Tuesday 21st October

Opening Ceremony
Cultural Performance
Conference Keynote Address: Honorable Edmund Bartlett Minister of Tourism, Jamaica
Plenary I, Tuesday 21st October, Morning: Global Perspectives on Bridging the North – South Divide: Sustainable Tourism Development and the UN Millennium Development Goals
Hon. Gil da Costa Alves, Minister for Tourism, Commerce and Industry, Timor-Leste (East Timor)
Kathy Sudeikis, Immediate Past President American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), and 2008 Travel Agent of the Year
Hon. Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, Minister of Environment and Tourism, Republic of Namibia
Concurrent Sessions 1 - Tuesday 21st October, Morning
Concurrent 1A - Management of cultural and environmental heritage to enhance local participation Concurrent 1B - Case studies in ecotourism  Concurrent 1C - Tourism crisis mangement
Françoise Tondre, Responsable du Programme des Itinéraires Culturels, DG.IV / Culture et Patrimoine, Conseil de l'Europe  Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe: A Tool to the Benefit of Sustainable Tourism Yvanette Baron George, Project manager, Waitukubuli National Trail Project  Title to be determined Natan Uriely
Darya Maoz
Arie Reichel
A Bubble of Serenity Under Threats of Terror: Israelis and Egyptians in Sinai
Morgan Meitamei Siloma Enhancing Locals Participation in Tourism through Promotion of Sustainable Maasai Cultural Tourism in Kenya P. Gautam
L.P. Dhakal
Impact of Insurgency in Eco-tourism: A Case Study from Terai Protected Areas of Nepal Victoria Lindsay Investigating the Phenomena of Danger Tourism
Ben Sherman, President, Western American Indian Chamber, Official, World Tourism Organization Business Council  Universal Tourism Values from a Native Perspective Melubo Kokel
V. Lindsay
Problems and Solutions to Visitor Congestion at Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), Northern Tanzania Aviad.A. Israeli The Performance of the Israeli Hospitality Industry: Evaluating Crisis Periods and Different Locations
Arturo Crosby, Forurumnatura Title to be determined Brett Galimidi, Social Venture Technology Group  Impact Intelligence: Measuring and Managing the Sustainability of Sustainable Tourism with ECOframe Antonis L. Thecharous
Sevil Sönmez Apostolopoulos
An Assessment and Evaluation of the Tourism-Crime Nexus in Cyprus 
Concurrent Sessions 2 - Tuesday 21st October, Afternoon
Concurrent 2A - New directions in environmental, energy and technological policies for sustainable tourism Concurrent 2B - People and places for peace Concurrent 2C - Resources and approaches to educating for a culture of peace through tourism
Simon Tijsma Sustainability Projects in Friesland Noga Collins-Kreiner
Jay D. Gatrell
Peace in the City: The Case of Haifa’s Baha’i Gardens, Israel Daphne Lowe Kelley, Coordinator of IIPT Chapters and President of Australia Chapter The Australian Peace through Tourism Story
B.K. Dalit Threats of Environmental Degradation on Sustainable Tourism of Nepal Apolónia Rodrigues
Áurea Rodrigues
The Use of Peace Heritage as a Tourism Product: The European Network of “Places of Peace” V.I. Ionesov
N.G. Levina
Aesthetic Resources of Multicultural Communication in Tourism and Education: Art and Identity
Graham McKenzie, Director, Responsible Travel.com Web 2.0 tools and their Importance to SME's P.K. Upadhayaya Role of Tourism in Conflict Mitigation and Peace Building: A Case Study of Nepal Julia Eitner
Joanne Smolka
SIFE: An Example of Best Practice in Tourism and Education – Experience, Challenges and Opportunities
Max Haberstroh, International Consultant on Sustainable Tourism, Branding, Destination Management, and Marketing  Jointly Promoting Renewable Energies and Sustainable/Solidary Tourism: Reshaping Promotion Following Natural Pattern Peter Lukwiya, Uganda Peace Foundation Initiative Title to be determined Munzali Dantata, Director, National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism, Nigeria  Knowledge Transfer and Contribution of Technology to Sustainable Tourism Development – Nigeria’s Experience
Departure Walking Tour through Leeuwarden; Theme: The women of Leeuwarden through History
Reception and Special Performance by Syb van der Ploeg
Wednesday 22nd October
Plenary II, Wednesday 22nd October, Morning: Achieving Greater Societal ROI from Tourism Investments through Enhanced Collaboration of Key Stakeholders 
Hon. Filippe Savadogo, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Communication, Burkina Faso
V. Morfopoulos, Managing Director, Basic International Development Corporation (BIDC)
John Hummel, Regional Senior Adviser/ Network Leader, Pro-Poor Sustainable Tourism, SNV Asia
Monique de Greeve, UK and European Director, TourismROI
Concurrent Sessions 3 - Wednesday 22nd October, Morning
Concurrent 3A - Sustainable tourism’s contribution to poverty reduction  Concurrent 3B - Sustainable tourism Concurrent 3C - Tourism in rural communities: benefits and issues
Dr. Vikneswaran Nair Sehkaran, Head, Centre for Research & Development
Taylor's University-College
Alleviating Poverty via Tourism Development: Mega Tourism Development Projects in Malaysia towards Vision 2020 Mr. Elhadji Abdoul Aziz Gueye, Director, Senegal Tourist Office Sustainable Tourism and Local Government in Rural Areas of Senegal Cees van Rij , Liaison officer, Agriterra Rural Tourism and the Role of Agriterra
Julieta Muñoz Ordonez Poverty Reduction and Tourism: Case Studies of Local Lodging Facilities in Ecuador Nick Welman, Dutch IDUT Sustainable Tourism Network  Title to be determined L. Killion
E. Killion
Touristic Ministry: A Spiritual Response to Tourism and Visitor Impacts
Maswet Masinda
Lucas Selestine
Sadiki Juma
Tourism Contribution to Poverty Reduction/Elimination Toot Oostveen, Senior Tourism Advisor, SNV Honduras Connecting Local Tourism Products and Services to Large Tourism Enterprises; An Innovative Initiative of Inclusive Business in Tourism of SNV (Netherlands Development Organization) Central America Paul te Molder Tourism in Rural Societies: A Window to Prosperity?
