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About IIPT

What is IIPT?
The International Institute For Peace Through Tourism (IIPT) is a not for profit organization dedicated to fostering and facilitating tourism initiatives which contribute to international understanding and cooperation, an improved quality of environment, the preservation of heritage, and through these initiatives, helping to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world. More

How can I become involved in Peace through Tourism?
We have IIPT Chapters for people to be active at the grassroots level in the following countries: Australia , Caribbean, Jamaica, Greece, Indian Ocean, Israel, Maldives, Nigeria, Pakistan , Serbia, Turkey, United States and Canada, Northwest: Portland, Oregon, Northeast: Connecticut. For information on starting a chapter, contact IIPT.
IIPT offers organizations the opportunity for membership in our Coalition of Partners for World Peace through Tourism . Individuals are invited to sign up for any of our Networks.

General Information

When is the 4 th IIPT African Conference on Peace through Tourism?
The next IIPT African Conference on Peace through Tourism is going to be held in May 20- 25 in Kampala – Uganda . More.

Where will the 4 th IIPT African Conference on Peace through Tourism take place?
The official venue and hotel of the Conference is the Serena Kampala Hotel. More.

What are the goals of the 4 th IIPT African Conference?

  • Expand marketing opportunities in Asia, Europe, the Americas and across the African Continent.
  • Foster tourism initiatives that contribute to reconciliation, peace, and sustainable wealth creation in regions of Africa that have experienced conflict.
  • Develop communication strategies leading to a more balanced and positive image of Africa – its lands, its cultures and its peoples- in regions throughout the world.
  • Continue building “Bridges of Tourism, Friendship and Collaboration” among African nations and other nations throughout the world by supporting the Africa Diaspora Heritage Trail.

Who will attend the 4 th IIPT African Conference on Peace through Tourism?
The Conference will bring together Ministers of Tourism, senior public and private sector executives, policy makers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, future industry leaders, and senior representatives of NGOs, donor agencies leading and related sectors including environment, culture, sport and economic development.
Educators, students and traditional leaders will hold specialized forums. Everyone involved in tourism is invited to join the Conference on Peace through Tourism.  

Who can attend?
Everyone interested in Peace through Tourism is welcome.

I need an official letter of invitation. How can I have one?
Please e-mail us with this request and include your full name, passport number and citizenship, date of birth, full address, phone and fax numbers, job title, organizational affiliation, and e-mail address.

I would like to help promote the Conference? Where can I get a PFD of the official flyer?

How can I learn more about the 4 th IIPT African Conference on Peace through Tourism?
Read our e-Newsletters and visit our News Bureau.

Where can I subscribe to the IIPT e-Newsletters?


Travel and Accommodation

What are the hotels options?
The official venue and hotel of the conference is the Kampala Serena Hotel and Conference Center . Conference delegates are offered a discounted room rate .  Room reservations are to be made directly with the Kampala Serena; to do so visit online and be sure to mention that you are an IIPT conference delegate. 
IIPT has also negotiated special hotel rates for conference delegates at Sheraton Kampala, Speke Hotel, Africana Hotel and Makerere Guest Room.
Alternative accommodations are also available at lower rates. For further information on lodging options, please visit our accommodation options.

What airlines fly to Kampala ?
The following carriers fly to Uganda : SN Brussels-AA and Delta, British Airways, Air France , KLM - Northwest, South African Airways, Kenya Airways, Air Tanzania , Rwanda Air Express, Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, and Emirates

Are there any flight discounts for IIPT conference delegates?
Yes! See our Travel & Tours page for information on providers who have offered discounts.

Do I need a visa to enter Uganda ?
Travelers should obtain the latest information and details from their closest Embassy of the Republic of Uganda. To locate the nearest Uganda officials, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website . Visas are also issued at Entry/Exit Points and available at Entebbe Airport and at other overland points, such as Busia, Malaba, etc. 
Citizens from the following countries are exempted from needing a visa: Angola, Comoros, Eritrea, Kenya, Malawi, Madagascar, Rwanda, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tonga, Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Fiji, Gambia, Grenada, Jamaica, Lesotho, Malta, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, St. Vincent, Vanuatu and Cyprus. More.
For more details on immigration, refer to the Uganda Ministry of Foreign Affairs website .

What are the medical requirements for entry into Uganda ?
Visitors will require proof of yellow fever vaccination when entering. This is the only mandatory health requirement. Given the risk of malaria, travelers are suggested to take precaution with recommended prophylaxis. Other highly recommended vaccinations include: Hepatitis A and an up-to-date Tetanus. Visitors may also consider being vaccinated against: Typhoid , Polio (a one time dose of for adults), and Measles (at least one MMR if you have not had the disease), or Hepatitis B.
Please check with your health care provider for further details. We also suggest that you check for any health alerts and review the information available from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for Travel to East Africa .

Uganda Information

I need further information about Uganda .
Please visit our section on Uganda .

I need further information about Kampala .
Please visit our section about Kampala .

I need further information about tours.
Please visit our tours section.

Becoming a Partner

How can I become an organizational partner, sponsor or supporter?
Please contact us. Include your contact information and logo.  

I am a member of the Press and would like to attend the conference. How do I register?
All media are invited to cover our conference. Please download and complete the media application to obtain your press credentials.  

How can I help to spread the news of the 4 th IIPT African Conference on Peace through Tourism?
Add a link to our website. Download the official publicity flyer of the conference and share it with your friends and colleagues. Help inform media contacts about the conference.

I have more questions, how to make you know?
Go to our inquiry form

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