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The 3rd IIPT African Conference on Peace through Tourism, held at the Hotel InterContinental, Lusaka, Zambia, February 6-11, 2005 was a huge success with more than 370 delegates from 25 countries participating in the Conference and an additional 100 media persons covering the conference.

Theme of the Conference was:

Tourism: Pathway to a Peaceful and Prosperous Africa

The Aim of the Conference, to develop a 21st Century Vision of African Tourism, was successfully achieved by drawing on the collective wisdom and insights of all delegates.


The “Lusaka Declaration: A 21st Century Vision for African Tourism” can be viewed in on our website:




Photo by Robert Eilets

Zambia President Mwanawasa addressing delegates in Opening Ceremony as African Union President Olusegun Obasanjo, looks on.



His Excellency Mr. Levy Patrick Mwnawasa SC, President, Republic of Zambia and Patron of the 3rd IIPT African Conference officially opened the Conference on Monday February 6, as Zambia National Television televised the Conference live through out Zambia. President Mwanawasa stressed that peace was essential to resolving the challenges of the global community and to attaining sustainable development. “We need peace if we are to meet the challenges that threaten our survival,” he said. President Mwanawasa repeated his commitment to enhancing investment in tourism infrastructure.




Photo by Robert Eilets

African Union President Olusegun Obusanjo addressing delegates in Opening Ceremony as U.S. Ambassador Martin Brennan looks on.


African Union President His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo, President of Nigeria, was the Featured Keynote Speaker of IIPT’s 3rd African Conference. Speaking in the Opening Ceremony, President Obasanjo emphasized that the quest for peace in Africa could only be attained if people’s living conditions were improved – and urged African leaders to turn to the tourism sector as an engine of growth. “Africa has what it takes to generate substantial foreign exchange through tourism for development purposes. Africa possesses vast, and largely untapped, natural and cultural resources in abundance in all it sub-regions.”










IIPT honored Nelson Mandela as a ‘Man of Peace’ at the Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, February 7th sponsored by the World Association of NGO’s (WANGO). Nelson Mandela joins with His Majesty King Hussein, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold as world leaders honored by IIPT as ‘Men of Peace.’ Receiving the award on behalf of Nelson Mandela was South Africa’s High Commissioner to Zambia, Mzwandile M. Masala.

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, first President of the Republic of Zambia was also honored at the Awards Luncheon as recipient of the World Association of NGO’s (WANGO) Universal Peace Award. WANGO President Taj Hamad was present to present the prestigious WANGO Award to Dr. Kaunda. For an article written by Michael Iachetta that captures the spirit of the Awards Luncheon – please see our website page:


Photo by Robert Eilets  

Photo by Robert Eilets

Dr. Noel Brown, Chairman, IIPT International Advisory Board, presents IIPT ‘Man of Peace’ Award. Receiving the award on behalf of Nelson Mandela is South Africa’s High Commissioner to Zambia, Mzwandile M. Masala.   Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s First President, Receives Universal Peace Award from Taj Hamad, President, World Association of NGO’s (WANGO) as Dr. Noel Brown, looks on.



The important role of travel and tourism in contributing to Peace and Sustainable Development was highlighted throughout Zambia and Africa, by His Excellency Levy Patrick Mwanawasa’s declaration of ‘National Peace through Tourism Week.’

The week began with a special ceremony on Sunday, February 6th at the Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Site in Ndola, Zambia – the site where UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold went down in a plane crash while on a Peace Mission to the Congo in 1961. The ceremony commemorated the 100th birthday year of Dag Hammarskjold.

Swedish Ambassador Christina Rehlen, Hon. Patrick Kalifungwa, MP, Zambia Minister of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources, IIPT Founder and President, Louis D’Amore, IIPT Advisory Board Chairman, Dr. Noel Brown, local dignitaries, and other dignitaries from the Conference took part in the ceremony. IIPT’s International Peace Park, originally dedicated on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the crash in 2001, was re-dedicated with Enzio Rossi, President, Zambia Tourism Board and IIPT’s representative in Zambia; and Sir Andy Chande, Trustee of Rotary International Foundation.

Children of the Dag Hammarskjold Living Memorial School sang an original song for the ceremony “Thank You Dag Hammarkskjold.” A visit was made to the school which is adjacent to the site.

Swedish Ambassador Christina Rehlen hosted a special luncheon on Monday, again honoring the memory of Dag Hammarskjold.



Photo by Kazembe Mwalimu


Photo by Kazembe Mwalimu

Students of the Dag Hammarskjold Living Memorial Community School singing an original song, “Thank you Dag Hammarskjold.”


Swedish Ambassador Christina Rehlen places wreath at the Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Site in Ndola



As a fitting close to the National ‘Peace through Tourism Week,’ An IIPT International Peace Park was dedicated at Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, as a legacy of the Conference. The Ceremony was hosted by Sun International – with the participation of Chief Mukuni and members of the Mukuni Tribe taking part in the ceremonies along with the Mayor of Livingstone and Provincial dignitaries. 2005 marks the 150th anniversary of the sighting of Victoria Falls by Dr. David Livingstone and the Centennial of the Town of Livingstone.



