2009 Issue

IIPT Caribbean Chapter President Awarded
National Order of Distinction

Diana McIntyre Pike receiving the National Order of Distinction AwardIIPT Caribbean Chapter President, Diana McIntyre Pike was recently honored by being awarded The National Order of Distinction (OD) for Tourism and Community Service. The Award was presented by the Governor General of Jamaica, His Excellency, Sir Patrick Allen at King’s House on Heroes Day October 21 2009 in Kingston.

The National Order of Distinction Award received by Diana is recognition of her pioneering efforts in community tourism for more than 37 years in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Diana’s achievements were also recognized this past October by her induction into the Hamilton Knight Associates Career Hall of Fame together with outstanding Jamaican athlete, Usain Bolt.  And at World Travel Market 2008, Diana received the Best Personal Contribution Virgin Islands Responsible Tourism Award jointly with Jane Ashton of TUI Travel UK. 

Responsible Tourism Award 2008



Butch Stewart in Resource VillagePlans are in place for launch of the IIPT Caribbean/Countrystyle Community Tourism Village program. Purpose of the program rests in the fundamental vision of empowering and developing communities on a sustainable basis; marketing and exposing their natural culture, talents, passions, goods and services, and potential to the world; and packaging each individual community as a unique destination within the Caribbean.

The program will first be implemented in Jamaica in Jamaica peoplepartnership with the
National Best Community Competition and Programme (NBCCP) which has goals similar to those of the IIPT Caribbean/Countrystyle Community Tourism Village programme. Both programs seek to harness tourism as a means of strengthening and enhancing the quality of life of Jamaican Communities/Villages on a sustainable basis. This is being done through programs that will foster entrepreneurship and employment opportunities, self-reliance and increased civic participation in programs and services.

Porus Manchester VendorServices to be provided in partnership with other organizations include training support; assistance in gaining government certification for various tourism products; business development support; marketing support; low interest loans; and assistance in obtaining grants for community tourism projects. A Community Tourism Certification Program will be developed as part of the project in association with Western Hospitality Institute and other educational institutions in Jamaica and the Caribbean. The Community Tourism Village Program will also incorporate “Wellness Centers” networked with health and wellness providers as part of efforts to enhance the quality of life of community residents.

A series of one day Community Tourism Seminars is being planned for 2010 for communities in Jamaica and the Caribbean to sensitize citizens and private and public sector organizations to the importance of tourism that is developed within a socially – culturally – and environmentally responsible framework and within that context – the benefits of community tourism. The project also includes plans for a Community Tourism Research Program with assistance of Interns from major universities in Jamaica.

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George Washington Peace Banner


IIPT was pleased to join with academics and representatives of religious, industry and non-government organizations in a conference on “Religion, Business, and Peace” Dr. Timothy Fort organized by the Institute of Corporate Responsibility at George Washington University. The conference marked the tenth in a series of conferences on how businesses can contribute to the creation of peaceful societies have been organized under the leadership of  Dr. Timothy Fort, Executive Director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility and Lindner-Gambal Professor of Business Ethics at George Washington University. 

The conference was designed to explore the connections between religion and peace, peace and business, and religion and business. Goals of the conference were: (1) to begin a networking process among the participants; (2) explore new ideas in a supportive context; (3)expand the content and context of the topic; and (4) provide an impetus for research.

Louis D'Amore, President & Founder, International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT)IIPT Founder and President spoke on Faith Based Tourism, a growing phenomenon that links directly with all three -  Religion, Business, Peace. Faith Based Tourism is currently an $18 billion travel industry segment with more than 300 million travelers. Particularly relevant in this context is the visionary “Path of Abraham,” an innovative project that is the brainchild of Dr. William Ury, Founder, Global Project On Negotiation, Harvard University.

Map of AbhrahamThe Abraham Path (Masar Ibrahim al Khalil) is a route of cultural tourism which follows the footsteps of Abraham / Ibrahim through the Middle East. The story of Abraham / Ibrahim's journey, which has been kept alive for some four thousand years in the landscape and memory of this region, records the origin of a spiritual tradition shared by more than three billion people in the world today.

