2007 Issue

IIPT Debate Featured at
World Travel Market
This year’s IIPT debate at World Travel Market focused on the key role of Travel and Tourism – the world’s largest industry in “Building Bridges of Understanding Between Civilizations, Cultures and Religions.”

Mr. Peter de Jong,
PATA President and CEO

Mr. Robert Coggin
Vice Chairman, Travelport

Moderating this year’s debate was H.E. Senator Akel Biltaji, Special Advisor to H.M. King Abdullah II, Jordan. Mr. Peter de Jong, PATA President and CEO provided further context for the debate, and sharing their insights were three industry leaders with a breadth of experience and knowledge that provided an over-arching global perspective: Mr. Robert Coggin, Vice Chairman, Travelport; Mr. Elhamy ElZayat, Chairman, Egyptian Tourism Federation and Chairman & CEO, Emeco Travel; and Mr. Alwin Zecha, Executive Committee PATA, and Executive Chairman, Pacific Leisure Group.

Humanity is currently witnessing - and shaping the most significant paradigm shift in human history – a paradigm shift of major demographic, economic, ecological and geo-political dimensions. Integral to this paradigm shift are global challenges unprecedented in human history including global warming, depleting resources, an ever-increasing and unsustainable ecological footprint, global poverty, and HIV AIDS.

To meet these challenges will similarly require collaboration on a global scale unprecedented in human history – and to achieve this level of global collaboration – it is essential that we first build the foundations of mutual understanding and respect between civilizations, cultures and religions.

In framing the debate, Peter de Jong said: “I firmly believe that Travel and Tourism builds important positive bridges between our various civilizations, cultures and religions. But it needs the opportunity to do so and the correct environment to do so. And it may not always be wholly successful – but name me another, better mechanism whereby ordinary people can meet and interact with other ordinary people – to discover that we are, after all, very much alike – that all important discovery of our common humanity.”

IIPT Founder and President, Louis D’Amore, was proud to again bring the debate to the global forum of World Travel Market. Commenting on the debate, Mr. D’Amore said: “Clearly, collaborating in the manner required to meet the global challenges faced by humanity – will require that we be a world at peace – a peace based on mutual respect and justice – and an appreciation of our inter-connectedness as a global family.”

H.E. Senator Akel Biltaji, Special Advisor to H.M. King Abdullah II, Jordan

IIPT Panel participants Robert Coggin, Louis D'Amore, World Travel Market Managing Director Fiona Jeffery, H.E. Akel Biltaji, and Alwin Zecha.

Mr. Alwin Zecha, Executive Committee PATA, and Executive Chairman, Pacific Leisure Group
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IIPT Founder and President Louis D’Amore
addressing SKAL International Council

Litsa Papathanassi, President, SKAL International
Presenting SKAL banner to Louis D’Amore

Lone Ricks, President, SKAL International Council
and Louis D’Amore

IIPT President Proposes Areas of Collaboration in
Address to SKAL World Congress

IIPT Founder and President Louis D’Amore was most honored to address the National Presidents and the International Council of SKAL International at its recent 68th World Congress held in Antalya, Turkey.

Founded as an international association in 1934, SKAL is the largest organization of travel and tourism professionals in the world with more than 20,000 members in over 500 locations on five continents and 90 developed and developing countries, and embracing all sectors of the travel and tourism industry.

More than 900 SKAL members from 90 countries took part in this year’s World Congress in Antalya, Turkey with its theme “Under the Wings of Civilization” in recognition of Antalya’s history as the host of great civilizations over thousands of years.

Mr. D’Amore began his address by congratulating SKAL on their 75th Anniversary as an international association with its many accomplishments in promoting goodwill and friendship through travel; and in particular, President Litsa Papathanassi for the theme of her Presidency, “Sustainable Development in Tourism” – quoting from a recent talk by President Papathanassi that “SKAL is the ideal platform for promoting best practices in the sustainable development of tourism - which can be a powerful tool for economic growth, poverty reduction and the conservation of natural and cultural resources.”