Photos by Robert Eilets

Peace Park Dedication from left to right, Fridah Chintu-Mudenda, Public Relations Executive, Sun International, Master of Ceremony and Host of the Dedication Ceremony, Chief Mukuni of the Mukuni Tribe, and Co-Host of the Ceremony, Hon. Patrick Kalifungwa MP, planting one of the trees of the ‘Bosco Sacro’ and a few of the dignitaries taking part in the Ceremony.



In the week prior to the Conference, U.S. Ambassador Martin Brennan hosted a media conference during which he announced a US$ 7 million grant to Zambia for Tourism Development. Hon. Patrick Kalifungwa, MP, Minister of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources; and IIPT Founder and President Louis D’Amore also took part in the Media conference.

Also in the week leading up to the Conference, CNN International televised more than sixty – 20 second spots announcing the conference. International coverage was provided by eTurbo News, Travel World News, Travel Weekly, Africa Travel Magazine and Website, Travel Talk Radio – and other major travel media.

Some 100 media persons covered the conference resulting in front page and prime time coverage of the Conference on both TV and radio.



Photos by Robert Eilets

Photos from left to right: U.S. Ambassador Martin Brennan with Hon. Patrick Kalifungwa MP, Zambia Minister of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources at U.S. Embassy Reception; SN Brussels Airways CEO Peter Davies moderating Airline Panel as Girma Wake, CEO of Ethiopian Airways looks on; Professor Stephen Banda, Hotel and Tourism Training Institute, Zambia accepting Scholarship Awards on behalf of Scholarship recipients from Louis D’Amore, IIPT Founder and President; and Anastasia Mann, Chairman, Corniche Travel Group presenting Sister City Proclamation on behalf of the Mayor of Los Angeles to Lusaka Mayor Levy Mkandawire.



In addition to the Lusaka Declaration: A 21st Century Vision for African Tourism, the following are selected specific action outcomes of the Conference.

IIPT Educators Network

National level ‘Educators Forums’ to be established in Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa. The Cape Peninsula University of Technology will serve as Secretariat to the IIPT Educators network and work closely with IIPT.

Youth Coordinating Committee

An IIPT Youth Coordinating Committee will be established that will initiate and strengthen contacts with existing youth networks, councils, and Tourism Youth Cooperatives to foster economic empowerment, education and training, and social transformation among the rural and urban youth of Africa.

Forum of Tribal Chiefs

Recognizing that Tribal Chiefs and Traditional Rulers are critical stakeholders in the development of Peace through Tourism; a Tribal Chiefs Forum will be an integral part of the 4th IIPT African Conference in collaboration with the “House of Chiefs” in Zambia, which will also serve as the Secretariat for the preparations of the “Tribal Chief Forum.”

IIPT – Cape Peninsula University of Technology Partnership

Formation of an IIPT-CPUT partnership for the purpose of building, managing and distributing a body of knowledge on community based tourism, models of best practice, GIS, and map assets in Africa.

Youth Hostels

Nurture and grow the youth hostel movement in Africa, and as a legacy of this conference – initiate the development of youth hostels in Zambia, Lesotho, and South Africa in collaboration with the International Youth Hostel Federation.

South East Africa Tourism Investment Program (SEATIP)

With the leadership of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), facilitate a highly participatory and integrated approach to regional tourism development and conservation in the South East Africa Region with tourism circuits and public, private sector and community investments that are mutually reinforcing.

African Diaspora Heritage Trail

IIPT together with the Africa Travel Association (ATA), will support Bermuda in the implementation of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail (ADHT) conceived by the late Hon. David H. Allen, former Minister of Tourism, Bermuda at the First Global Summit on Peace through Tourism, Amman, Jordan 2000.

Symposium on Healing the Wounds of Conflict

IIPT will seek to organize a symposium among Ministers of Tourism from African nations that have – and are – experiencing conflict, with the aim of harnessing tourism, sport, and the arts in healing the wounds of conflict and building a foundation for social stability and economic regeneration.



The more than 370 delegates from 25 countries included Ministers of Tourism, senior officials from governments, the private sector, UN Agencies, the World Bank, NGO’s, and leading educators, thinkers, policy makers and practitioners as well as executives from the areas of culture, heritage, parks, environment, and development.


Photo by Robert Eilets

Members of Round Table in plenary session debating 21st Century Vision for African Tourism.




IIPT would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation to the many sponsors of the Conference including Title Sponsor the Development Bank of Southern Africa; Platinum Sponsors, CNN and InterContintal Hotels Group Africa; Gold Sponsors the Swedish Embassy, U.S. Embassy, United Nations Development Program (UNDP); Reed Travel Exhibitions; World Association of NGO’s (WANGO); and eTurbo News.

Bronze sponsors: Ibis Gardens, Finance Bank of Zambia Ltd, Lusaka Hotel, Farview Hotel, Holiday Inn Hotel, Pamodzi Hotel, Garden Group, and Binnie Ltd.

And Media Sponsors: Africa Travel Magazine and Website, eTurbo News, Travel World News, Travel Talk Radio, and Travel Weekly.


We also express our sincere appreciation to the many organizations that assisted us in promoting the Conference among their members and networks including: African Wildlife Federation, Fair Trade Tourism, South Africa, Talking Travel Africa, Nile Basin Society, Mountain Moderator Forum, Solidarity Tourism, Sustainable Tourism - Rachel Dodds, Call of Africa Safaris, and Rainbow Tours.

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