January 2016 Edition


IIPT and Skal International Launch

Joint Ambassador for Peace Campaign


globalfamilyLouis D’Amore, IIPT Founder and President and Nigel Pilkington, President, Skål International announced today the launch of a joint IIPT/Skål International Ambassador for Peace Campaign. 


The campaign will seek to engage hotels, airlines, travel agents, tour operators and other industry sectors in promoting the belief that “every traveler is potentially an Ambassador for Peace.” Partnerships will be sought with major travel industry associations to broadly distribute the IIPT Credo of the Peaceful Traveler together with the iconic “Global Family Portrait” by artist Padre Johnson inscribed underneath with the words, “One Earth One Family.”


The program aim is to create awareness among all travelers that the privilege of traveling provides them with a unique opportunity to learn a little more about our common home – planet earth, the wonder of its natural beauty, its many diverse peoples, cultures and heritage – and in the process to foster mutual respect, understanding and appreciation with each person they encounter.


Goal of the program is to place the IIPT Credo of the Peaceful Traveler and Global Family Portrait in hotel rooms, inflight magazines, travel agencies and tour operators, aboard cruise ships, etc. A plaque will also be available for display.


prakashsikchiCollaborating with IIPT and Skål International in designing an interactive website will be Mr. Prakash Sikchi, Co-founder of Inspirock. The website will be a place where Ambassadors for Peace can share their stories and interact with one another.Inspirock is an innovative start up that uses state of the art technology to transform how users plan and experience a vacation. Their free trip planner ensures that you get the most out of a vacation by helping travelers to customize and collaborate on itineraries to meet their expectations. http://www.inspirock.com/


louisLouis D’Amore stated, “IIPT was born with a vision of travel and tourism becoming the world’s first global peace industry, and industry that supports the belief that ‘every traveler is potentially an Ambassador for Peace.’ He continued, “Partnering with Skål International, the world’s largest membership organization of travel industry executives with more than 16,000 members in 383 Clubs in 83 Countries in promoting this vision will be the crowning achievement of IIPT’s 30th anniversary year.




nigelNigel Pilkington stated: “Skål International is proud to be associated with IIPT and is fully supportive of their credo of peaceful travel. The travel industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. Even during the recent global financial crisis it was one of only a small number of industry sectors that continued to grow. In 2015 over 1 billion people travelled according to the United Nations World Tourim Organization (UNWTO), and this figure is expected to grow. This will result in extreme pressure on many destinations in terms of infrastructure and the potential impact on the environment – the industry needs to act now and start planning on how to minimize this impact and more importantly how to work with local communities to ensure they are full and active partners in any development from an economical, cultural and environmental standpoint.


To achieve this we also need to engage with travelers and make them aware of the impact they have when traveling and how by making informed decisions around their travel & how they interact with local communities, they can make a difference. As they saying goes – planets like ours are hard to find!”

IIPT Credo of a Peaceful Traveler

Grateful for the opportunity to travel and experience the world and because peace begins with the individual,  I affirm my personal responsibility and commitment to:

  • Journey with an open mind and gentle heart
  • Accept with grace and gratitude the diversity I encounter
  • Revere and protect the natural environment which sustains all life
  • Appreciate all cultures I discover
  • Respect and thank my hosts for their welcome
  • Offer my hand in friendship to everyone I meet
  • Support travel services that share these views and act upon them and,
  • By my spirit, words and actions, encourage others to travel the world in peace

About Skal International
Skal International is the only international organisation which brings together all sectors of the travel and tourism industry. Representing the industry’s managers and executives, Skål members meet at local, national and international levels in an environment of friendship to discuss subjects of common interest. Skål has approximately 16,000 tourism professionals in 383 Clubs spread throughout 83 countries. As in other associations of professionals most Skål activities take place locally, but the movement also features National and Area Committees under the umbrella of Skål International.

