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Poverty, Terrorism and Peace in Small States Peace and socio-economic development did not be improved within the frame work of production orientation and people welfare due to want of sincere inspiration and patriotic leadership in many third world countries, for which poor states could not benefit through development program rather unfavorable circumstances hindered progress where it should have been and development achieved where it ought not to have been.

In the past 35 years some people amassed immense wealth and majority of people have turned poor and (poverty stricken always searches for the barest need and shelter). In these poor state wealth have not been invested for productive purpose. Easy earned wealth looks out for easy earning source. Pomp and grandeur of some particular persons have increased but general mass are deprived in different ways also suffering wide spread. Government fund allocation has decreased in public welfare sector and increased in non productive sector. Foreign interference has increased and national local endeavor has decreased. When present political leadership of a state is unable to give proper direction to improve the socio-economic goal with illiteracy, under development & poverty in existence, then fanatic communal society come forward with their sound financial backing and allure then with rosy idea and dreams to the poor, middle class people who are apt to follow the temptation (being ignorant of the consequences) comparing present world environmental situation which is on increase. Some influential wealthy sates in order to exercise their influence on the poor small states patronize political unrest, destabilizes socio-religious peace by upsetting law and order situation, terrorism, forcible collection of money, violating human and fundamental rights, such as torturing women, constant soaring prices of essentials which goes beyond buying capacity of poor people, wide spread corruption etc., are devouring our life. Such pests are on increase and have brought objection, unrest lack of security in the society and country as a whole.

Terrorism is a national problem also an enemy. We all want an end to terrorism. We all want a terrorist should be properly dealt with for his nefarious activities if necessary capital punishment be awarded. Even for the incident occurred in England on 7th July 2005, Mr. Charles Clark Honorable Minister for Home has opined to exterminate foreign nationals in England who are involved in such destructive act, and also introduce new law. Today, we being citizens in a free state, all want to live in peace with our family members safely, in our hearth & home in motherland. There is always a general consensus to uproot terrorism from the soil, but it should be done legally as because we abide by the doctrine of democracy and followers of law and order.

But immoral persons in the state destroy socio political situation with the force of black-money. Wealth is their main weapon. For this reason money comes to them from home and abroad through different black channels in the name of revivals of lost heritage. Black money coming from unfair means always helps in indulging criminal activities in the peace-loving world. Government of many small states can not attain stability because of this, being main cause. Some wealthy states in order to exert their influence on these small states, engaged in trafficking black money, arms and ammunitions together with fundamental idealism.

A terrorist group activity increases in the country with the easy flow of black money. Modern Armaments, Drugs, Porno’s and other crimes being common, become easy available. Thus people of this down-trodden world gradually control political situation of the country.

By the grace of foreign conspirators funding major portion of black money distributed amongst ill-educated/motivated youths. But simple general mass are deprived of such illicit money and specially minority community remains subject to torture, rape, killing, threaten to kill thereby grabbing their landed property and compel to leave the country and under such situation governments law enforcing agencies resort to indifferent attitude.

In some states, administration pronounced much about human welfare but lacks in democratic values, where free thinking is objected, democracy is managed by the vested interest. In order to meet the rising election expenses, politics is converted into trading commodity. Fundamentalism is expanding. There are such vast difference between the actual happenings and what is promulgated in these states which is rare in the world where there are democracies in pretext. Democracy can not be established in true sense when traitors and criminals remain un-punished and partners of the government. People there also are not in peace and also inclined to transfer their fund out of the country, even so compelled to migrate to other country with their family.

Time has come for giving account and pay off for the misdeed and blood shaded by conspirator at home and abroad. Time has come to unveil their mask for uprooting civility by the enemies of the civilized world and humanity.

Some small states are disregarded and neglected much by the developed world, they should wide open their range of thinking, and try to realize these small states have sufficient indigenous recourses of their own to live by themselves if they carefully utilize these plans which is sufficient for their survival.

Multifarious corruptions are major problem with some sates. If corruption could be eliminated then prosperity will be visible. But governments of present time are stooges in the hands of rich states in order to meet their financial emergency and exigencies. It would be a severe task to restore the country from their clutch because in order to educate poor and also orphan boys and girls in special religious teaching established by some foreign country. These countries instead of education are teaching fundamentalism, armament training, terrorism, killing etc. They some times in the name of religious gatherings or in the garb of tourists comes from distinguished states to train-up in use of armaments and explosives which is now known universally and created panic in the world.

In order to solve problems one should search for its reasons, search for its source. As long the reason for terrorism its actual source could be ascertained to its true sense till then there cannot be a permanent solution for terrorism. Source of terrorism, instigator of terrorist, otherwise god-father of terrorist will remain far from apprehension and knowledge.

In order to eliminate terrorism and corruption from the third world countries, people would be properly trained through mass education about national responsibility, honesty in backward poor states also be aware of living on honest independent legitimate income.

In fanatic social system citizens should be conscious of their women folk to bring up to modern scientific technology and on that light they should be equally work side by side of men folk for development of the sate. It may be emphasized that time has come that education for both male & female on modern scientific world and happenings so that people are up-to-date and match themselves with the modern time and developed countries in spite of their meager resources.

In many developing countries, there are differences amongst their sex especially underdeveloped, less educated class try to maintain a big difference between men and women. In those countries there are differences in law in each sex because of religious environment. But these differences are distinctly evidenced in religious society and law of the country until or unless these differences are narrowed it sometimes creates much inconvenience to associate with the developed world.

Abstract: As we are struggling for developing our technology, education for improving life style, economy and friendship in our society through tourism while it is now recognized by all of us that tourism is one of the major activities in the world economy, unity and peace. And to achieve terrorism free society in our third world, we want liberty of our tourism having free access in the world tourism policy to eliminate illiteracy, poverty and infuse economic development for national peace, prosperity through international forum by keeping our culture and tourism concurrently in practice with alien culture to enrich global tourism, culture, education and economic deficiencies.