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International Educators Network

Welcome to the website for the Educators Network of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism.

The primary goal of the Network is to encourage and facilitate the involvement of educators in realizing the vision of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) – tourism as the world’s peace industry and travelers as ambassadors for peace. It is submitted that this may be pursued by incorporation of the peace ethic in tourism training and in university, college and school tourism courses, and by the inclusion of tourism-related issues in peace and conflict studies.

Objectives to be met in pursuit of this goal include the following:

  1. establishment of an educator membership base which is globally representative in terms of geographical distribution, subject specialization, institution type, level of instruction and research interest;

  2. development of a collection of resource materials to be made available to students and to educators for use in the preparation of scholarly papers, textbook writing and delivery of courses;

  3. distribution of information and facilitation of linkages and exchanges among Network members; and

  4. encouragement of student and educator participation in conferences organized by the IIPT, and the inclusion of peace-related topics in conferences organized by other bodies.

Access is provided to the IIPT Occasional Papers, edited by the Network Coordinator. This is a collection of papers, some from scholarly journals and conference proceedings (republished with permission) and some original contributions. Network members are invited to submit papers, case studies, research reports and examples of teaching modules for inclusion in the series. There are no copyright restrictions on the use of these papers, but an acknowledgment is appreciated.

Ian Kelly
Network Coordinator
(June 2006)

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For more information on the IIPT Educators Network,
contact Ian Kelly iankelly@picknowl.com.au

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