Dominic Ntube, Consultant, World Bank Institute Regional Coordination Unit Engaging the African Diaspora in Wealth Creation and Institution Building in Fragile States: Lessons from Best Practices Mike McHugo, Managing Director, Discover Ltd and the Kasbah du Toubkal, and Chris McHugo Heart and Head – A Sustainable Development in the Moroccan High Atlas Willem Reynders, Managing Tourism consultant for CBI  “Look here, I have shoes!”
Plenary III, Wednesday 22nd October, Afternoon: Integrating Social, Cultural, and Sports Dimensions in Bridging the North – South Divide through Sustainable Tourism Development 
Yiannis Evangelou, President, Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (HATTA)
Robert Zimmer, President, Zimmer Group International
Lyndall De Marco, Executive Director; International Tourism Partnership, Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum
Taj Hamad, Secretary General World Association of NGO’s (WANGO)
Concurrent Sessions 4 - Wednesday 22nd October, Afternoon
Concurrent 4A - Promoting international understanding through cultural tourism  Concurrent 4B - Jamaica: Home of Community Tourism Concurrent 4C - Challenges and opportunities in cross-border and heritage tourism
Ton van Egmond, Centre for Sustainable Tourism and Transport NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences Understanding Western Tourists in Developing Countries Moderators: Barry Bonitto & Gillian Rowlands; Sharon Chambers; Diana McIntyre-Pike; Norma Moxam;
Mark Pike
Presentations on initiatives in Jamaican community tourism Nermin Zukic Srebrenica Case Study: Bridging the Past and the Future
A.E. Papanicolaou Representing Mexicans: Tourism, Culture and the Myth of the Nation Dion van der Berg Dilemmas in the Promotion of Tourism to Srebrenica
Ole Pihl Bridging the North-South: Cross-Cultural Understanding in Tourism; Queen’s Garden and Writer’s Path an Experience of Simultaneous Visions Senija Caisevic Tourism which Erases Borders: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina
N.B. Salazar Does Tourism Lead to Cosmopolitanism? Some Surprising Observations Raed Saadeh Heritage Tourism in Palestine
Reception at the Prinsessehof: Sponsored by The Municipality of Leeuwarden
Thursday 23rd October
Plenary IV, Thursday 23rd October, Morning: Catalyzing More Effective Models of Collaboration to Leverage North – South, and South – South initiatives for Sustainable Tourism Development, Poverty Reduction, and Societal Betterment 
Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism, Jamaica
Luigi Cabrini Director, Sustainable Development, UN World Tourism Organization
Tom Selänniemi, Chairman, Tour Operators' Initiative for Sustainable Tourism
Janos Damon, Executive Director, Israel Hotel Managers Association
Concurrent Sessions 5 - Thursday 23rd October, Morning
Concurrent 5A - The role of sports in bridging the North-South divide  Concurrent 5B - Strategies and measures toward responsible tourism  Concurrent 5C - The creative linking of culture, sport, voluteerism and ecology in responsible tourism
Stefan Verwer, Director, Lokaalmodiaal  On the Road to 2010: The Potential Impact of the World Championship Soccer in South-Afrika in 2010 Gopinath Parayil (Gopi), The Blue Yonder  Challenges of Being Responsible: The Blue Yonder Experience in India Yolande van Wijk, Project Director, Stichting Commundo Volunteerism for All Ages — REQUIRES Laptop and beamer
Steve DeVoss, Global Sports Partners From Sports Development to Community Development… The Bottom Line is NOT the Finish Line  Alexander Melbourne, Ph.D International Director, Groupo Chase—Chase Environmental Services Group; Director, Indonesian Educational Foundation Sadagori Coelencanth Bunaken (SCB) On the Wings of Phoenix A.V. Birukov
G. Ippolitov
M. Rodionov
Ecological Imperatives and Tourism Industry in Management of Cultural Heritage of Samara Region
Ginger Smith, Academic Chair, Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management, New York University
Andrea Cahn, Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management, New York University