He went on to suggest that IIPT shares these values with SKAL and to propose two areas for SKAL – IIPT collaboration in the spirit of the “UN Decade of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.”

IIPT Global Peace Parks Program
Mr. D’Amore proposed that SKAL International join with IIPT in its Global Peace Parks Program with its goal of 2010 Peace Parks circling the earth by 2010, the last year of the UN Decade of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World. “SKAL, with its 500 Clubs in more than 90 countries is the ideal partner for our Global Peace Parks Program.”

The Global Peace Parks Program was launched on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, 2000 – first year of the new Millennium as a legacy of the First Global Summit on Peace through Tourism in Amman, Jordan. More than 450 Peace Parks have been dedicated to Peace in cities and towns throughout the world beginning in 1992 with IIPT’s “Peace Parks Across Canada” project commemorating Canada’s 125th anniversary as a nation. IIPT Peace parks have also been dedicated in the United States, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, the Philippines, Thailand, and Jamaica.

IIPT - SKAL Executive Ambassador Program
The world’s developing and least developed countries are increasingly relying on tourism as an economic engine in reducing poverty and achieving sustainable economic development.

“The IIPT - SKAL Executive Ambassador Program will assist developing countries to achieve this goal by providing them with the knowledge and expertise gained by retired executives with their 20 – 30 – 40 years of experience in the industry be it in marketing, planning, product development, human resource planning, public relations, finance – or other areas of expertise.”

The program will match the ‘needed skill’ of the developing country, with a retired executive having these skills – who will share his knowledge and expertise as a volunteer for a mutually agreed upon time frame.

IIPT and SKAL have agreed to continue discussions on both programs with a view towards implementation in 2008.
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Dr. Klaas Wybo van der Hoek
Vice-President, CHN Executive Board

Dr. Omar Moufakkir installed as Lector
by Professor Dr. Martin Gertler
Director, Academic Affairs

Louis D'Amore
IIPT Founder and President


Dr. Omar Moufakkir Installed as
Lector Tourism for Peace – CHN University

IIPT was most honored to be present for the installation of Dr. Omar Moufakkir as Lector Tourism for Peace at CHN University earlier this month. The CHN Tourism for Peace Lectureship is the fist in the world and just one more example of the visionary – values based leadership of CHN University.

Born in Morocco, Dr. Omar Moufakkir did his undergraduate studies in France and graduate studies in the Netherlands. He received his PhD from Michigan State University in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Resources where he also taught and conducted research in the University’s Tourism Resource Center. Dr. Moufakkir currently is a professor of tourism at CHN University – and with his installation as Lector Tourism for Peace, will take on increased responsibility in conducting research and innovative projects that foster ‘Peace through Tourism.’

In his Installation Address, Dr. Moufakkir spoke of both the benefits – and problems resulting from globalization and information technology and how these issues challenge tourism in a turbulent world. He emphasized that more needs to be done to encourage social cohesion and to reinforce tolerance and mutual respect and towards this end, tourism has a central role. But most of all – he spoke about hope, hope that his children – and all the children of the world – will have the opportunity to live in a world with enlightened leadership, peace with justice, a healthy environment, and educational opportunity for all.

CHN is a value-driven, globally oriented, student-centered University with more than 7,000 students at its main campus in Leeuwarden, Netherlands and satellite campuses in South Africa, Qatar, Thailand, and China.

The Peace through Tourism Lectorate will contribute to the educational and research programs of CHN University, as well as to the identity of the university by sharing knowledge, promoting hope, and fostering sustainable entrepreneurship; CHN is a nurturing and pluralistic educational community in which both professors and students with diverse ideological, religious, and cultural backgrounds feel at home and within which all are encouraged to contribute to and bear responsibility for the world in general and mankind in particular.

The City of Leeuwarden, the “Best Student City of the Netherlands” – provides a supportive setting to CHN University together with the peaceful rural environment of Friesland. And the Hague – a short distance away, is a unique beacon of inspiration as an international “City of Knowledge” and “City of Peace, Justice and Security.”