VISION STATEMENT: Be a Trusted Voice in Travel and Tourism.


MISSION STATEMENT: Through our leadership, professionalism and friendship, work together to enhance our Vision, maximise networking opportunities and develop a Responsible Tourism Industry


African Diaspora


IIPT President Named as one of 20 White Leaders Who have Championed Black History and Cultural Heritage


African Diaspora Tourism has named IIPT Founder and President, Dr. Louis D’Amore as one of  20 white leaders from around the globe who have contributed significantly to Black history and cultural heritage.


ljdIn making the announcement, Kitty Pope, Publisher of Africa Diaspora Tourism and the Founder/Director and Executive Producer of the Africa Diaspora Tourism Awards said, “D’Amore continues his message of peace and embracing cultural diversity around the world. He has been instrumental in promoting the travel and tourism industry as the world’s first “Global Peace Industry.” Since its founding in 1986, IIPT has brought together global leaders from all sectors of the travel and tourism industry, as well as the areas of culture, environment and development. In particular, D’Amore has held IIPT International Conferences regarding Africa to help develop more balanced and positive images of the land, culture and people of the continent.


IIPT has made recommendations on stimulating development to create employment, generating local incomes through niche markets based on community tourism, cultural tourism eco-tourism, agri-tourism, and volunteer tourism. D’Amore has also supported the African Diaspora Heritage Trails Conferences before and after inception. He has also supported African Diaspora Tourism and serves as an honorary chair for the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards.”


Other persons named among the 20 white leaders included:


David AllenDavid Allen – The late Bermuda Minister of Tourism. Hon. Allen reignited the fire to preserve, develop and promote black cultural and heritage trails around the world when he initiated the African Diaspora Heritage Trails Conference in 2001 that took place in Bermuda where governmental and private sector level officials from many countries in Africa, the Caribbean, North America and Europe attended. Allen was instrumental in developing the Bermuda African Diaspora Heritage Trail that includes many historic sites related to the Trans-African Slave trade. The Bermuda Tourism department has set up the David Allen Internship Program in his honor and a memorial plaque was erected on the island in his honor. (adht.bm)


Mira BermanMira Bergman served as Executive Director of the African Travel Association (ATA) for more than 16 years and pioneered the development of inroads on travel to Africa. She not only inspired people to visit and explore, but also helped to promote positive perceptions about Africa. As Executive Director of ATA, she was committed to increasing tourism and investment to the continent in a sustainable and meaningful way. The founder and president of The Bradford Group, Bergman once served as President of SATH (Society for the Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped), Executive Director of North American Travel Association and as Director of The National Council of Women of the USA. She also served on the Executive Committee of the Celebrity Gala Ball to benefit the United Negro College Fund. A woman of courage and tenacity, Bergman escaped the Holocaust with her mother and sister to begin a new life in New York City in the 1940’s. (AfricanTravelAssociation.com).


Derek HanekomMinister Derek Hanekom – Hon Hanekom was a member of the National Executive Committee Member of African National Congress (ANC), where he provided the ANC with information about the apartheid defense force’s attempts to overthrow the Mozambican government that led to his arrest in 1983 and a prison term for both Hon. Hanekom and his wife along with Nelson Mandela. After their release, the couple spent the following three years in exile in Zimbabwe. Hanekom returned to South Africa after the unbanning of political organizations in 1990, and continued working with ANC at their headquarters. He was responsible for policy formulation on land and agricultural matters with ANC during the period of negotiations prior to the first democratic elections in 1994.  Hon, Hanekom later served in the Mandela administration as Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs building South Africa as a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic nation. He currently serves as South Africa’s Tourism Minister (tourism.gov.za)


