2007 Issue

Peace Park
Weyburn, SK
Unity Peace Park
Richmond Hill, ON
Marine Peace Park
Salmon Arm, BC
Mair Peace Park
Prince Albert SK

‘Peace Parks Across Canada’
To Commemorate 15th Anniversary

Fifteen Years ago as Canada celebrated its 125th Birthday, some 400 cities and towns across Canada dedicated a Park to Peace – with most parks dedicated at Noon local time, October 8th, as the National Peacekeeping Monument was being unveiled in Ottawa.
“Peace Parks Across Canada” was conceived and organized by the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) in collaboration with “CANADA 125” and the National Capital Commission. Supporters included the Federation of Canadian Mayors and Municipalities, Canada Parks and Recreation Association, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, Heritage Canada, World Wildlife, Fund Canada, Friends of the Earth, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, and local Rotary Clubs all across Canada.

Project sponsors included VIA Rail, Greyhound Lines Canada, Ltd., CP Hotels and Resorts, Ramada International Hotels and Resorts, Four Seasons Ltd., Meridien Hotels, Concept 3 Advertising and Programmed Communications, Ltd.

As this is now the 15th anniversary of “Peace Parks Across Canada,” and as Canada continues to be a beacon of peace, Tolerance, and Understanding in a world of increasing violence and distrust, and a nation that celebrates diversity, we are seeking to re-establish communication with each of the 400 cities and towns that dedicated a Park to Peace in 1992 with a view to coordinating a nation-wide re-dedication.

As Monday, October 8th is Thanksgiving, we recommend holding dedications at noon local time, Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 – one day after the precise 15th Anniversary of the original dedications.

Each of the original Peace Parks incorporated a ‘Bosco Sacro’ (Peace Grove) of 12 trees as a symbolic link with one another, and with nature - and as a symbol of hope for the future. The 12 trees were also symbolic of Canada’s 10 Provinces and two Territories. As there are now three Territories, we are suggesting that a 13th tree be planted as part of the “Re-dedication Ceremony.”

For more information on the 400 cities and towns that dedicated a park to peace and to view the original promotional flyer for “Peace Parks Across Canada,” in either French or English, please visit the homepage of our website: or write to us.

A limited number of CD's of the original promotional video (11 minutes) are also available in both French and English. Persons interested in receiving a CD may write to us at the same email address:

Cities and towns that did not dedicate a park to peace in 1992 are invited to join us in dedicating a peace park on this 15th anniversary occasion. Please use this link to register your Peace Park. For help in getting started – Please see our “Peace Park Tool Kit

“Peace Parks Across Canada” has served as the foundation for an “IIPT Global Peace Parks Program” launched on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, 2000 – the first year of the new Millennium - from Bethany Beyond the Jordan, site of Christ’s baptism. The Global Peace Parks Program is a legacy of the First Global Summit on Peace through Tourism, Amman, Jordan – organized under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II.

Our goal is 2,010 Peace Parks circling the earth by 2010 commemorating the final year of the U.N. Decade of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World. Please see the next article.
Dragon Boat race, Canada Day,
Marine Peace Park
Salmon Arm, BC
Bosco Sacro at Richmond Hill
Unity Peace Park
Youth pyramid
Marine Peace Park
Salmon Arm, BC
Fall at Marine Peace
Park - Salmon Arm, BC
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IIPT Global Peace Parks Program
Gains Momentum

IIPT’s Global Peace Parks Program is beginning to generate a renewed head of steam with the recent appointment of Richard Kuegeman as Executive Director (pro bono) of the Program. Discussions are currently under way with individuals and organizations that we anticipate will result in the formation of additional IIPT Peace Parks.

Our goal remains to have in place 2010 IIPT Peace Parks circling the earth by 2010 as a living legacy of the U.N. Decade (2000-2010) of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World. We are seeking to create and promote a “Culture of Peace” through inter-cultural experiences both at home and abroad.

Richard Kuegeman
IIPT Peace Parks Program

The Objectives of the Global Peace Parks Program are:
  • To nurture the growth of peace and understanding at home and
throughout the world.
• To enhance awareness of a community’s commitment to peace and a
healthy environment.
• To create a common ground for members of the community to come
together in celebration of their nation’s people, land, and heritage, and the common future of all humankind.
• Reflect on our connectedness to one another as a Global Family and to the earth of which we are all a part.

As indicated in the previous article, we are building on the solid foundations of the successful “Peace Parks Across Canada” project now commemorating its 15th anniversary. But to reach our ambitious goal of 2010 Global Peace Parks by 2010 we need help. We need your help.