By retracing this journey, the Abraham Path provides a place of meeting and connection for people of all faiths and cultures, inviting us to resmember our common origins, to respect our cultural differences, and to recognize our shared humanity. The path also serves as a catalyst for sustainable tourism and economic development; a platform for the energy and idealism of young people; and a focus for positive media highlighting the rich culture and hospitable people of the Middle East.

Wailing Wall
Kabba, Mecca
Church of Holy Sepulchre

People of the Path
Natural Beauty of the Path

Pakistan Establishes New IIPT Chapter

IIPT is proud to announce the formation of its newest chapter in Lahore, Pakistan under the leadership of Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan, CEO of Al-Hayat Group, a leading travel & tourism Ltd Group with associates & representatives globally. Dr. Khan is also Chairman of the Travel Agents Association of Pakistan. A Chapter  Organizing committee is currently being constituted with the aim of creating a broad based forum for all sectors of the industry, civil society, media, educators and government representatives. One of the Chapters first members is former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Balaq Sher Mazari. 

The existing IIPT Chapter in Pakistan, under the leadership of Fr. Alram Javid Gill, together with local civil society organizations, jointly arranged for a Peace Ceremony in Abbottabad complete with the release of Peace Doves to spread the message of Peace – Love – and Good Will.

Pakistan Peace Dove CeremonyA large number of local people participated in the ceremony including leaders of different faiths and offered prayers for the restoration of Peace throughout Pakistan and the Region - and specifically in Swat and the adjoining areas.

Fr. Javid said, “The main objective of this ceremony was to send a message of Peace to all the militant groups and extremists and to promote values of respect, acceptance and tolerance within themselves and others.”

Participants in the ceremony offered special prayers for solidarity, unity, reconciliation, Pakistan Peace Dovetolerance, acceptance, respect for humanity and for the promotion of peace dialogue and building bridges between armed groups and government authorities. They also offered prayers for the peaceful solution of all the ongoing disturbance and unrest and an early end of military operations in all affected areas of NWFP so that peace may prevail throughout the region.

IIPT Peace Park Transformed into “Maple Sugar Festival” in Montreal, Canada  

Maple Grove at St.LaurentCitizens and schools of the Borough of St. Laurent in Montreal, Canada, earlier this year transformed their IIPT Peace Park into a “Maple Sugar Festival” The IIPT Peace Park in the center of Montreal is adorned with a large number of 75 year old Silver Maple trees. This year, municipal authorities allowed 33 of the trees to be tapped for their maple syrup.

Mario Bonenfant, organizer of the event, believes that this is the first event of its kind in Maple Syrup at St.LaurentMontreal. “The Urban Maple Grove is a unique experience that fosters community involvement and allows Montreal residents to learn about the ecological dimension of our city’s trees and to rediscover their origins in Quebec folklore. The project has educational and recreational aspects suitable for schools and the whole family.” He went on to say, “Several business owners participated by either offering maple products or sugar shack meals.”

The Maple Grove Festival was supported by the Borough’s Association of Business Owners and the Borough of St. Laurent of Montreal.

IIPT_ADHT Conference Banner 2009

IIPT Proud Partner in
5th African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference

Mt.KilimanjaroThe United Republic of Tanzania, a country rich in history, culture, natural resources, economic promise was host to the Fifth International African Diaspora Heritage Trail (ADHT) Conference, October 25-30, 2009, in Dar es Salaam. This was the first time the ADHT Conference has convened on the continent of Africa and, as promised, was a historic journey for the more than 200 delegates who participated in the Conference. The ADHT is an annual forum to enhance cultural tourism in the African Diaspora.

Hon. Shamsha Mwangunga, Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania“I truly appreciated the efforts of the ADHT in bringing together people from all over the world to identify places and phenomenon in order to conserve, document and preserve the global presence and cultural influence of people of African descent, and contribute this knowledge to the world stage of history, culture and contemporary affairs.” Hon. Shamsa Mwangunga, Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, United Republic of Tanzania – Host

Ewart Brown
This year the African Diaspora Heritage Trail movement went back to its roots. For the first time the ADHT Conference was held in Africa. Half the conference took place in Dar Es Salaam and the other half in Zanzibar – two stunningly beautiful Tanzanian cities. It was an “African Homecoming”. “This is now our fifth international conference. We have our charitable status in place and our foundation now has a motivated director on board to pilot the ship. We are properly prepared to move forward the objective of educating the world on the cultural heritage of the African Diaspora.” Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown, J.P., M.P., Premier and Minister of Tourism and Transport, Bermuda.

