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King Hussein Scholarship Awards 

IIPT is awarding a US$1,000 scholarship for the university student in each of 5 regions of the world who writes the best paper on “Building A Culture of Peace through Tourism”.   The paper should be approximately 1500 words in length and should be submitted no later than 10 October, to one of the following Regional Coordinators:

North America: Dr. Stephen M. Holland -E-mail sholland@hhp.ufl.edu
Europe: Dr. Greg Richards g.richards@chello.nl
Asia, Australia, New Zealand:  Professor J. Grant Cushman
"Cushman, J Grant" cushmanj@kea.lincoln.ac.nz
Eastern Europe/Russia: Dr. Bohdan Jung, bjungh@sgh.waw.pl
Africa: Dr. M.S. Bayat bayats@ctech.ac.za
Latin America and Caribbean: Dr. Fabian Roman froman00@yahoo.com 

Guidelines for Scholarship Program

Theme of the papers will be: “Building a Culture of Peace through Tourism”.

Topics within this theme might include, but are not limited to: 

            *Educating for a Culture of Peace through Tourism
            *Bridging the Gap of Have and Have Not Regions of the World
            *Healing the Wounds of Conflict 
            *Empowering Local Communities
            *Festivals and Events – Contribution to Peace and
            *Cultural and Heritage Tourism
            *Indigenous Tourism
            *Spirituality in Tourism
            *Preserving Bio-Diversity
            *Environmental Enhancement
                        Natural Environment
                        Built Environment 
            *Cross Border Collaborative Approached to Tourism Development and
            *International Peace Parks
            *Twinning of Cities
            *Student and Cultural Exchanges
            *Sports Tourism
            *Travelers as Ambassadors for Peace 

Paper should be approximately 1500 words, double spaced and with ample margins.

An abstract of approximately 100 words is requested.

Submission should be made to the appropriate Regional Coordinator by Fax or Email not later than October 10, 2000.  (Regional Coordinator in region the student is residing on   the date of submission). 

English is the standard language in North America.. In other Regions, different languages may be specified by the Regional Coordinator. Questions regarding language should be sent to the Regional Coordinator. 

A brief biographical summary should be included indicating student’s area of study, college/university and location, place of permanent residence, career objectives and aspirations. 


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