28 OCTOBER 2003


October 2003  Newsletter









About the IIPT

 About the IIPT

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is a not for profit organization dedicated to fostering travel and tourism initiatives that contribute to international understanding and cooperation, an improved quality of environment, the preservation of heritage, and poverty reduction; and through these initiatives, helping to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world. It is founded on a vision of the world’s largest industry, travel and tourism – becoming the world’s first global peace industry; and the belief that every traveler is potentially an “Ambassador for Peace”. Website: www.iipt.org , email: Conference@iipt.org

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IIPT and the Africa Travel Association (ATA) are proud to announce that the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) has joined with us as a partner for the IIPT 2nd African Conference on Peace through Tourism. The Conference, being hosted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania, will be held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, December 7-12, 2003. Theme of the Conference is:

Community Tourism
– Gateway to Poverty Reduction.

Since its founding in 1993, CCA has been the leading organization dedicated to enhancing trade and investment ties between the United States and the 53 countries of Africa. The companies that make up the Corporate Council on Africa represent nearly 85 percent of all U.S. private sector investment in Africa. CCA works closely with governments, multilateral groups and business to improve the African continent's trade and investment climate, and to raise the profile of Africa in the US business community.
Stephen Hayes, President of the Council said: “Travel is an essential engine for African economic success, and – as IIPT and ATA recognize – for the promotion of global peace and understanding. CCA is proud to partner with both organizations to further strengthen the ties between the tourism industry and businesses invested in Africa.”


 WORLD TRAVEL MARKET – Center Stage Announcement of  IIPT 2nd African Conference on Peace through Tourism

IIPT is honored to again be featured center stage on Opening Day of World Travel Market, 15:20 – 16:15, November 10 at the ExCel Center, London where it will announce the IIPT 2nd African Conference on Peace through Tourism. Mr. Tom Nutley, Chairman, Reed Travel Exhibitions and Fiona Jeffery, Group Exhibition Director, Reed Travel Exhibitions, are again hosting the center stage event.
Announcement of the IIPT 2nd African Conference will be made by H.E. Hassan Omar Gumbo Kibelloh, High Commissioner for the United Republic of Tanzania to the Court of St. James.

The Center Stage Ceremony will also feature H.E. Akel
 Biltaji, Chief Commissioner, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, Host of the First Global Summit in Amman, Jordan, and IIPT Ambassador at Large, who will report on key outcomes of the Second Global Summit this past February in Geneva where he served as Master of Ceremony. Hon. Rene Webb, Minister of Tourism, Telecommunications and E-commerce will join with H.E. Akel Biltaji in reporting on the Summit and the Africa Diaspora Heritage Trail.

The Geneva Summit was notably successful in giving birth to key strategic alliances towards efforts in “Building a Culture of Peace through Tourism”. Michael Stolowitzky, President, American Tourism Society and IIPT Ambassador at Large will speak on the importance of these alliances. Particularly noteworthy are strategic alliances with RCI and International Youth Hostels

Federation. Mr. Preben Vestdam, President & GM, RCI Europe, will speak on behalf of RCI, and Mr. Ulrich Bunjes, CEO, International Youth Hostel Federation, will announce initiatives towards “Hostelling for International Understanding and Peace.”

IIPT has adopted “Just A Drop” as its official Charity. Progress made towards a community well in Tanzania will be reported on by “Just A Drop” founder, Fiona Jeffery.
Organizations or individuals wishing to contribute to a “Tanzania Well” are invited to contact: JustaDrop@iipt.org . The well will be dedicated as a “living legacy” of the IIPT 2nd African Conference. Cost of the well is US$8,000. All funds go directly to well construction.


With the leadership of Tony Clark, Blueberry Hill Inn, Vermont and support of Dr. Catherine DeLeo, Lyndon State College, and Fredrick DeJong – a campaign is underway in the State of Vermont, USA to raise US$ 8,000 for a “Vermont Well” to be constructed in Tanzania in connection with the IIPT 2nd African Conference on Peace through Tourism. The campaign has reached the half way mark towards its goal. Additional contributions are welcome. Please contact: JustaDrop@iipt.org . A Vermont delegation to the conference plans to visit the community selected to receive the well immediately following the Conference.


