September 2014

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IIPT World Travel Market Event to Preview

World Symposium on Sustainable and Peaceful

Communities and Nations


Cultivating Sustainable and Peaceful Communities and Nations is this year’s theme at IIPT’s World Travel Market Session:

Wednesday, 5 November, 10:30 to 12:00 Noon

South Gallery Rooms 21 and 22


Featured speakers on the panel include: Dr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary General, UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Martin Craigs, CEO of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA); Amb. Yamina Karitanyi, Head of Tourism and Conservation, Rwanda; and Hiran Cooray, Director, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority and Chairman, Jetwing Hotels Ltd. Professor Geoffrey Lipman will moderate the Panel.


Taleb Rifai
Dr. Taleb Rifai
Martin Craigs
Martin Craigs
Amb. Yamina Karitanyi

Hiran Cooray
Hiran Cooray

Geofrey Lipman
Geofrey Lipman

The world is currently faced with conflict on every continent – some that began as much as 70 years ago. As well, there are many conflicts in this same period that have been resolved. What lessons can we learn from countries that have resolved their conflict? How can we work towards building sustainable and peaceful communities – sustainable and peaceful nations? As one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries -what role can tourism play.

Our panel will share their experience, perspectives and insights on these questions and more including their views on “Building a Culture of Peace through Tourism” across regions of the world. This will be an interactive session with the experience and insights of those in attendance encouraged.

This World Travel Market session will be a preview of the ground-breaking IIPT World Symposium: Cultivating Sustainable and Peaceful Communities and Nations to be held at Emperors Palace, Ekurhuleni (City of Peace), Gauteng Province, South Africa, February 16-20, 2015. The Symposium will honor the legacies of three champions of Peace and Non-Violence: Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the African Union, 20 years of South African Democracy, and 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Legislation in the United States.


We welcome you to join us at World Travel Market and to share your experiences and insights.

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IIPT World Symposium to honor the legacies of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.


The groundbreaking IIPT World Symposium: Cultivating Sustainable and Peaceful Communities and Nations through Tourism, Culture and Sports will honor the legacies of the world’s three champions of Non-Violent Resistance: Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King, Jr

Mahatma Gandhi


Desmond TutuThe Symposium is being held February 16-20, 2015 at Emperors Palace, nearby Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport, in the Metropolitan Municipality of Ekurhuleni (City of Peace), Gauteng Province, South Africa. It will also commemorate the 50th Anniversary of African Union, 20 years of South AfricanDemocracy, and 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Legislation in the United States.


The Symposium has been endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

In announcing the World Symposium, IIPT Founder and President Louis D’Amore said, “Our intent will be to harness the Symposium and legacies of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr. to build bridges of tourism, friendship and peace between Africa, Asia, North America and other regions of the world.”


The highly interactive Symposium will have two basic aims:

  1. To identify strategies and best practice in cultivating productive, sustainable, peaceful and welcoming communities through tourism, culture and sports; and
  2. The potential roles of tourism, culture and sports in reconciliation and socio-economic re-development of countries that have experienced conflict with a view towards building sustainable and peaceful nations.

Call for Success Stories
We welcome your proposed ‘real life’ success stories for presentation during the Symposium. Any “success story” relevant to the theme at either the Community Level or National Level will be considered including but not limited to:               

Community Tourism                             Woman Empowerment

Rural and Agri-tourism                          Youth Empowerment

Community Capacity Building                Community Peace Gardens

Skills Development                               Universal Access

Private sector contribution                   Poverty Reduction

Youth Travel                                       Micro Enterprise & SME Dev’t

Community Peace Parks                       Peace with Nature

Volunteer Tourism                               Culinary Contributions

Healing Wounds of Conflict                  Post Conflict Socio-Econ. Dev’t

Int’l Collaborative Initiatives                Educating for a Culture of Peace

Role of Technology                             Trans-border Peace Parks


Please send brief abstracts to Kunjal Charadva, Email:, with a copy to Elizabeth Smith, Email:


Pre-Symposium Forums

As with past IIPT Conferences and Summits, Pre-Symposium events will include a full day Educators Forum and full day Student/Youth Leadership Forum. As well, following the precedent of IIPT’s Fifth African Conference in Lusaka, Zambia, a full day Traditional Leaders Forum is also planned.

Please send brief abstracts of proposed papers to Kunjal Charadva with a copy to Elizabeth Smith, see emails above.