St.Alain AngeMinister Alain St. Ange - The Minister of Tourism for the African Islands Nation of Seychelles, Hon. St. Ange is a firm believer in preserving cultural heritage as an integral part of tourism. Hon. St. Ange has a strong belief in partnering and collaboration when it comes to promoting tourism. He has called on UNESCO to declare the slave ruins at the Seychelles Mission Lodge of Sans Soucis to be a World Heritage site. As minister of tourism, he has enhanced Seychelles Afrik Festival and Africa Day events that highlights and promotes African Cultural heritage. The Creator of the Seychelles International Carnival, the world's first carnival of nations promoting multiculturalism.  (AlainStAnge.com)




Cassie begins Caribbean leg of her Inspirational

Global Journey as IIPT Ambassador for Peace


Having already completed visits to more than 50 countries since the start of her global record setting journey this past July, Cassandra De Pecol (Cassie) has now begun the Caribbean/Central America leg of her journey as an Ambassador for Peace.


Cassie has set out to visit each of the world’s 196 sovereign nations in less than three years and three months thereby setting a Guinness World Record and as well becoming the first documented woman to travel to all 196 sovereign nations and the youngest person to do so.  


cassienigelVisiting each nation as an Ambassador of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) and Skal International (the world’s largest organization of travel and tourism professionals), Cassie will be planting a tree and collecting water samples for an Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation project to then test for microplastics.


Skal International President, Nigel Pilkington has been arranging for Skal national Presidents to meet Cassie on arrival in their respective countries, and for them in turn to arrange meetings with Mayors and other community leaders and also for Cassie to address groups of college and high school students.


Cassie’s goal is to demonstrate that her generation can create positive, peaceful relations with all countries, in part through sustainable tourism, which brings cultures together and makes a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.


Cassie with students


“Our generation, ‘The Millennia’s’, have a unique opportunity to change the world with the internet and instant communication which has no borders. We are all connected and my journey is showing that connection. Millennials can unite the world,” says 26-year-old Cassandra De Pecol,”


Pope Francis and RachelleDuring her trip to Haiti this week, Cassie will meet with Father Joseph Simon, Founder/Director, Timkatec Schools (centre photo below) and Rachelle Marie-Line Fleurimond, Coordinator. The Patrick O'Shea and Mike Spinelli families, are Founders of the Friends of Timkatec whose support since 2005 Since 2005 has enabled Timkatec to change the lives of over 2500 young people in Haiti who previously had no hope of ever receiving an education. Timkatec consists of three schools, an orphanage and a shelter.Patrick O'Shea and Mike Spinelli in the picture on the right with children.http://www.timkatec.org/


Rachelle meeting Pope Francis

Haiti - Graduating ClassFather JosePatrick O'Shea

Timakatec Schools - A Haitian Success Story that must continue to grow


Find Cassie De Pecol at http://www.expedition196.com


IIPT to Partner in Upcoming

African Diaspora World Tourism Awards


IIPT will be a partner in the African Diaspora World Awards (ADWT-Awards) and Travel Expo set to take place April 15-17, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The ADWT – Awards and Travel Expo is directed and produced by AfricanDiasporaTourism.com, publisher Kitty J. Pope, the Founder/Director and Executive Producer of the event, and the A.D. King Foundation, Dr. Babs Onabanjo, CEO and the ADWT-Awards producer. Also helping to present the 2016 Awards event are the African Travel Quarterly and the Pan African Cultural Heritage Institute.


Returning as Honorary Chairs for the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards are Naomi King sister-in-law of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and the co-founder of the AD King Foundation that honors the legacy of her husband Rev. A.D. King, the brother of the late Dr. King; and Joe Beasley, international humanitarian and founder of the Joe Beasley Foundation that serves to promote social equality around the world.


