May 2013

IIPT Announces Launch of Peace Tours Morocco

25 years

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is pleased to announce the launch of Peace Tours Morocco as its second “Legacy Project” commemorating the 25th Anniversary since its First Global Conference: Tourism – A Vital Force for Peace held in Vancouver 1988.



Peace Tours Morocco is a product developed by IIPT Partner MUNDITINERA-CULTURAL BRIDGES International and is being distributed throughout the world in collaboration with Skal International – the world’s largest organization of travel and tourism industry executives with more than 18,000 members in 425 cities in 85 countries and all sectors of the travel and tourism industry.


MunditineraMunditinera-Cultural Bridges International is a tour operator in existence for more than 28 years. It has developed partnering relationships throughout Morocco that enables it to provide high quality, authentic, and responsible tours.


A portion of all revenues from the tours will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva in support of their programs for victims of armed conflict. 


“Peace Tours Morocco” is an eight day journey that offers an authentic and enriching experience of the strong sense of culture and deep-rooted history of Morocco encompassing its ancient Roman civilization, Imperial towns of the Middle Ages, and ancient villages with opportunities to experience the welcoming spirit and hospitality of Moroccans while interacting with the local population.



Photos: Imperial City of Fez - Medina (left), Roman ruins at Volubilis (middle), Children of Morocco (right)

The tour includes all the must see’s of Morocco including Casablanca; Rabat - the Middle Age Imperial Town and capital of Morocco; picturesque mountain town of Ifrane, a famous winter sports center; forest of Azrou; Arab-Andalouse town of Tetouan; beautiful mountain town of Chaouen; Imperial cities of Fez and Meknes; Roman ruins at Volubilis; and the cosmopolitan city of Marrakech. Sight-see and explore palaces, monuments, museums and the world famous Hassan II Mosque. Enjoy leisurely shopping in Morocco’s famous souks and interactions with the welcoming, hospitable people of Morocco.

Hassan II Mosque


Optional six day Extensions are available to Andalusia (Spain), Canary Islands (Spain), Italy and the Sahara.

Sales of “Peace Tours Morocco” are commissionable. Skal members interested in marketing “Peace Tours Morocco” to their clients are invited to contact Skal International Headquarters, email:

Other travel agents and tour operators who may be interested are invited to contact Mr. Pier Magliano, email:  For more information, please click here

IIPT Member Kebby Kambule Honored for

Planting 9 Million Trees


Mr. Kebby KambuleMr. Kebby Kambule has been officially honored by Zambia President His Excellency Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata during the National Tree Planting Launch for his contribution to nature and environment conservation and planting more than nine million trees throughout Zambia. Kebby has been an environmentalist since 1994 dedicated to educating and mobilizing the young people of Zambia as stewards of the environment and tree planting as a symbol of peace.

Kebby receiving trophy for contribution to environmental awareness and education from Lusaka Provincial Minister Mr. Patrick Ngoma


In 1995 Kebby worked as an assistant in the education office at the Wildlife Conservation Society of Zambia caring for white rhinos following which he became the District Officer for Livingstone Wildlife Conservation. He did further training in 1997 in land use management at the Natural Resource Development College in Lusaka. He has since dedicated himself to environmental conservation, tree planting and the conduct of field education for schools throughout Zambia.


In 2005, Kebby walked the 600 km from his home in Livingstone to the capital city of Lusaka creating both environmental and HIV/AIDS awareness and planting more than 4,500 trees enroute. While on his journey, educational sessions were provided to villagers and children as he encouraged them to plant trees in de-forested areas.

Photo above (right): Boy planting trees

 Dr. Kenneth Kaunda

Dr Kenneth Kaunda, the legendary first President of Zambia, was the first source of Kebby’s inspiration as a youth by encouraging tree planting nationally. In 2006, Dr. Kaunda, acknowledged and blessed Kebby’s work, further inspiring him in his commitment to the environment, tree planting, youth education and peace.


Kebby’s tree planting programs in schools, public places, markets and churches have  served to raise environmental awareness and appreciation of nature across Zambia. Woodlots planted by school children are now serving as open air class rooms and play areas; market places are provided with shade and a cool environment during hot summer days; re-forested areas are providing a platform for bee-keeping, mushroom planting, and other forest products; villagers have developed their own wood lots for fruit trees and firewood; local management groups have been formed and illegal charcoal burning has deceased; areas have been set aside for medicinal plants; and rural farmers have embraced water conservation practices.
Photo above (left): Zambia's first president, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda honors Kebby

Tree planting childrenKebby is currently working to raise 50,000 seedlings to plant in deforested areas, communities and schools. He is also seeking to promote urban agriculture as a means of community development to both create jobs and to provide food for the urban poor while serving as a means of creating community cohesion.


Kebby would welcome your enquiries for further information at; Email:

Photo above: Children planting trees

LetsDoitInTheCaribbean Banner


IIPT Media Partner “Let’s Do it in the Caribbean”

wins Online Media Award


Sharon (Positive Tourism News), the Jamaican distribution channel and online news media was the big winner at the recently held African Diaspora World Tourism Awards on April 27, 2013, at the Airport Marriott Hotel in Atlanta, GA. The Flame Keepers in Media Award for Online Publication was conferred on (Positive Tourism News).  Sharon Parris-Chambers, co-founder and Producer was on hand to receive the award.


Parris-Chambers and her husband Theo Chambers founded Positive Tourism News in 2000 as a way to bring more positive attention to Theo ChambersJamaican tourism and to the wider Caribbean, as an alternative to negative news affecting the region. To further strengthen its impact on focusing on the success of the small island nation, the birthplace of ‘One Love’ and ‘Reggae’ music, the Chambers began the production of “Caribbean Tourism Roundtable,” a weekly Radio feature on Power 106 FM. During its 2 year stint, the husband & wife team won an award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism for the program entitled: “Jamaica’s One Love Message and its Link to World Tourism” in June 2003.


The Africa Diaspora World Tourism Awards (ADWTA) is the first ever awards ceremony honoring trailblazers in the field of black culture and heritage as an influence on tourism. It is designed in appreciation of the service and dedication of key people from around the world who have significantly influenced world tourism and the exploration of the global places of black culture and heritage.


Kitty Pope, founder and producer of the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards stated of the award for Media “The award is for websites and online media that have done much toward promoting black travel, and black cultural and heritage tourism.” is ‘uniting the Caribbean as One Marketplace. It is the communication arm of

PanaCarib Business Solutions is the marketing company for the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) Caribbean Chapter, Countrystyle Community Tourism Network (CCTN),  and Villages as Businesses  - rapidly growing networks that are providing Cultural Heritage Community Tourism Business programmes in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region.  CCTN has been training communities in Community Tourism Entrepreneurship in Jamaica and the Caribbean over the past 25 years.


This award has proven that online distribution has become an important innovation in the way people communicate, engage in social networking, market & promote products and services, particularly as it relates to tourism - locally, regionally & internationally.


Lesotho banner


Lesotho takes Leadership Role in Setting

Sustainable Accommodation Standards


Ecoplan.NetThe Kingdom of Lesotho under the auspices of the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC), is currently developing a comprehensive star grading program for the accommodation sector. The process is being managed by IIPT member James MacGregor, Team Leader for the firm IESC/ 3


Lesotho is the first nation in southern Africa to adopt the RETOSA (Regional Tourism Organization of Southern Africa) Harmonized Accommodation System, a system that was also prepared by Mr. MacGregor.


The initiative began in late January, 2013 and will end with the launch of the full program by June 30, 2013. The effort is financed by the Private Sector Competitive Project, an initiative of the IFC.


Lesotho1Development of the Lesotho Grading Program is based on 9 distinct phases spread over five months. The private sector has been an integral part of the development of the program. At a recent series of Regional Sensitization Workshops, more than 95% of accommodation providers expressed their interest for this initiative.


The unique character of Lesotho will be integrated into the standards while still maintaining the highest international level of star grading. More than 250 standards, including Quality Assurance, Responsible Tourism, and Universal Accessibility have been developed for each of 6 categories of accommodation (hotel, guesthouse, B&B, self-service accommodation, lodge and campgrounds.

Lesotho 2


Tour operators will soon be able to benefit from the program by selecting graded properties for their tour itineraries in Lesotho. Persons wishing to have more information are invited to contact James MacGregor at who will be pleased to share the team’s experience and insights.

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