An impressive program is taking shape for the IIPT 2nd African Conference. Confirmed keynote speakers include:
• Hon. Zakia Hamdani Meghji, Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Republic of Tanzania
• Stephen Hayes, President, Corporate Council On Africa
• Dr. Noel Brown, Chairman, IIPT International Advisory Board
• DeVilliers Botha, Executive Manager, South African Operations, Southern Africa Development Bank
• Dr. Asha Rose Migiro, Tanzania Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children
• Ian Christie, World Bank Group
And others currently being confirmed.

Aim of the Conference
The aim of the conference is to develop partnerships, implementation strategies, and action initiatives that contribute to sustainable community development, peace and poverty reduction. The Conference seeks to harness travel and tourism – the world’s largest industry – as a leading force for poverty reduction in Africa.

Key Topics for Discussion
The following topics will be addressed in plenary, concurrent sessions, and workshops:
• Community Tourism – Achieving Sustainable Livelihoods,
Poverty Reduction and Community Cohesion
• The Community Tourism – Wildlife Interface
• The Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable
Cultural and Heritage/Community Tourism

• Micro-Enterprise and SME Development
• Community Capacity Building
• Education and Training for Poverty Reduction and
A Culture of Peace
• Technology Sharing and Transfer

• The Role or Tourism in Healing the Wounds of Conflict

• Youth Travel & Empowerment
• Sports for Peace and Development
• Accessible Travel for all
• Getting the Community Tourism Message to the Media

Government – Industry – Donor – NGO Roundtable
A feature of the conference will be a Government – Industry – Donor – NGO Roundtable to build consensus on a collaborative strategy in mobilizing tourism as a dynamic and catalyzing force for poverty reduction in Africa.

Conference Participants
The Conference will bring together senior African executives from both the public and private sectors of tourism, NGO’s, donor agencies, educators, policy makers, leading practioners, entrepreneurs, future leaders of the industry, and senior representatives of related sectors including environment, culture and economic development.

“Africa 100
Recognizing that youth are our future, we are seeking to identify an “Africa 100” – 100 young persons who show promise of being future leaders of the African travel and tourism industry. We welcome your nomination and ask that your consideration in sponsoring one or more of the “Africa 100” for their participation in the Conference and a special “Youth Leadership Forum.” Please contact: Liz Smith liz.smith1@att.net , Conference Coordinator.

We are seeking donors to be able to provide scholarships for worthy “Africa 100” persons who otherwise will not be able to participate in the Conference. Persons or organizations interested in making a contribution to an “Africa 100” fund are invited to contact Rich Fromer: iipt2@together.net

Educators Forum
The Conference will also feature an Educators Forum with a goal of bringing together educators of Travel and Tourism from colleges and universities throughout Africa to share knowledge, experiences and ideas for future curricula development and educational initiatives that contribute to the aims of the Conference.

The Educators Forum will also feature a selected number of presentations by leading educators. Proposals for presentation of papers can be sent to Dr. Daniel McDonald Dan.mcdonald@uni.edu  - Coordinator of the IIPT Educators Network.

An outcome of the Conference will be a “21st Century African Agenda for Peace through Tourism" with a focus on implementation of strategic initiatives and pilot projects that empower local communities to achieve jobs with dignity and sustainable futures.

We are proud to announce that the Development Bank of Southern Africa is again a major sponsor of the IIPT 2nd African Conference on Peace through Tourism. DBSA was also a major sponsor of the IIPT 1st African Conference in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Conference, South Africa in March 2002.

Other sponsors include the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania, Tanzania National Parks, Ngorogoro Conservation Area Authority, The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), RCI, Reed Travel Exhibitions, and World Travel Market. eTurboNews is a media sponsor together with Travel World News

Organizations interested in having a sponsorship role in the IIPT 2nd African Conference are invited to contact Rich Fromer, Email address: IIPT2@together.net .