IIPT Scholarship Award

A US $2,500 scholarship award will be presented to the inter-disciplinary team of 3-5 students writing the best paper on the Symposium Theme of Building Sustainable and Peaceful Communities and Nations through Tourism, Culture and Sports. Completed papers of no more than 3,000 word must be submitted not later than 20 December 2014. Winners will be announced 20 January 2015. Please submit papers to Kunjal Charadva; with copies to Dr. Patrick Kalifungwa:; and Louis D’Amore:


student forum
IIPT Student/Youth Leadership Forum


Sponsorship Opportunities

Organizations interested in sponsoring the Symposium are invited to contact:

Louis D’Amore, Email: In South Africa, please contact Bernadette Nickol:


Host Partners

South African Tourism City of Ekurhuleni

City of Joburg South African Airways Gauteng Tourism


Symposium Partners

South African Airways
Skal ATA logo


Strategic Partners

Jamaica Business Resource Center South African Airways



Peace Towns and Villages across South Africa -

        Preparing the Foundations for IIPT World Symposium


SkalIIPT and Skal International are cooperating in a campaign leading up to the IIPT World Symposium to encourage towns and villages across South Africa to declare themselves as IIPT/Skal Peace Towns or Villages. A goal of 50 IIPT/Skal Peace Towns and Villages has been set to be achieved by 15 February, 2015 – symbolic of the African Union 50th Anniversary.


Each IIPT/Skål Peace Town or Village will be actively committed to promoting values of tolerance, non-violence, gender equality, human rights, youth empowerment, environmental awareness, and sustainable social and economic development. Collaboration between and among IIPT/Skål Peace Towns and Villages will be encouraged as well as information sharing regarding Peace Town/Village initiatives.


Skål International is the world’s largest membership organization of travel and tourism industry executives with more than 17,000 members in 405 chapters in 87 countries, and with members from each sector of the industry – several of these chapters are in South Africa.  


The IIPT/Skål Peace Towns Initiative builds on the foundations of more than 400 IIPT Peace Parks that have been dedicated to Peace in cities and towns throughout the world beginning in 1992 with IIPT’s “Peace Parks Across Canada” project commemorating Canada’s 125th anniversary as a nation. 


Eight Peace Towns and Villages have been achieved to date in South Africa. These are: Knysna - A spectacular tourism destination In Western Cape Province in the heart of the Garden Route featuring the annual Knysna Oyster Festival.


Stellenbosch, Western Cape - Proposed by Skal Cape Winelands -  a college town and the proud capital of the Western Cape wine region.  Founded in 1685, Stellenbosch is South Africa’s second oldest city, promoting itself as the “most inspiring and innovative town in Africa” and dedicating itself to the values of peace, human rights and sustainable development.


Knysna Stellenbosch


Skills Village 2030 noteworthy for implementing a practical framework for workplace experience using festivals and events to identify and bring to market commodities, goods, services and experience unique to the local community.

Cullinan - Home of the Cullinan diamond mine that produced the world’s largest diamond, the “Cullinan Diamond”. Diamond mine tours are a major tourism attraction of Gauteng Province.


Rayton – offering world class wedding and conference venues, lodges, horse ranches, dairy farms, Bed & Breakfasts, bass fishing, camping and two Museums - the Willem Prinsloo Agricultural and Sammy Marks museums.


Skills Village Cullinan Rayton


Refilwe - Home of the Refilwe Community development initiative and a welcoming spirit towards international volunteers. (see banner photo)


Overwacht - Home of a proud Khoisan community, the original inhabitants of Southern Africa whose origins can be traced back 100,000 years.


Alexandra Township - The mother and father of townships in South Africa dating back to 1912. It was the only place where black people could buy free-hold land at the time. The Township includes a house where Nelson Mandela stayed. 


Other peace initiatives in South Africa include the Dinokeng Game Reserve – IIPT/Skal Nature Conservation Peace Park - the first free-roaming Big 5 residential game reserve in Gauteng Province, South Africa (and probably in the world) next to an urbanized area. A private/public initiative opened in 2011.


Overwacht Alexandra Township Dinokeng


South African Towns and Villages interested in dedicating themselves to peace are invited to contact: Bernadette Nickol: email:


Join us in commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the African Union and 20 years of South African democracy by dedicating your town to Peace. Please contact Louis D’Amore, email: for more information and registration form with a copy to Bernadette Nickol, email:


Towns and villages in other regions of the world interested in becoming part of the IIPT/Skal Peace Towns/Villages Global initiative in support of the World War I Centenary and its theme “No More War” are also invited to contact Louis D’Amore, email: with a copy to Elizabeth Smith, email:

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IIPT to Partner in Africa Travel Association
39th World Congress, Uganda

IIPT resumes its fifteen year relationship with the Africa Travel Association (ATA) by partnering in its 39th World Congress, being held in Uganda, November 11-16, 2014.


