2007 Issue

Richard Kuegeman to Lead
IIPT Global Peace Parks Program

IIPT is proud to announce that Richard Kuegeman of Atlanta, Georgia has agreed to spearhead IIPT’s Global Peace Park Program.

The Global Peace Parks Program was launched on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, in the first year of the new Millennium, at Bethany Beyond the Jordan, site of Christ’s

Richard Kuegeman
IIPT Peace Parks Proram

baptism. The Program continues as a living legacy of the 1st Global Summit on Peace through Tourism, November 8-11, 2000 hosted by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. His Majesty King Abdullah II was Patron of the Summit which – like the Global Peace Park Program - was in support of the UN Decade of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.

Notable among the IIPT Peace Parks dedicated to date in addition to that at ‘Bethany beyond the Jordan” are IIPT Peace Parks at
Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii; the Dag Hammarkskjold Memorial Site, Ndola Zambia (site of UN Secretary Dag Hammarskjold’s plane crash while on a peace mission to the Congo in 1961); Waterton Glacier International Peace Park (the world’s first international peace park); Bagamoyo, Tanzania, (a UNESCO Heritage Site which served as a center of the slave trade for Eastern Africa); Victoria Falls, Zambia (one of the seven natural wonders of the world); Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada; and Namugongo on the Uganda Martyr’s Trail, a World Heritage site.

Richard (Dick) Kuegeman has had a rich and varied career as both an executive with various organizations including Sea World, Fotomat Corporation, and Opryland, and with successful enterprises which he established including The Cumberland Group, an entertainment production, marketing, and venture development organization, where he served as President. Clients included Stroh Brewery (creation, production, marketing, and management of “The Stroh Run For Liberty”; the largest single-day running event in the history of the sport) to benefit The Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation; LearnStar, Inc., (start-up counsel, roll-out strategy, field operations and sales for this firm engaged in interactive television for the classroom featuring regional and national simultaneous, real-time participation); Coca-Cola (planning, management of the entire entertainment component of the Coca-Cola Olympic City project during the Atlanta Olympics); and others.

More recently, Dick has chosen to redirect his professional efforts toward providing counsel to a select and limited client list committed to serving (sometimes creating) social purpose enterprises. He has served as senior consultant to Habitat for Humanity International, started a HUD-funded program called The Strategic Urban Initiative (exploring how to increase Habitat’s efficacy in urban cities around the world), and served as construction/development project manager and executive director of a themed advocacy and educational tourist/visitor destination, Habitat for Humanity International’s Global Village & Discovery Center.

As Executive Director (pro bono) of the IIPT Global Peace Parks Program, Dick will strive to reach our goal of 2000 Peace Parks circling the earth by 2010, as a living legacy of the U.N. Decade of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World (2000 – 2010).

The IIPT Global Peace Parks Program involves the travel Community, local business, service clubs, schools and the general public in promoting cultural understanding and a “Culture of Peace” in local neighborhoods, towns and cities throughout the world.
For more information – and to dedicate an IIPT Peace Park, please contact Dick Kuegeman at

Students of the Dag Hammarskjold Living Memorial Community School singing an original song “Thank you Daddy Hammarskjold”

Swedish Ambassador Christina Rehlen placing wreath at the Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Site in Ndola

Chief Mukuni of the Mukuni Tribe


Dignitaries taking part in the Victoria Falls International Peace Park dedication


Uganda Martyr's Trail Basilica
Namugongo – Uganda

IIPT Peace Park dedication in Pattaya
as Pattaya is declared a “City of Peace”

Stamp of Pope John Paul II
in honor of his visit to Uganda

IIPT President Louis D’Amore planting
the first peace tree at Uganda Martyr’s
Trail Peace Park
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IIPT To Commemorate
15th Anniversary of Peace Parks Across Canada

The IIPT Global Peace Parks program described above builds on the foundations of the successful “Peace Parks Across Canada” project commemorating Canada’s 125th anniversary as a nation in 1992.

Some 400 cities and towns across Canada, from St. John’s, Newfoundland on the shores of the Atlantic, across 5 time zones to Victoria, British Columbia on the shores of the Pacific, dedicated a Park to Peace – with most parks dedicated at Noon local time, October 8th, as the National Peacekeeping Monument was being unveiled in Ottawa.