“IIPT was particularly proud to again be a partner in this important conference as It wasLouis D'Amore, IIPT Founder & President at IIPT’s First Global Summit on Peace through Tourism in Amman, Jordan, November 2000 that the late Hon.David H. Allen was inspired with the vision of “The African Diaspora Heritage Trail” (ADHT). Within six months, the ADHT was launched as a self-guided tour in Bermuda. It was subsequently presented in its full concept for the first time at the 1st IIPT African Conference on Peace through Tourism in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, March 2002.” Louis D’Amore, IIPT Founder and President.

Louis D'Amore,
Founder & President, IIPT

David AllenIn May 2002, Hon. David H. Allen’s inspired idea took full flight with international support at the First African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference in Bermuda. In Hon. David Allen’s own words: “The aim of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail is to identify, conserve, and promote historic sites linked with the development and progress of people of African descent.”

Hon. David Allen, the late Minister
of Tourism, Bermuda

The 2009 Conference will provided a continuing forum for the sharing of the vision, models, policy and resources that govern the development of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail - gathering diverse talented and experienced persons from throughout the African Diaspora who are committed to the authentic research, documentation, promotion and dynamic development of African Diaspora Heritage sites/venues, museums, monuments, and cultural expressions.

Five Exciting Themes Anchored the 2009 Conference
- Historical Accuracy and Perspective in Traditional and Contemporary Heritage
- InterpretationTelling the Story: Cultural Education, Expression and Industries Development
- Partnership Creation and Private Sector Participation in Heritage Destination Development
- Identifying Resources for Infrastructure and Heritage Site Developmen
- Communications: Marketing and Networking for Global Visitor Attraction

For more information on the ADHT Conference, contact ADHT conference headquarters.
Phone: 301-650-5700 ext 507

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Trade Show 2009


IIPT was again proud to be a Partner in the Fourth AnnualTHETRADESHOW  where thousands of travel professionals gathered in Las Vegas this past September. The event drew broad acclaim from suppliers and travel agent attendees alike and provided further evidence that this event has become the premier retail travel business event for the travel industry in North America.

“THETRADESHOW this year was able to provide even greater value in terms of stronger education sessions and new seminars and tracks that provided everyone with tools that could be implemented immediately upon returning home. These tools will help us grow our bottom line and strengthen our market position with respect to the competition,” said Chris Russo, President and Chair of ASTA, one ofTHETRADESHOW’s managing partners.

Trade Show pictureTrade Show picture 1

While the THETRADESHOW offered agents the chance to meet and network with more than 750 suppliers, it also offered suppliers an opportunity to present their products to agents in new and unique ways. Among the new events this year were a supplier-only education track, an exhibitor reception and the Hosted-Buyer Program.

Another first for THETRADESHOW was the ASTA YPS Panel, sponsored by Sabre Travel Network. This education session, led by members of ASTA’s Young Professional Society (YPS), provided those industry professionals 40 and younger with advice on how to gain credibility and grow their business while enhancing their professionalism and business acumen.

Trade Show 2009

THETRADESHOW (Travel Retailing and Destination Expo) is a 3-day, in-depth networking and educational event. Global and inclusive,THETRADESHOW unites under one roof travel suppliers and buyers from all over the world, representing every segment of the travel and tourism industry. 

Tradeshow 2009 Sponsors


About IIPT

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is a not for profit organization dedicated to fostering travel and tourism initiatives that contribute to international understanding and cooperation, an improved quality of environment, the preservation of heritage, and poverty reduction; and through these initiatives, helping to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world.  It is founded on a vision of the world’s largest industry, travel and tourism – becoming the world’s first global peace industry; and the belief that every traveler is potentially an “Ambassador for Peace.”

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