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From left to right: Louis D'Amore, Founder and President, International Institute for Peace through Tourism; Michael Stolowitzky, Director International Business Development, American Express; H.E. Akel Biltaji, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Hashemite Kingdon of Jordan; H.E. Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, Minister of Tourism, Israel; Tom Nutley, Managing Director

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  As humanity begins a new century and the birth of a new global era, the prospects for international peace and security seem brighter than ever. Despite a number of regional and local conflicts, and a widening gap between rich and poor, the dominant trend is toward universal human rights and universal human progress and prosperity.

   One powerful indicator of such a development is the fact that more people are traveling from more countries than ever before, making travel and tourism the worlds largest industry. Its growth is expected to continue with globalization and as people everywhere seem determined to exercise their right to travel and to make their world a more familiar place in the spirit of peace and friendship/

   Tourism itself has always been a peace-based industry and IIPT, together with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, American Express, and other partners, are committed to making it a powerful force for peace and a major ally in the United Nations International Year for the Culture of Peace. The Global Summit on Peace through Tourism Summit is intended to facilitate and nurture this process.

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International Institute for Peace Through Tourism