognized by the United Nations, the United States Congress, and has been honored with five humanitarian awards. We now have an active roster of 4000 members and support sponsors include American Airlines, Applied Materials and Shurguard.

We are involved in  on going humanitarian work in  Phuket, and more recently disaster relief  efforts in Mississippi. In addition we provide medical missions, child escort programs and global educational programs promoting peace through travel. 

We run approximately 3-10 missions per month. All of these programs are supported by donations and volunteers. Airline Ambassadors operational administrative expenses is only one percent.  Last year alone we hand delivered $3.2 million in aid for those in need around the world.

As any charity we have a wish list and it is growing. We desperately look to people like you to help make a difference. You can see an up to date wish list and newsletter at our website at airlineamb.org.  

Please take a minute to look.  One person can really make a difference.

In closing on behalf of the airline industry and Airline Ambassadors I would like to share a short prayer with you….

May the universe protect us as we travel by air, land or sea. Keep us safe, guide us encourage us to travel in peace wherever that may be.” 

Travel in peace everyone.