2007 Issue

4th IIPT African Conference
Best IIPT African Conference to Date

The 4th IIPT African Conference on Peace through Tourism, held at the Kampala Serena Hotel, Kampala, Uganda from May 20 to 25, was the best IIPT African Conference to date. More than 400 delegates from 33 countries participated in the conference sharing their experiences, ideas, wisdom and commitments toward the Conference theme of:
                 “Building Strategic Alliances for Sustainable Tourism Development,
                             Peace, and Reconciliation on the African Continent.”

The Conference was organized under the Patronage of His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and hosted by the Uganda Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry.

Partners in the Conference were the UN World Tourism Organization, World Bank, United Nations Environment Program, Africa Travel Association, and Counterpart International. Sponsors included the Bermuda Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources, Republic of Zambia, and Jordan Tourism Board.

Uganda to be World’s First Nation to Adopt
Tourism Legislation in support of UN MDG

A number of significant outcomes were achieved by the Conference most noteworthy of which was the announcement by His Excellency President Museveni in his Keynote Address to delegates that his government will introduce Tourism Legislation in support of the UN Millennium  Development Goals. Uganda will be the first nation in the world to introduce this milestone legislation.

His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni President Republic of Uganda
during his Keynote Address

In making the announcement, the President said, "One of the key constraints to tourism development has been the weak law and regulations to guide and enforce proper development in the industry. The role of the law in the sustainable development of tourism and poverty alleviation is critical. The legislation should enshrine policies that are pro poor and underpin a coherent institutional framework and supportive infrastructure for the private sector."

“I therefore urge the policy makers to incorporate principles and regulations in the new legislation that will enhance the achievement
of the goals of PEAP and synchronize with the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. I specifically would like to sign legislation that empowers the local communities to take advantage of the opportunities to benefit from tourism and enshrine the principles of sustainable tourism development."

"Finally, as we grapple with the challenges of tourism development, we should not loose focus of the pre condition of peace in fostering the growth of the travel and tourism industry. I wish to reaffirm my government’s commitment to the entire pacification of the country, to the maintenance of law and order, the provision of support infrastructure and sound economic management principles to facilitate the growth of the tourism industry.”

The catalyst for the Uganda legislation has been the publication: Tourism Legislation and the UN Millennium Development Goals, a joint publication of SNV, a Netherlands-based international development organization that provides advisory services to nearly 1800 local organizations in over 30 developing countries to support their fight against poverty; and the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Center (Australia), the world’s leading scientific institution delivering research to support the sustainability of travel and tourism.

The publication resulted from a regional workshop that brought together advisors from SNV’s country offices in Bhutan, Nepal, Lao PDR and Vietnam and representatives from their client organizations. Following the workshop, and subsequent research, the need and usefulness of a publication that would link tourism law to the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) was acknowledged and John Downes, a tourism law expert, was engaged by SNV’s Asia Tourism Network to develop the publication.

Dr Paul Rogers, Senior Tourism Advisor with SNV Lao PDR, was responsible for leading and coordinating the initiative from its original conception. Copies of the report are available for purchase from the Sustainable Tourism CRC online bookshop.
His Excellency President Museveni (center) next to  Hon. Minister Rukundo, Minister of State of Uganda, Hon. Ms. Rejoice Mabudafhasi, Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Republic of South Africa and Hon. Prof. Jumanne A. Maghembe
Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Tanzania; to the right; behind him Minister
Hon. Mrs. Thandi F. Shongwe - Minister of Tourism, Environment and Communications Kingdom of Swaziland. To the left Louis D'Amore IIPT's Founder and President; Dr. Noel Brown
Chairman, IIPT International Advisory Board; Sir Janantilal (Andy) Chande KBE, Trustee Rotary International Foundation; H. E. Mr. Joseph Malwal Dong, Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife of Sudan . Directly behind Presidents Museveni is S.E. Mme. Yvonne Mboissona, Ministre du Tourisme République Centrafricaine.