Conference Venue and Official Hotel
We are pleased to announce that the Golden Tulip Hotel, Dar es Salaam is the venue and official hotel of the IIPT 2nd African Conference. Special hotel rates have been negotiated. For information on the Golden Tulip and other conference hotels– please visit our website: www.iipt.org .

To Register
To Register, please visit our website: www.iipt.org  and complete the registration form.

The Second IIPT African Conference builds on the foundations of two Global Summits on Peace through Tourism (Amman, Jordan – Nov. 2000; and Geneva, Switzerland, Feb. 2003) and the First IIPT African Conference, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, March 2002).



Miracle Corners of the World (MCW), a not-for-profit community development and revitalization organization, is organizing a two-day community service project for participants of the Second IIPT African Peace Through Tourism Conference interested in volunteering their time, energy and skills.

The service project will take place at the Idris Abdulwakil Primary School located in the Kinondoni Municipal Council, Dar es Salaam. The school was founded in 1985 and named in honor of the first President of Zanzibar. The school has 10 "streams" with 436 students and 8 teachers.

It is MCW's goal to work with the students, parents, teachers and community during the two-day service project to assist in repairing two of the old classrooms that are in desperate need of restoration. Activities will include: cementing the floor, patching-up the walls, installing windows, painting and constructing benches for the students and a bookshelf for the beginning of a school library. Participants are invited to bring books for the start of the library.

There are 12 spaces open to volunteers, which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. To register please e-mail Eddie Bergman: ejb228@nyu.edu  or visit www.miraclecorners.org



IIPT is proud to announce its endorsement of the Mt. Everest Climb for Peace - men and women from different religions, cultures and nations climbing Mt. Everest together for peace and for religious & cultural tolerance.

Climb for Peace
Expedition Spring 2004

Mission of the Climb for peace is to show that men and women from different religious and cultural backgrounds and beliefs can unite in a peaceful way and set an example to the world that we can work together, live together, depend on each other, and at the same time do something quite extra-ordinary: Climb Mt. Everest in the name of Peace and  Religious and Cultural Tolerance.

The Climb for Peace will include experienced mountain climbers from seven major religious traditions: a Buddhist, a Christian, a Confucian, a Hindu, a Jew, a Muslim, and a Taoist climber—the climb will also have an Atheist, for their belief is that part of religious tolerance and freedom is the freedom not to believe in religion.

The climb will celebrate diversity and differences, but is an event that will focus on our commonality. Participants in the climb will climb together not as individuals who belong only to this or that nation or religion, but as a team–as brothers and sisters who all share a common home: the earth. The climb will not just be one of physical strength and endurance, but a climb for peace and for religious & cultural tolerance.

The climb will also be a humanitarian endeavor, for it will be raising funds for charity, and invites individuals and organizations to Get Involved. There will be no national or religious flags, the symbol to be worn on clothing and the flag that will proudly be planted on the top of the summit of Mt. Everest will be that of the earth. For more information: http://www.climb4peace.org/index1.php



Professor Ian Kelly, a member of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (Australian chapter) has put together an international team of authors contributing to a book on Peace through Tourism.

 Although the book will be aimed at a wider audience, it is hoped that it can provide a foundation for the development of a 'peace' element in university courses.

The book will address a number of issues such as the potential for tourism as a force for understanding and harmonious relationships, the role which can be played by specific elements of tourism, processes of reconciliation, a range of 'success stories' and the management practices which can contribute to the peace objective.

Those interested in making a submission to the book or seeking further information can contact Ian Kelly iankelly@picknowl.com.au


The IIPT Pakistan Chapter, with the leadership, light and energy of Fr. Akram Javid, is planning a series of new programs to promote peace, love and reconciliation. Recent and planned events include:
October 5th – A Peace Day with Children. About 100 children celebrated peace day in Gujrat Pakistan with a spiritual service, talks on Peace, a Peace Walk and the Opening of an IIPT Peace Park.
October 12th - A Peace Tour of Young People. About 75 young persons participated in this peace tour.
October 17th – A Seminar and Spiritual Service on Peace and Reconciliation.
November 15th – Peace Conference
December 14th – Opening of a Youth Chapter and Youth Festival Celebration with guest speaker from Switzerland.