Each park was dedicated with a ‘Bosco Sacro’ (Peace Grove) of 12 trees as a symbolic link with one another, and with nature - and as a symbol of hope for the future.

IIPT is currently re-establishing contact with each of the 400 cities and towns with the aim of having a nation-wide re-dedication ceremony at each of the parks on Tuesday, October 9th at noon local time - one day after the precise 15th anniversary of the original dedication.

The Peace Grove of 12 trees was also symbolic of Canada’s 10 Provinces and two Territories. As there are now three Territories, the re-dedication will include the planting of an additional tree representing the new Territory of Nunavut.

Peace Parks Across Canada was conceived and implemented by IIPT in collaboration with “CANADA 125” and the National Capital Commission. Supporters included the Federation of Canadian Mayors and Municipalities, Heritage Canada, Canada Parks and Recreation Association, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, Friends of the Earth Canada, World Wildlife Fund Canada, and the many Rotary Clubs across Canada.

Sponsors included Via Rail, Greyhound Lines Canada, CP Hotels and Resorts, Westin Hotels and Resorts, Ramada International Hotels and Resorts, Four Seasons Ltd., Meridien Hotels, Concept 3 Advertising, and Programmed Communications Ltd.

Peace Parks Across Canada was said to be the most successful and significant of the more than 25,000 events and projects conducted during “Canada 125.”

Cities and towns that were not part of the original Peace Parks Across Canada Project are of course invited to dedicate a Park to Peace on the same date, October 9th at noon local time.
For more information on the Re-dedication ceremony, or on dedicating a Park to Peace for the first time, please contact:

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The Contribution of Peace Parks and Conservation
To Conflict Resolution


A book to be released in September, Peace Parks: Conservation and Conflict Resolution, edited by Saleem Ali, examines the ways in which environmental cooperation in multi-jurisdictional conservation areas may help resolve political and territorial conflicts.

Its analyses and case studies of trans-boundary peace parks focus on how the sharing of physical space and management responsibilities can build and sustain peace among countries. The book examines the roles played by governments, the military, civil society, scientists, and conservationists, and their effects on both the ecological management and the potential for peace-building in these areas.

After describing such real-life examples as the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor in Africa and the Emerald Triangle conservation zone in Indochina, the book looks to the future, exploring the peace-building potential of envisioned parks in security-intensive spots including the U.S.-Mexican border, the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, and the Mesopotamian marshlands between Iraq and Iran. With contributors from a variety of disciplines and diverse geographic regions, Peace Parks is not only a groundbreaking book in International Relations but a valuable resource for policy makers and environmentalists.

For more information, please click here

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IIPT Award Winner Jamie Andrew
Completes Titanium Man Challenge

Jamie Andrew

Quadruple Amputee Super Athlete and Mountain Climber Jamie Andrew set out Saturday morning, August 4th at 06:00 AM for the biggest challenge of his lifetime – his self named: “Titanium Man” Event.

He arrived 06:00 AM Sunday morning, August 5th, on schedule - 24 hours later, at Middle Meadow Walk in Edinburgh, Scotland having swum 2.4 miles in Loch Tay, cycled 112 miles to Falkirk and run and walked 26.2 miles along the canal to Edinburgh.

The “Iron Man Triathlon” length event in Jamie’s words, “Is one of the

most grueling feats of athletic endurance, even for able-bodied athletes, and for me as a quadruple amputee this has been my biggest challenge yet!”

IIPT Founder and President Louis D’Amore stated, “IIPT was proud to support Jamie in this, the greatest challenge he has set for himself to date. As with other significant challenges Jamie has undertaken – Jamie’s Titanium Man Challenge was done for a most worthy cause – to raise funds that will provide prosthetic limbs to men women and children in deprived parts of the world who lose arms and legs each year due to war, landmines, disease and poverty. “

Why the name “Titanium Man Event?” Jamie explains: “Iron Man is a registered trade mark, so instead this is Titanium Man, named after the high performance metal of which my prosthetic leg components are made.” More details are available at  and

Jamie had this to say following the successful completion of his latest challenge: “The swim was probably the hardest part as the water was cold, choppy and very intimidating at 6 in the morning. The cycle was not helped by a strong headwind for the first half but I stayed tucked in behind my cycle team and we made good steady progress the whole way. The run/walk was a long, gruelling effort through a drizzly night on sore stumps, but by now the end was in sight and nothing was going to stop me!”