Here’s how you can help.

First, give the concept some careful thought. Where might an IIPT Peace Park be located in your community? Is there an existing park, public space, or other location which you can envision as a gathering place with a view to promoting the above objectives?

Second, consider the activities that might take place in your community’s Peace Park. Would it include meeting space, festivals, sporting events, art exhibits, children’s activities, traveling exhibits and shows? What can you envision? Would it cater to a particular constituency? How might it be a “Place of Peace” enjoyed by the entire community?

Third, share with us your ideas as to how to expand the influence of Peace Parks in each community – and throughout the world.

Fourth, don’t forget to register your IIPT Peace Park with us -use this link-.

Finally, contact via e-mail Richard Kuegeman, or by calling him at 770.7269504, or by writing to IIPT Global Peace Parks, 1050 East Piedmont Road, Suite E-201, Marietta, Georgia 30062 USA. He would enjoy discussing this important initiative with you and will value your suggestions.

Want to start a Peace Park in your community?
This practical ‘Tool Kit’ will help you get started
IIPT Global Peace Parks Program

Students of the Dag Hammarskjold Living Memorial Community School singing an original song “Thank you Daddy Hammarskjold”

Swedish Ambassador Christina Rehlen placing wreath at the Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Site in Ndola

Chief Mukuni of the
Mukuni Tribe
at Victoria Falls Peace Park dedication

Dignitaries taking part in the Victoria Falls International Peace Park dedication


Uganda Martyr's Trail Basilica
Namugongo – Uganda

IIPT Peace Park dedication in Pattaya
as Pattaya is declared a “City of Peace”

Stamp of Pope John Paul II
in honor of his visit to Uganda

IIPT President Louis D’Amore planting
the first peace tree at Uganda Martyr’s
Trail Peace Park

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IIPT Proud Partner in 3rd African Diaspora Heritage Trail International Conference
“From Slave Ships to Self-Determined Destinations”

IIPT is again proud to be a partner in the 3rd African Diaspora Heritage Trail International Conference: From Slave Ships to Self-Determined Destination” October 10-14, 2007 at the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, the Bahamas.

Dr. Ewart Brown
Bermuda Premier

Hon. Neko Grant
Minister of Tourism Bahamas

Hon. David Allen, the late
Minister of Tourism, Bermuda

The Conference is being hosted by the Honorable Neko Grant, Minister of Tourism & Aviation, and the Government of the Bahamas. It will be a diverse gathering of interested, talented and experienced persons from throughout the African Diaspora who are committed to the authentic research, documentation, promotion and further development of African Diaspora Heritage sites/venues, museums, monuments, and cultural expressions.

It was at the First Global Summit on Peace through Tourism in Amman, Jordan, November 2000 that the late Hon. David H. Allen was inspired with the vision of “The African Diaspora Heritage Trail” (ADHT). Within six months, the ADHT was launched as a self-guided tour in Bermuda. It was subsequently presented in its full concept for the first time at the 1st IIPT African Conference on Peace through Tourism in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, March 2002.

In May 2002, Hon. David H. Allen’s inspired idea took full flight with international support at the First African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference in Bermuda. In Hon. David Allen’s own words: “The aim of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail is to identify, conserve, and promote historic sites linked with the development and progress of people of African descent.”

The ADHT is currently developing a network of collaborators who identify, build, finance, promote and market memorable heritage destinations. ADHT destinations foster sustainable economic development, provide inspiring educational experiences, produce quality cultural heritage products that expose visitors to authentic African Diaspora history and culture, and motivate local populations to become active participants in the preservation and dissemination of their own history and culture. ADHT seeks to establish a 

transnational African Diaspora Heritage Trail, linking Diasporan countries and venues throughout the world.

The interactive conference will convey the rich heritage, diverse stories and culture of the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora  as presented through their own artistic expressions, written and oral histories, institution-building and policy making. Conference attendees will also participate in educational and professional development sessions, share model heritage trail programs and enjoy networking on an international level with professionals in related fields.

IIPT Founder and President, Louis D’Amore will be one of the Conference speakers.

For more information, please click here

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IIPT Supports
WTM World Responsible Tourism Day

WTM World Responsible Tourism Day supported by the UNWTO on Wednesday 14th November 2007, is the first opportunity for travel and tourism to become one powerful and unifying force. A chance to make a real difference that will keep our beaches clean, preserve our stunning scenery, save wildlife and glory in our historic buildings and precious heritage.

