Media Luncheon
Role of the media in bridging the North-South divide through sustainable tourism development

Each presenter in the media panel discussed their insights and real world experience about how tourism and the press can build on and expand current North-South and South-South initiatives in achieving sustainable tourism development, wealth creation, poverty reduction and societal betterment in developing countries.

Bea Broda, President, Society of American Travel Writers

Bea Broda is the producer, writer and host of travel television programs and multimedia since 1987 and is currently the President of SATW. (The Society of American Travel Writers.) Her travel documentaries span the globe and can also be seen as video clips on numerous TV and newspaper websites. She is producer and publisher of her own website, HYPERLINK "", that features over 300 video clips and daily posting of articles, news and travel stories.

Nelson Alcantara, Editor, eTurbo News

Nelson Alcantara is an industry veteran who started as a travel agent to buoy up his pursuit for higher education. Upon graduating from college in 1999, he co-founded eTurboNews, Inc., which is a travel trade publication many regard as one of the most influential in the industry. He also does philanthropic work as a board member of the International Council of Tourism Partners. He is currently working on a project to help bring wheelchairs to Jordan's disabled. Considered a trailblazer in the line of online journalism, Mr. Alcantara also holds a master's degree in behavioral science with emphasis in negotiation and conflict resolution.

Sandy Dhuyvetter, Travel Talk Media

Sandy Dhuyvetter is the award winning host of TravelTalkRADIO and TV programs. She is also founder and inspiration behind Celestialink, LLC, and the TravelTalkMEDIA companies.
In the past 8 years, the company has reached out to the world to globally connect listeners and viewers to the experts and world leaders in every field of travel and lifestyle.
Ms. Dhuyvetter's technical and creative background has enabled her to develop a communication platform that has grown to become the premier travel programming preferred by over 140 countries each month and 22,000 visitors each day to her Web site.

She is highly regarded as a technologist as well as a superior communicator, always getting the facts to her audiences, while treating her guests with respect and making them feel comfortable. Sandy has developed thousands of hours of visibility and opportunity through her radio and TV programming for hundreds of companies who are in the travel and lifestyle sector.

Abdul-Sahib Shakiri, Editor and Publisher, Islamic Tourism Magazine

No biography available at this time.