Victor Mutanga Imagines Peace as part of
The Olympic Truce Campaign


IIPT is again proud to be a partner in the global campaign promoting the 2016 Olympic Truce (‘Ekechereia’). The campaign, being led by Gordon Sillence, Destinet, builds on a historic UN resolution calling for a global truce during the period of the Olympic Games.

Victor Mutanga, a member of the IIPT International Youth Leadership Network, is mobilizing youth throughout Africa to be part of the Olympic Truce Youth Ambassadors program. In this role, he has been inspired to write the following poem. Please listen to it hear


And follow the words below:


Victor Mutanga

IMAGINE PEACE - Where did we go wrong as a continent? We recall the once resilient African architecture and bemoan the demise of a leadership who’ve aborted the vigour of our youth.


I stand still between tears of joy born of joyful festivities and rivers of blood flowing from African conflicts. We are tired of intimidation. Our voices are choked by unending litanies of lamentations


We’ve drudged too long on this road to pedition. The dark night of oppression must come to an end. It doesn’t matter if we’ve fallen, we will rise. We shall walk again.

We will walk away from everything that tried to push us down. We will keep walking and we know where our next step will lead us. All nations come and walk with us, we are on our way

We are on our way to light the beacon of hope.


Elders of our land; lead us in the ancient ways to the rivers of hope and quench our thirst with the elixir of peace. Elders of our land, turn these preying fields of phobia into praying fields of brotherhood.


Leaders of our clans; transform these fallacies of power into palaces of peace. Peace is a must, Peace is us


I hear whispers of the freedom song. I see visions of jubilant youth carrying the Olympic flame on the African soil. This long walk must lead to freedom.


Every African nation is a block cut out of the mountain of hope. Let the Olympic Truce be mortar to create cultures of Peace.


victorGrant the African soil and Olympic opportunity and see the African child running with flames of fire. We will jump for joy and our fields will forever rein with songs of possibility.


Imagine the vibrant spirit of Africa reverberating the aroma of Ubuntu. Imagine the white dove of peace perched serenely on the colour black giving birth to a rainbow burst.

Victor matunga

Imagine Peace in Africa

                       Imagine Peace without borders

                          Just imagine!


What you can do:

  1. Become an Olympic Truce Peace Ambassador
  1. Join the  Olympic Truce Peace Ambassador Supporters Group
  2. Establish a National Olympic Truce Promotion   and Reporting Process in Your Country

The Olympic Truce campaign is being led by Gordon Sillence, DestiNet:

Brazil 2016 Truce promotion and reporting process

Persons and organizations wishing to be involved in any of the above are invited to email Louis D’Amore, IIPT President –