There is a responsibility too to help local people wherever they might be, provide them with shelter, jobs, clean water, food and education. Protect them from exploitation, corruption and deceit.

Making the difference personally and corporately is what World Travel Market’s World Responsible Tourism Day (WTM WRTD) is all about.
The time has come when everyone in the international travel and tourism industry must come together to play a vital part in making a real difference to people's lives - and to improve the contribution of tourism to the future of our world. WTM's World Responsible Tourism Day is a signal to the world that responsible tourism must now be top of the agenda and follows in the successful path of WTO's World Tourism Day, now an established date in the UN calendar.

Participate in this international movement now by completing the questionnaire and telling us what you are doing. Click here.

WTM is seeking inspiring responsible tourism case histories to use on this dedicated website, already attracting millions of readers. The information may also be used within three dedicated WTM WRTD newsletters, distributed throughout the year to more travel and tourism industry professionals worldwide as well as potentially featured at WTM on the WTM World Responsible Tourism Day itself. WTM can also supply a link to use the WTM WRTD film to capture the imagination of your colleagues at meetings, presentations and conferences.

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Wen-I Chang
Creator of Green Hotels

“When one tugs at one thing in nature, he finds it hitches to the rest of the universe”.

- John Muir

Years ago, as Wen-I Chang was celebrating his birthday at a Santa Cruz seafood restaurant with his family, there was no glass of water on the table. The waitress said that if he wanted water, he had to ask for it due to the water shortage in that coastal city. On the way home he started to think about her comment - the message of water conservation created a ‘butterfly effect’ in Chang’s thought processes and behavior. That evening, he took a two-minute shower, rather then an eight-minute one and Chang started to become more aware of the earth’s condition.

His life had changed forever and with time he came to the realization that “a shifting of the mindset from selfishness and separation into reunion with nature and genuine connection among human brothers and sisters is the key to the fulfillment of green practice.”

In 1999 Chang set out to develop his first “Green Hotel” – The Gaia Napa Valley Hotel. Beyond pursuing a LEED rating of silver or gold as his ultimate green recognition, Chang took it further. He packaged his hotel operation so that it became a communication medium following the “medium is the message” adage of Marshall McLuhan. Chang themed his hotel with wild birds, wild flowers, animals and even seashells. To further communicate his message of environment and connectedness to his guests, he had a biologist provide vivid descriptions of the ecological behavior of specific species in order to enhance the travelers understanding of the endangered species, and the murals on two sides of the hotel depict the ecosystem of the Napa Valley.

As well, Chang’s hotel’s kiosk system gives information on how we can create energy, conserve resources and protect against global warming. For example, the solar light tubes of his hotel direct the sunlight to the ceiling in a magnified way; the special ventilation system offsets the temperature among different guest rooms in a noiseless and efficient manner; water is re-cycled; and landscaping is done with non-chemical fertilizers.

In Chang’s words, “Guests of the Gaia Napa Valley bring home fresh ideas and information to start their own inner journey on how to shift the mindset of separateness to the mindset of union with nature and human interconnection. When we successfully achieve that - Gaia Napa Valley Hotel will no longer just be a hotel room for the night - it will become a Place, a Journey, a DreamTM.”

For more information on the Gaia Hotel Napa Valley, Please visit their website.

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Cross-border Balkans Peace Park
A Model for European Green Belt

The Cross-border Balkans Peace Park Project (BPPP) forms a small link in the chain of a new trans-boundary protected region, the “European Green Belt”, which is transforming the former Iron Curtain along the borders of 23 countries from Finland to the Adriatic. more frontier crossings are opening

Since the end of the Cold War within the mountain range allowing for increased cross-border travel and transactions the BPPP is helping to unite communities that have hitherto been divided by common borders and promotes the effective protection of a region that has mountain landscapes and rural lifestyles not found anywhere elsewhere in Europe.

By promoting access for ethical and responsible tourism to one of Europe’s remotest areas, the BPPP aims to assist the people still remaining in these regions of Northern Albania, Western Kosovo and South-eastern Montenegro, to make a living through eco-tourism, and to care for their environment.

The magnificent mountain range known as “The Forbidden Mountains” is still sufficiently remote that pollution and deforestation has not affected the natural beauty and pristine nature of the environment. Working closely with UNEP on trans-boundary biodiversity protection, the BPPP has been chosen as an example of best practices and is the first model initiative of 10 other such Balkan sites.

