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His Majesty King Abdullah II

Dear Friends,

   As you all gather ahead of the next Global Summit 2000 on Peace Through Tourism, we recognize the importance of understanding the diverse cultures that we are today. Through this, we build the bridges to connect mankind.

   With the admirable environment that Jordan is today, the beauty of its plains and valleys, and the seemingly endless sunrise on its southern mountains.

With the admirable dedication of those who work in this sector, and in memory of the commitment that my late father King Hussein made to instill the mutual understanding and peace among people in this region and in the global village.

   Jordan can only be the one natural home for the Global Summit 2000. We are honoured by your dedication of the Global Summit to King Hussein's legacy of Peace.

   We welcome you to a land, so diverse in history, in culture, and so diverse in time.

   For us, the travel industry is a vitally important dimension of sustainable growth. It can be the engine to move ahead as the new millennium dawns. Your presence in Jordan, one year form now, will enhance that outlook.

   We are honoured to have you all in Amman.

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