World Peace and Sustainable Tourism Development: Promoting Dialogue Among Civilizations Through the Commerce of Sport Dr. Jovan Popesku, Vice Dean of Singidunum University, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management  Bridging the Regional Divide through Sustainable Tourism Development – Case Study of Serbia Ekaterina Gutrova
Ekaterina Levkovich
Marina Savelieva
Service Culture in the Visual World
Thierno Alassane Diack, Fondation Internationale Olympafrica Social Development Through Sports Willem Adrianus de Bruijn, Sustainable Tourism Researcher   Invitation to Participate in the Development of Tourism that Ensures Sustainable Development in a Measurable Way A.A. Olawale The Role of Culture and Sport
MEDIA LUNCHEON, Thursday 23rd October, Afternoon
Bea Broda, President, Society of American Travel Writers
Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher, eTurbo News
Sandy Dhuyvetter, Travel Talk Media
Abdul-Sahib Shakiri, Editor and Publisher, Islamic Tourism Magazine
Plenary V, Thursday 23rd October, Afternoon: Tourism and Peace – Myths and Realities: Educational Foundations for a Collaborative Approach in Bridging the North-South Divide
Johanna Fragano, President, European Hotel Managers Association (EHMA)
Myriam Jansen-Verbeke, Member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, Leuven University, Belguim
Irena Ateljevic, Socio-Spatial Analysis Landscape Centre Environment Science, Wageningen University, the Netherlands
Dallen J. Timothy, Professor of Community Resources and Development, Arizona State University, Editor of the Journal of Heritage Tourism
Concurrent Sessions 6 - Thursday 23rd October, Afternoon
Concurrent 6A - Borders as negotiated space for peace Concurrent 6B - Community Tourism Workshop Concurrent 6C - Approaches to conflict resolution and peace-building
A. Gelbman Border Tourism as a Space of Presenting and Symbolizing Peace Diana McIntyre-Pike  A workshop on community tourism based on 30 years of the Caribbean tourism experience; a session for any delegates interested in learning directly about the development of community tourism Ian Kelly, Coordinator of our IIPT International Educators Network Conflict Analysis in Tourism Education
Isabel Zizaldra-Hernández
Tomás Cuevas-Contreras
Jaume Guia-Julve
An Examination of Cross-Border Dynamic Tourism Net Hanny Kadijk
Brigitte Nitsch
Homestay, A Haven for Peace
Constantia Anastasiadou
Patrick HG Vrancken 
Regional Cooperation in Tourism in Southern Africa: Stakeholder Perceptions of Drivers and Inhibitors Anne Krupp Tourguiding: An Analysis of the Israeli and Palestinian Interpretation
Gala Dinner
Friday 24th October
A note about Peace and Tourism Research: Omar Moufakkir, Professor Tourism for Peace, Stenden University
Concurrent Sessions 7 - Friday 24th October, Morning
Concurrent 7A - New directions in tourism Concurrent 7B - Perspectives on tourism and peace Concurrent 7C - Tourism's contribution to conflict resolution
Mihaela Dinu
Constantin Dinu
New Valences and Dimensions of Romanian Tourism Development, in the European Globalization Context, Insurance of Hospitality, a Needful Service in the Romanian Tourism Janos Damon Tourism4Peace Forum: Challenges and Opportunities Yoram Krozer Natural Resources and Conflicts: Can Tourism Contribute to this Conflict Resolution?
Akke Folmer A New Quality Mark for Sustainable Development at Stenden University? A pilot study at Tourism Management A. Gemmer Islamic Tourism Anne-Marie Van Broeck The position of the Tourism Sector in Colombia in a Context of Armed Conflict (1996-2008)
Albert Postma Tourism Growth or Development: Where are we Heading to? Y. Poria, G.J. Ashworth Heritage Tourism: Portraying the Past by the Present to Preserve and Create Conflicts Elisa Rois Title to be determined
Kwame Neba
Stenden Quatar
Revisiting the Case for Developing Comprehensive Destination Information Systems; Opportunities and Challenges for National Tourism Authorities in Sub-Saharan Africa Omar Moufakkir Tourism Boycotting or Tourism Buycotting: Winners-Losers, Losers-Winners, Losers, Winners! What the Fuss? Khalid Pervaiz Sulehri, President/Country Director, IHRO Title to be determined
Closing Plenary, Friday 24th October, Afternoon