The BPPP is a grassroots network bringing together transnational actors, especially environmental activists in the Balkans, the UK and around the globe, linking with people living and working in the valleys and villages of the area. A truly international cross-border protected area in one of the most spectacular and least known mountain ranges in Europe, can both further the needs, interests and aspirations of the local communities, and help sustain biodiversity and ecological responsibility.

Persons wishing to learn more about the Balkans Peace Park Project are invited to visit the BPPP website:

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Presentations from 4th IIPT African Conference
Now Available Online

We are most pleased to announce that Keynote Speeches as well as presentations from Concurrent Sessions, Workshops, and Forums from the 4th IIPT African Conference are now available online. Important highlights comprise speeches by His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President, Republic of Uganda and other keynote speakers including Ministers of Tourism and international leaders from Africa, Europe and North America.

In a spirit of sharing resources on "Peace through Tourism" in all its dimensions, the IIPT website has recently been updated to include speeches, articles, presentations and abstracts prepared by world leaders, prominent academics, journalists, and leading practitioners for delivery at past IIPT Conferences and Summits as well as the 4th IIPT African Conference. Please utilize this amazing resource and share it with your colleagues!

Valuable theoretical and practical information is available through a plethora of presentations on models of best practice and success stories which depict projects and research relevant to the several topic areas of peace through tourism.

Past conference presentations are available from IIPT’s online Resources section and are organized into the following topics:

Promoting International Understanding and Cooperation

Tourism in the Service of Humanity and the Earth

Poverty Reduction, Economic Development, and Capacity Building

Sustainable Tourism and Environmental Protection

Healing the Wounds of Conflict through Tourism, Culture, and Sports

Tourism Industry Response to Terrorism, Crisis, and Disasters

Educating for a Culture of Peace through Tourism


Note: If you have presented at an IIPT conference but do not find your presentation in our archives, we welcome you to send us your information for posting.

Please click here to access the above noted speeches and presentations

His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni President Republic of Uganda

IIPT would again like to express its sincere appreciation to His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, our Conference Patron; the Uganda Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry – our gracious Hosts; Bermuda Department of Tourism, Zambia Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources, and the Jordan Tourism Board – our generous Sponsors; and the UN World Tourism Organization, World Bank, United Nations Environment Program, Africa Travel Association, and Counterpart International – our Partners in the Conference.

We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to our Media Partners: eTurbo News, Travel Talk Media, Africa Travel Magazine, Travel World News,, Travel Agent Media Group, and Travel Weekly.

We again congratulate H.E. President Museveni and the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources for being the first nation in the world to adopt “Tourism Legislation in Support of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals” as a major legacy of the conference.

4th IIPT African Conference

Bermuda Department of Tourism

Ministry of Tourism
Republic of Zambia

Jordan Tourism Board


Media Partners




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 Show Your Support with One Earth One Family
IIPT Plaques and Gift Cards


Created exclusively for IIPT, both items display the IIPT Credo of the Peaceful Traveler and Art Piece by R. Padre Johnson. 
The Credo of the Peaceful Traveler puts forth an ethical travel philosophy for travelers to abide by. The IIPT Credo of the Peaceful Traveler was the inspiration of a very special person at the IIPT First Global Conference: Tourism - A Vital Force for Peace, Vancouver 1988. We have respected the author's request to remain annonymous. The IIPT Credo has since spread across the travel and tourism industry worldwide.

The One Earth One Family art piece
by R. Padre Johnson provides a view of our incredible earth from outer space, surrounded by the open faces of 25 children and adults from different cultures. Each portrait represents an important visual statement about the unique and interesting facial difference in each individual, the culture and ethnicity each represents, and the limitless threads of common humanity that draws all citizens of our planet more closely together as one inter-dependent family.

These items will remind all who see or receive them of what a privilege it is to travel freely throughout the world and the opportunity they have as they travel to be ambassadors of international understanding, good will and peace. These items will be admired and appreciated by everyone who sees them in your office, place of business or home.

Costs are $200 (US) plus shipping for an Acrylic Plaque, and $15 (US) plus shipping for a Gift Card pack of 10 Cards and Envelopes.  To order online or by fax/mail, please visit our website.

About IIPT

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is a not for profit organization dedicated to fostering travel and tourism initiatives that contribute to international understanding and cooperation, an improved quality of environment, the preservation of heritage, and poverty reduction; and through these initiatives, helping to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world.  It is founded on a vision of the world’s largest industry, travel and tourism – becoming the world’s first global peace industry; and the belief that every traveler is potentially an “Ambassador for Peace.”

For more information:
IIPT Website:
Tel: (802) 253-2658
Fax: (802) 253-2645

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