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Uganda Martyrs Trail Launched as
Legacy of 3rd IIPT African Conference

A second major outcome of the 4th IIPT African Conference was the launch of the Uganda Martyrs Trail by Uganda Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Hon. Serapio Rukundo. The Uganda Martyrs Trail commemorates the events of 3 June 1886, when thirty-two young men were burned to death at Namugongo for their refusal to renounce Christianity.

In launching the Uganda Martyrs Trail, Minister Rukundo stated: “The Trail will serve to create a greater international awareness of Uganda’s first Christians who sacrificed their lives rather than renounce their faith – and will attract pilgrims from regions throughout the world seeking a spiritual experience.”

Christianity was received with much excitement with the arrival of Christian missionaries in the 1880’s, but becoming a Christian required a commitment to break away from traditional lifestyles and adjusting to new moral and religious standards.

Given these conflicting values, King Mwanga was determined to rid his Kingdom of Buganda of the new Christianity and its followers. He ordered the converts to choose between their new faith, and complete obedience to his orders. Those unwilling to renounce their faith would be subject to death. Courageously, the thirty-two young Christians chose their faith and the King ordered them burned to death at Namugongo on June 3, 1886.

Rather than deter the growth of Christianity, the martyrdom of these early believers sparked its growth. Christianity is now the dominant faith in Buganda and Uganda as a whole. The 22 known Catholic martyrs were canonized as Saints by Pope Paul VI on October 18, 1964. This was a first for modern Africa and a source of pride throughout the continent.

Pope Paul VI became the first reigning Pope to visit Sub-Saharan Africa when he visited Uganda in July 1969, a visit which included a pilgrimage to the site of the martyrdom at Namugongo. While there, he dedicated a site for the building of a shrine church in honor of the martyrs which was subsequently dedicated in 1975 as a Basilica. Archbishop Robert Runcie of Canterbury, and head of

the worldwide Anglican Communion, also came on pilgrimage in January 1984, and Pope John Paul II in turn honored the martyrs with his own pilgrimage in February 1993. June 3rd of every year is commemorated as Uganda Martyrs Day in Uganda – a national holiday.

The Uganda Martryrs Trail will wind its way through the various sites where the Uganda Martyrs were killed or tortured in the 1880s including the Namirembe Cathedral, where Bishop James Hannington's remains were buried; Rubaga Cathedral, where archives on the lives of 22 Catholic martyrs are kept; Old Kampala, where St Mathias Mulumba was killed; and Namugongo, where martyrs were burned alive.

An IIPT International Peace Park was also dedicated at Namugongo with the planting of Peace Trees as part of the Trail launching ceremony. IIPT Founder and President Louis D’Amore said “IIPT is immensely honored to be part of this dedication ceremony. In walking this sacred ground, one comes to an appreciation that we are all sons and daughters of the One Creator – and for this reason, Namugongo offers unique possibilities as an International Peace and Reconciliation Center – where spiritual pilgrims can find peace within themselves – and parties in conflict can find peace and reconciliation with one another.”

Martyr's Trail Basilica
Namugongo - Uganda

Stamp of Pope John Paul II
in honor of his visit to Uganda

Stained glass windows at Martyr's trail Basilica

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Africa Diaspora Heritage Trail Featured at
4th IIPT African Conference

With the participation of Senator Wayne Caines, Chief of Staff and Junior Minister of Tourism and Transport, representing Bermuda Premier Hon. Dr. Ewart F. Brown, JP, MP – the Africa Diaspora Heritage Trail (ADHT) was a major focus of the Conference.

Dr. The Honorable Ewart Brown J.M
M.P Premier of Bermuda

Senator Caines’ keynote address in the first plenary session of the conference highlighted former Bermuda Minister (the late) Hon. David H. Allen’s vision for an Africa Diaspora Heritage Trail that would link historic and cultural sites throughout the countries of the Africa Diaspora, so that potential visitors could follow its global trail and be properly educated on sites of significance.

The African Diaspora  Heritage Trail identifies, conserves  and promotes historic sites, linking 500 years of the history of people of African descent, and serves to focus attention on a unified culture, history and heritage.

Senator Caines also chaired a Ministers Round Table on the Africa Diaspora Heritage Trail where participating Ministers and others expressed interest in developing ADHT heritage sites in their respective countries.