Sipi Falls - UgandaATA's signature event will address timely industry topics, offering a line-up of educational and professional development opportunities and showcasing Uganda’s newest products and services. Delegates will also have the opportunity to participate in ATA’s Young Professionals Program forum, a tourism ministers’ roundtable, business-to-business and networking events, an African Bazaar, host country day(s), gala dinners and pre- and post- country tours.


ATA Executive Director, Eddie Bergman stated, “ATA is pleased to have IIPT as a partner in our 39th World Congress given the long standing relationship between IIPT and ATA.”


IIPT Founder and President, Louis D’Amore said, “I look forward to again partnering with ATA as I have many fond memories of each of the Conferences I participated in during our many years of partnership starting in 1999. IIPT is also proud to have awarded its only “Life Time Achievement Award” to ATA Executive Director, Mira Berman, at the IIPT Fourth African Conference – also in Uganda, in 2007. So returning to Uganda for the 39th  ATA World Congress will be particularly special for me.”


IIPT is also proud to have ATA as a partner in the IIPT World Symposium: Cultivating Sustainable and Peaceful Communities and Nations through Tourism, Culture and Sports to be held in South Africa, February 16-20, 2015.

ATA Congress

Sudan_IIPT_Tourism Project


Sudan Tourism Promotion Project to

Commemorate UN International Day of Peace


In celebration of the UN International Day of Peace, the Sudan Tourism Promotion Project (STPP) together with the support of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is planning a number of activities including a Forum entitled: "Building a Culture of Peace through Tourism” to be held Sunday September 21, from 19:00 to 22:00.


IIPT Founder and President, Louis D'Amore, will address the gathering through a satellite connection. The Forum will also bring together a number of experts and interested parties including representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife; Sudanese Businessmen Employers Federation; and several NGO leaders. The Global Compact network and the Peace Committee of the Sudanese National Assembly are also expected to take part.


Sudan Crafts - Tourism ProjectThe Forum will include a presentation by the Sudan Tourism Promotion Project (STPP) featuring its initiatives in “Building a Culture of Peace through Tourism” and the hidden beauty of areas affected by the war. Other activities during the Forum include an “Art vs War” exhibit by the National Cultural Policies Group; short films and presentations; music and songs for peace. The event will also showcase prints, post cards and a non-profit online store, “Africa Crafts”  designed to market crafts created by persons from the war affected areas. Finally, the event will introduce Volunteer “Peace Tours” to areas that have been affected by war.


Sudan Tourism Sudan Tourism

The Sudan Tourism Promotion Project (STPP) is an ambitious and pioneering national project that aims to develop the tourism sector in Sudan and to foster the economic, social and cultural empowerment of the Sudanese people. The Project has been developed by Net 249 Advertising Co. by utilizing digital technology for an eye-catching promotional mix for the global marketing of Sudan tourism as well as raising awareness among Sudanese regarding the economic, social and cultural benefits of tourism. More information is available at:

Sudan Tourism Project

Enter Crying – Exit Laughing

Book by IIPT Friend and Supporter – Sir Ken Miller


Enter Crying - Exit Lauging BookSir Ken Miller, IIPT friend and supporter, has authored a book, Enter Crying – Exit Laughing that provides 18 Health Commandments to be healthy – helping others and being charitable.


Young or old says Sir Ken, life's always full of challenges. Staying healthy and handling what life throws at you is all about how you approach life, living well is a choice. Join native New Yorker, Sir Ken Miller as he navigates our medical system and handles his medical challenges head-on with a wry sense of humor and a"joie de vivre".


Laugh-out-loud funny, Enter Crying, Exit Laughing- will show you how to “delay dropping dead and live a hot and healthy life.”  Sir Ken's Health Commandments- for a healthy and happy life are simple guidelines for living well and with good humor. These 18 Health Commandments are a must for getting the most out of life. Lessons for the young and old alike and guaranteed to add years to your life.

About IIPT

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is a not for profit organization dedicated to fostering travel and tourism initiatives that contribute to international understanding, cooperation among nations, an improved quality of environment, cultural enhancement and the preservation of heritage, poverty reduction, reconciliation and healing wounds of conflicts; and through these initiatives, helping to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world.  It is founded on a vision of the world’s largest industry, travel and tourism – becoming the world’s first global peace industry; and the belief that every traveler is potentially an “Ambassador for Peace.”

For more information:
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