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1st IIPT European Conference 21-24 October 2008, Leeuwarden,Netherlands


Welcome to IIPT's Web resource for information on speakers, addresses and presentations made at the 1st IIPT European Conference in October 2008. This guide contains biographies, research and presentation summaries to better promote the exchange of peace and communication that was started during the conference in Leeuwarden. This guide is also useful to people who are new to IIPT to help them understand the scope and importance of the 1st IIPT European Conference and other peace through tourism initiatives.

As you may know, Conference presentations focused on the theme and goal of leveraging current North-South and South-South initiatives towards sustainable tourism development, poverty reduction, and societal betterment through greater collaboration among key stakeholders. Presentations were grouped into keynote addresses and concurrent sessions (models of "best practice" on the subjects of heritage, ecotourism, crisis management, technology, education, sports, borders, responsibility and culture).

Below, you will find links to the plenary (keynote) and concurrent session themes. If you are interested in the topic, missed the session or are eager to learn more about a speaker in that session then please follow the link and you will find up-to-date information, provided by the speakers, about their current research, a presentation summary and link to their full presentation.

Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism, Jamaica

PLENARY SESSIONS I-V, including a Media Luncheon

Global perspectives on bridging the North-South divide: sustainable tourism development and the U.N. Millennium Development Goals
Achieving greater societal ROI from tourism investments through enhanced collaboration of key stakeholders
Integrating social, cultural and sports dimensions in bridging the North-South divide through sustainable tourism development
Catalizing more effective models of collaboration to leverage North-South, and South-South initiatives for sustainable tourism development, poverty reduction, and societal betterment
Tourism and peace myths and realities: education foundations for a collaborative approach in bridging the North-South divide
Media Luncheon: Role of the media in bridging the North-South divide through sustainable tourism development

CONCURRENT SESSIONS 1-7 (in order based on the program)

Session One: Management of cultural and environmental heritage to enhance local participation
Session One: Case studies in eco-tourism
Session One: Tourism crisis management
Session Two: New directions in environmental, energy and technological policies for sustainable tourism
Session Two: People and places for peace
Session Two: Resources and approaches to educating for a culture of peace through tourism
Session Three: Sustainable tourism's contribution to poverty reduction
Session Three: Innovations in sustainable tourism
Session Three: Tourism in rural communities: benefits and issues
Session Four: Promoting international understanding through cultural tourism
Session Four: Challenges and opportunities in cross-border and heritage tourism
Session Four: Contemplation Workshop
Session Five: The role of sports in bridging the North-South divide
Session Five: Strategies and measures towards responsible tourism
Session Five: The creative linking of culture, sport, volunteerism and ecology in responsible tourism
Session Six: Borders as negotiated spaces for peace
Session Six: Approaches to conflict resolution and peace-building
Session Seven: New directions in sustainable tourism
Session Seven: Perspectives on tourism and peace
Session Seven: Tourism's contribution to conflict resolution

Thank you!

IIPT would like to thank everyone who participated and contributed to the success of its European Conference. We hope that future conferences will be so well attended.

We hope that you found this resource helpful.
Please send any feedback or additional speaker information to


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