IIPT Founder and President, Louis D’Amore, as well as IIPT Australia Chapter President and IIPT Chapter Coordinator, Daphne Lowe Kelley were honored to be part of both the Tourism for Peace Seminar and Installation Ceremony.

Commenting on the memorable events of the day, Louis D’Amore said: “Both Daphne and I were most impressed with the visionary leadership of the university – and the entrepreneurial spirit of both faculty and students. The students we met were mature, out-going, professional and full of enthusiasm – our industry will be in good hands with these future leaders. IIPT looks forward to continued collaboration with CHN University in building a culture of peace through tourism.”

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Nigeria Establishes IIPT Chapter

Ms. Sandra Olufunmi Mafe
IIPT Nigeria Chapter

Nigeria is the latest country to establish an IIPT Chapter. The Chapter has been established through the leadership of Ms. Sandra Olufunmi Mafe, who has worked in the public and private sector of the Nigeria tourist industry for the past 26 years.

Sandra is founder and Managing Director of Tourism Integrated Marketing Communications, a tours and events management company. She is a graduate of Tourism Studies and has a Post Graduate degree in Public Relations/Advertising.

Sandra is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Federation of Tourism
Associations of Nigeria and Lioness Club International. A Masterlife Discipleship
Programme supervisor of the Nigerian Baptist Convention; her avocation is attending choir rehearsals thrice weekly for church and state. Sandra is married with two children currently studying at universities in England and Ghana.

Sandra began working towards IIPT Nigeria in November, 2006 by creating awareness to the aims and visions of IIPT and working towards membership development. IIPT NIGERIA currently comprises 30 core members from which “arrowheads” have been elected for various Committees.

With support from organizations, government agencies and individuals, the IIPT Nigeria Chapter was able to facilitate the participation of a Nigerian delegation to the recently held 4th IIPT African Conference in Kampala, Uganda, under the Patronage of President Museveni. Dr. Munzali Dantata, Director General of the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism, led the delegation representing the Nigerian Chapter with other Chapter members.

IIPT Nigeria is presently working on the establishment of an IIPT Peace Park in Nigeria and collaborative intervention in the Niger Delta region.

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 Show Your Support with One Earth One Family
IIPT Plaques and Gift Cards


Created exclusively for IIPT, both items display the IIPT Credo of the Peaceful Traveler and Art Piece by R. Padre Johnson. 
The Credo of the Peaceful Traveler puts forth an ethical travel philosophy for travelers to abide by. The IIPT Credo of the Peaceful Traveler was the inspiration of a very special person at the IIPT First Global Conference: Tourism - A Vital Force for Peace, Vancouver 1988. We have respected the author's request to remain annonymous. The IIPT Credo has since spread across the travel and tourism industry worldwide.

The One Earth One Family art piece
by R. Padre Johnson provides a view of our incredible earth from outer space, surrounded by the open faces of 25 children and adults from different cultures. Each portrait represents an important visual statement about the unique and interesting facial difference in each individual, the culture and ethnicity each represents, and the limitless threads of common humanity that draws all citizens of our planet more closely together as one inter-dependent family.

These items will remind all who see or receive them of what a privilege it is to travel freely throughout the world and the opportunity they have as they travel to be ambassadors of international understanding, good will and peace. These items will be admired and appreciated by everyone who sees them in your office, place of business or home.

Costs are $200 (US) plus shipping for an Acrylic Plaque, and $15 (US) plus shipping for a Gift Card pack of 10 Cards and Envelopes.  To order online or by fax/mail, please visit our website.

About IIPT

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is a not for profit organization dedicated to fostering travel and tourism initiatives that contribute to international understanding and cooperation, an improved quality of environment, the preservation of heritage, and poverty reduction; and through these initiatives, helping to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world.  It is founded on a vision of the world’s largest industry, travel and tourism – becoming the world’s first global peace industry; and the belief that every traveler is potentially an “Ambassador for Peace.”

For more information:
IIPT Website:
Tel: (802) 253-2658
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