To find out more about Jamie and/or to make a donation that will improve the lives of amputees in deprived areas of the world, please click here.

Jamie received the IIPT Achievement Award, together with other members of his climbing team at the 2nd Global Summit on Peace through Tourism held in Geneva 2002. With two climbers from India, two climbers from Pakistan, and two climbers from sponsoring organizations UIAA and IUCN, the team climbed several peaks in the Swiss Alps, notably the Monch (4099m).

The purpose of the IUCN/UIAA supported climb was to underline the importance of protecting mountain environments and to highlight the success of the Swiss Government in achieving UNESCO natural World Heritage status for the Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn region.

The climb also promoted the creation of trans-boundary protected areas, in particular the Siachen Glacier between India and Pakistan, the scene of the longest running military conflict in the world. This was the first time the flags of India and Pakistan had flown together on a mountain summit.

Jamie starting his project

Jamie swimming on Loch Tay

Jamie during his "Titanium Man" Challenge

Jamie cycling to Falkirk

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World Peace Tour to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan
An Amazing Journey

The first "World Peace Tour to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan" was hosted earlier this year by IIPT and Sacred Himalaya Travel, a Bhutanese owned and operated travel company.

Steeped in the tradition of compassion and kindness , Bhutan’s Buddhist culture, hand in hand with IPT’s values of generating peace through tourism, allowed five American women traveling from Alaska, Pennsylvania, Vietnam and China to have an amazing journey.

Following is a description of the tour as told by Tour Leader Wendy Erd.

The tour began with a late winter snow fall and a climb through a magical white forest to Taksang, Tigers Nest, one of the most sacred temples in Bhutan. Sun broke through mists as we climbed the last stone steps and reached Taksang, 2,700 feet above the Paro Valley. In a side room, a monk helped us as we lit small brass lamps filled with melted butter to make special offerings for peace.

Across Bhutan we were met with the gentle kindness and the easy going humor of the Bhutanese people. At Paro Dzong, an ancient fortress and the shared seat of local governance by both secular officials and monks; young monks tied blessing threads around our necks and laughed shyly as they practiced their English.

Once we reached the capital in Thimphu, between visits to the Traditional Medicine Center, a young artists school (VAST) and an India–Bhutan car rally awards ceremony, we were met by energetic Raj Basu who’d traveled from India to share with us their successful peace initiative in Manas National Park, which borders Bhutan to the South and is home of many Bodo indigenous villagers.

Raj is one of the founders of both Help Tourism and ACT-Association for Conservation and Tourism. These organizations support the "Terrorism to Tourism"-Process on the Indian side of Manas and are now working on cross-border conservation through ecotourism.

Losar or Bhutanese New Year is celebrated with much dancing, singing, eating and drinking with family and friends and the traditional game of archery. On a day hike in Bumthang valley, we heard laughter and music coming from across a field. Local villagers waved us over and soon we were all dancing together under a brilliant afternoon sun.

Atop Dochula Pass, we had the great good fortune to meet one of the Queens of Bhutan, Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck. She was overseeing the construction of a temple dedicated to her husband, the 4th King, who recently gave his throne to his son and is helping to usher in a new system of governance with Bhutan’s first upcoming elections.

Our last day in Bhutan we drove past a sparkling river to one of Bhutan’s oldest temples, Kichu Lakhang. We arrived as nuns and monks were holding a day long prayer for Chenrizig, the god of compassion. It is said that Chenrizig took so much of the suffering of the world into himself that, unable to hold it, he exploded into thousands of pieces. The Deities put him back together. He is represented with 1,000 arms and a ‘seeing’ eye in the palm of each hand.

From the glow of butter lamps to the light in children’s eyes, from the beauty of the Himalayan mountains to the music of both laughter and selfless prayers for peace, Bhutan indelibly softened our hearts.
The second World Peace Tour to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan: A Tour of Kindness, will take place in 2008. