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Global journey for peace and world record to be launched at IIPT World Symposium

Adapted from an article by: Kaitlin McCallum, kmccallum@registercitizen.com


Cassie De PecolCassandra (Cassie) De Pecol will be a special guest at the IIPT World Symposium: Cultivating Sustainable and Peaceful Communities and Nations through Tourism, Culture and Sport being held at Emperors Palace, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, 16 to 19 February, 2015.


The Symposium honors the legacies of the world’s three champions of peace and non-violent resistance, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. with the aim of furthering their legacies by building bridges of tourism, friendship and peace in regions throughout the world. For more information on the IIPT World Symposium, please refer to our December Newsletter at http://www.iipt.org/newsletter/2014/december.html


The action oriented Symposium will feature the launch of Cassie’s global journey to all 195 of the world’s sovereign nations as she sets out to break a world record while traveling as an IIPT Ambassador for Peace and promoting “Peace through Tourism” in each of the nations, cities, towns and villages that she visits.


Cassie will begin her journey on 1 July, 2015 with the goal of Cassie De Pecolvisiting all 195 sovereign nations in less than three years, thereby setting a new Guinness World record and as well becoming the youngest person to do so – and also the first woman.


Cassie will be traveling as a “global citizen” as she promotes “Peace through Tourism” with the endorsement of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT). IIPT will also support Cassie’s global journey by arranging for her to be met by Ministers of Tourism where possible as well as mayors of cities, towns and villages she plans to visit in each country.


Cassie stated: “I’m going to be presenting them a declaration of peace, doing photo ops and meeting with children, youth and people of my generation, discussing ‘Peace’ and what it means to them.” She also aims to be a source of inspiration to everyone she meets. In particular, she is “Hoping to influence people of my generation to pursue their dreams and a rewarding, fulfilled life.”

A further goal of the record setting global journey is to promote the IIPT/Skal Cities, Towns and Villages initiative with the hope that Cassie’s visits will also inspire Cities, Towns and Villages along the way to agree to be actively committed to promoting values of tolerance, non-violence, gender equality, human rights, youth empowerment, environmental integrity, and sustainablehuman, social and economic development.”


Cassie De pecolCassie’s goal of promoting “Peace through Tourism” will continue after her trip with the release of a documentary that will be shown in theaters and on Netflix and paired with other materials to serve as a tool kit for high school and college classes, she said. Cassie also plans to visit schools and speak about her travels and “Peace through Tourism” while she also urges them to live their dreams.


Cassie has considerable travel experience having traveled to the Amazon, Turkey, Italy, Egypt and several other countries while doing internships in renewable hospitality at hotels across the world.


Courtesy photo Cassie De Pecol in the cockpit of a four-seater in the Ecuadorian Amazon with Achuar symbolic face paint on


Cassie De PecolCassie’s trip has been seven months in the planning stages and while she has some investors and celebrity endorsements, she is now looking for corporate sponsors to help fund her trip.


Cassie also aims to build a community around her trip, inviting interested persons to join her through social media. She has a multitude of pages — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Pinterest and will be doing weekly Youtube videos to show highlights of where she’s been. A live tracking system will show her location on a map on her website and she’ll host Q & A's on her blog.


“I’m excited to get a culture, a community going of people who are interested in this sort of thing. I’m hoping people will get involved,” she said.

Find Cassie De Pecol at http://cassiedepecol.com.

IIPT Golf - World Symposium


IIPT World Symposium to feature “Golf for Peace” Day with special Invitation to International Delegates


Living GolfIIPT and Living Golf will come together commemorating the legacies of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. for a special day of “IIPT Golf for Peace.”


All delegates, and international delegates in particular, are invited to team up with South African hosts for a truly authentic experience at Wanderers Golf Club. ‘Let’s Play’ as “Ambassadors for Peace” - building bridges of friendship among people from different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities.


The Wanderers Club is located in the heart of Sandton, the new international financial and tourism centre for Johannesburg, by the famous Wanderers Cricket Stadium. It is the main business centre for the African Continent. Website: http://www.wanderersgolfclub.com/


The “IIPT Golf for Peace” Day is being organized by Franz Rolinck, Amanda St. George, Bunny Bhoola, Ajit Sikand, Bernadette Nickol, and Lance Ibouah.



The Golf for Peace Day will be held immediately following the Symposium, Friday, February 20.


When registering for the Symposium – please indicate your intention to participate in the “IIPT Golf for Peace” Day – website: http://www.iiptsymposium.com/


Franz Rolinck and Amanda St. George
Franza Rolinck and Amanda St. George
Bunny Bhoola
Bunny Bhoola
Ajit Sikand
Ajit Sikand
Bernadette Nickol
Bernadette Nickol

Why Golf?

Golf is an international sport played by individuals and supported in a team spirit. All players are equal due to the unique handicap system. Sharing a long walk to freedom while discussing cultural experiences, transcending borders and language, celebrating differences and diversity.


It is based on authenticity, values, transparency, openness and honesty. Golf has become a high-end sport which contributes to a significant role in worldwide tourism. Yet,it is often seen as an individual, unsustainable sport - exclusive and elitist. The origins of golf on the ancient 16th Century golf links of Scotland tell a different story. It was played by the community on local common land, for leisure and showcasing the promotion of life and leadership skills - where all are equal. It is a powerful tool overcoming social barriers and to form lasting relationships.


Tourism offers an opportunity for many cultures to play together and to share their history - a long walk to freedom. It offers players an opportunity to share their backgrounds and traditions, to understand how diversity within a world of conflict may be resolved - talking together - walking together - playing together.


The format is to play 18 holes in groups of four players (2 South Africans and 2 visitors). Each hole will be guided by the legacy of our three inspirational leaders - Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr - contributing to international understanding and cooperation, resolution of conflict and mobilising the travel and tourism industry as the world’s first Global Peace Industry.


"Let’s Play" celebrates our diversity for tourism, friendship and peace throughout the world, Friday 20th February 2015.


Living Life - Loving Life - Living Golf


For further information please email letsplay@livinggolf.com or phone

Franz Rolinck +27 (0) 798529345 / Amanda St George +27 (0) 795580551.

Living Golf International Ltd - Reg. SC 410531

Email: franz@livinggolf.com Web: www.livinggolf.com

Mobile: +44 (0) 7570 139657, +44 (0) 7587 161770


IIPT Croatia Banner


Second IIPT Croatia Cycle for Peace by

Prof. Tomica Plukavek


2014 saw the continuation of IIPT Croatia’s Cycling for Peace.


In May, Professor Tomica Plukavec represented IIPT and IIPT Croatia in the international cycling event “Marija Zvijezda” leading one of seven groups cycling the route from Croatia to Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina where a “Prayer for Peace” was held by all taking part.


IIPT Croatia Cycle TourIIPT Croatia supported this event for its special message of peaceful coexistence between different nations and religions in the region and highlighting the peace message of Pope John Paul II, as the event was dedicated to his honour. The event was organised by Drina Cavar, President of the not for profit organisation Kristov Stol.


Later in the year, Professor Plukavec, undertook his second IIPT “Cycling  for Peace” journey that was even more ambitious than his 2013 journey - cycling 1893 km starting in Zagreb and travelling via Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Italy to finish in Croatia again, at the city of Zadar, in support of this year’s IIPT theme: ”No More War!” marking the centenary of WWI.


In Sarajevo, he was welcomed by Advisor to the Mayor, Professor dr. Sahrudin Sarajcic on behalf of the City and the Mayor. IIPT Croatia Cycle tour


Local friends of IIPT kept entertained Prof. Plukavek prior to continuinghis journey. We offerspecial thanks to Miss Nina Marjanovic, who provided logistical assistance on part of his journey through Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In Dubrovnik, Tomica received an especially warm welcome and gifts from our friends at FE Lindjo led by their new Director Josipa Pavlovic – Tabak, as well as President of Skal Club Dubrovnik, Mirjana Kovacevic and Hrvoje Ljubimir, Owner of agency Adria Congress. Tomica had the opportunity to attend a beautiful performance by members of FE Lindjo at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and was welcomed by Restaurant Mimosa for a relaxing dinner. Special thanks to all our IIPT friends in Dubrovnik, especially to Hrvoje Ljubimir, who helped with all the arrangements.


IIPT Croatia Cycle TourThe journey continued through Montenegro to reach the ferry from Bar to Bari in Italy.


Once in Italy, Professor Plukavec turned South to visit Cisternino, honouring the President and Founder of IIPT, Louis D’Amore, whose family roots lie in Cisternino. While there, he met with the Mayor of Cisternino, Hon. Donato Baccaro shown by the sign Cisternino, “Town of Peace” in the photo on the left, and the town church in the background where Louis' mother sang during marriage ceremonies – and with the Mayor and Louis’ cousin Michele Palumbo (far right) in the photo below. The interpreter was Giovanni Maglieri on the left in the second photo.


 IIPT Croatia Cycle


After departing Cisternino, Professor Plukavec travelled North bound visiting a number of towns and cities including Padova and San Giovanni Rotonda, prior to reaching Ancona to take a restful journey to Zadar in Croatia where he completed his journey and took a deserved rest before continuing home to Zagreb.


IIPT Croatia Cycle tourFor his outstanding performance and dedication to the cause of IIPT and IIPT Croatia, Professor Tomislav Plukavec has been appointed Ambassador of IIPT Croatia.


IIPT Croatia is continuing to work on the Cycling for Peace programme, as well as a new educational programme in terms of grass root education for children concerning environmental protection and understanding of foreign cultures, while working on development of positive connections with other organisations in and outside Croatia to support propagation of the idea of Peace.


For more information –

Please contact Sneshka Richter, President and Founder, IIPT Croatia,

Email: info@sneshka.co.uk     Tel: +44 7554 756 062

About IIPT

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is a not for profit organization dedicated to fostering travel and tourism initiatives that contribute to international understanding, cooperation among nations, an improved quality of environment, cultural enhancement and the preservation of heritage, poverty reduction, reconciliation and healing wounds of conflicts; and through these initiatives, helping to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world.  It is founded on a vision of the world’s largest industry, travel and tourism – becoming the world’s first global peace industry; and the belief that every traveler is potentially an “Ambassador for Peace.”

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