As well, Senator Caines addressed the Student/Youth Leadership Forum and inspired the more than 80 future leaders present to take an active role in researching and developing the ADHT.

A workshop conducted by Dr. Gaynelle Henderson, President, Henderson Associates and Co-Project Director of the upcoming ADHT Conference in the Bahamas, providing a detailed presentation of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail to delegates.

Hon. David Allen, the late Minister of Tourism, Bermuda

Senator Wayne Caines
Chief of Staff and Junior Minister of Tourism and Transport  of Bermuda

IIPT is proud to be a Partner for The Bahamas Africa Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference  taking place October 10 -14, 2007 at the Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas. For more information please visit the African Diaspora Heritage Trail website.

Senator Wayne Caines (with jacket and blue tie), Chief of Staff and Junior Minister of Tourism and Transport with a group of participants of the
Youth Forum at the 4th IIPT African Conference

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Four Sister Cities Announced

Jack Ellis
Vice-President World Conference of Mayors on Tourism and Economic Development

IIPT was proud to have the participation of Mayor Jack Ellis, Mayor of Macon, Georgia, as a Keynote Speaker. Mayor Jack Ellis is also Vice President, World Conference of Mayors for Tourism and Economic Development; and Board Member of the National  Conference of Black Mayors (U.S.).

With Mayor Ellis’ participation, four “Sister City” relationships were announced during the Conference:
                   Macon, Georgia and Jinga, Uganda
                  Saint Gabriel, Louisiana and Entebbe, Uganda
                  Savannah,Georgia  and Mukono, Uganda
                  East Over, South Carolina and Kira Town, Uganda;

The new “Sister City” Relationships together with the Africa Diaspora Heritage Trail focus contribute to IIPT’s on-going goal of “Building Bridges of Tourism, Friendship and Collaboration” between African nations – and other regions of the world.

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Mira Berman Receives First
IIPT Lifetime Achievement Award

Ms. Mira Berman, recently retired Executive Director of the Africa Travel Association (ATA) and President of the Bradford Group was awarded the First IIPT Life Time Achievement Award at a special Awards Luncheon during the 4th IIPT African Conference.

Mira Berman being interviewed by
Sandy D'Huyvetter
Travel Talk Media

During her 16 year tenure as Executive Director of ATA, Mira’s leadership steered the association towards global prominence as the world’s pre-eminent organization promoting travel to Africa. A few of the many achievements spearheaded by Mira were: the creation of the award-winning Africa Travel Magazine and website; strategic relationships with organizations including the World Bank; Corporate Council on Africa (CCA); the Southern Africa Development Council (SADC); Regional Tourism Organization of Southern Africa (RETOSA);  

Africa Wildlife Foundation; and International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT); and the corporate sponsorship and support of  prominent corporations such as American Express, Revlon, and AT&T.

Among Mira’s proudest achievements have been overseeing the signing of a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between ATA and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) forging an Asia – Africa Bridge of Tourism, Friendship and Collaboration; and helping to shape the initial concept of (the late) Bermuda Minister Hon. David Allen’s vision for an Africa Diaspora Heritage Trail (ADHT).

The ATA – PATA MOU was recognized for its extraordinary vision in 2005 at World Travel Market in London, where ATA and PATA received the World Tourism Award, co-sponsored by American Express Company (AMEX), Corinthia Hotels International (CHI), International Herald Tribune (IHT) and Reed Travel Exhibitions (RTE).

In presenting the award, IIPT Founder and President, Louis D’Amore said “It is my great honor to have known and worked with Mira for the past 15 years, and to present this first IIPT Lifetime Achievement Award to Mira Berman – who devoted the prime years of her illustrious career to promoting the magnificent lands, cultures and peoples of Africa to the world, and building an organization that will continue nurturing the growth of  sustainable tourism development on the African continent.” 

Karen Hoffman, Senior Vice President, Bradford Group, received the award on behalf of Mira Berman, who was not able to be present.

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The next IIPT newsletter will continue to feature
outcomes of the 4th IIPT African Conference

4th IIPT African Conference

Bermuda Department of Tourism

Ministry of Tourism
Republic of Zambia

Jordan Tourism Board


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