Kitty Pope

Dr. Babs Onabanjo
Ms. Naomi King
Joe Beasley

IIPT Founder and President, Dr. Louis D’Amore is serving as an International Honorary Chair of the event together other leaders including Dr. Ewart Brown, former Premier of Bermuda who and recipient of the inaugural ADWT-Awards Person of the Year for his leadership in promoting the African Diaspora Heritage Trails as a tourism product; Mother Queen Best K. Olimi, Mother Queen of the Tooro Kingdom of Uganda who is a founding leader and the current Continental President of The African Queen and Women Cultural Leaders Network; Senator Princess Florence Ita-Giwa, a Nigerian princess who served as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1992 until 2003;  and Dr. David Fleming of the United Kingdom, who has served as Director of National Museums Liverpool since 2001 where he has overseen visitation quadruple from around 700,000 per year to now more than 3.2 million per year.


Dr. Louis D'Amore
Dr. Ewart Brown
Queen Best K. Olimi
Princess Florence Ita Giwa
Dr. David Fleming

Dr. D’Amore stated “IIPT is proud to be a strategic partner in the Africa Diaspora World Tourism Awards (ADWT Awards). As an Honorary Chair, I will fully support our good friend and colleague, Kitty Pope in again achieving the highly successful outcomes realized in the historic inaugural ADWT Awards.”


The African Diaspora World Tourism Awards recognizes trailblazers in two parts:

1) The “Who’s Who” category recognizes professionals who have done outstanding work in the field;

2) The “Hall of Fame” category is for notables who have made legendary contributions that have significantly impacted black culture and heritage tourism development.

To register or for more information please visit: ADWT-Awards.com. Organizations interested in being a sponsor of the 2016 African Diaspora World Tourism Awards  are invited to contact Kitty Pope at (678) 499-6562 or Kpope@AfricanDiasporaTourism.com.

To learn more about 2016 ADWT-Awards presenters:

AfricanDiasporaTourism.com - (Founder/Publisher Kitty J. Pope)

ADKingFoundation.com - (President/CEO Dr. Babs Onabanjo)

NCHTC.com - (Founder/ President/Chair Rev. Eugene Franklin)

ATQ News.com - (Founder/Publisher Ikechi Uko)

IIPT.org – (Founder/President Dr. Louis D’Amore)



Coxless Crew  

Coxless Crew scheduled to arrive in Australia having rowed across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco


Four young ladies departed San Francisco in April 2015, rowing 8,446 miles across the Pacific Ocean and will be arriving in Cairns, Australia sometime between 19 – 25 January. Theirjourney across the Pacific will break three world records: Cox Crew

  • The first all female team to row the Pacific Ocean.
  • The first ever fours boat to row the Pacific Ocean.
  • Fastest 4s boat to cross the Pacific

Members of the Coxless Crew are: Laura Penhaul, Emma Mitchell,Natalia Cohen, and Isabel Burnham. Lizanne van Vuuren was a team member on the 3rd Leg. Their motivation for making the journey is to inspire women globally to follow their dreams and to raise awareness and essential funds for their chosen charities – Walking With The Wounded and Breast Cancer Care.

Their boat is set up with two rowing positions. Two of the crew are always on the oars while the other two rest/sleep/eat. When caught in a bad storm, all four would need to squeeze into the cabin.

Coxless Boat


Welcome them in, be part of the celebrations and spread the word! They can't wait to meet you and be on dry land again.


More information is available on the following videos:

To track their progress and get updates visit:

www.coxlesscrew.com,  facebook.com/crew.coxless @coxlesscrew

If you’d like to get involved with the arrival, email info@coxlesscrew.com

About IIPT

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is a not for profit organization dedicated to fostering travel and tourism initiatives that contribute to international understanding, cooperation among nations, an improved quality of environment, cultural enhancement and the preservation of heritage, poverty reduction, reconciliation and healing wounds of conflicts; and through these initiatives, helping to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world.  It is founded on a vision of the world’s largest industry, travel and tourism – becoming the world’s first global peace industry; and the belief that every traveler is potentially an “Ambassador for Peace.”

For more information:
IIPT Website: www.iipt.org
Tel: (802) 253-8671
Email: ljd@iipt.org

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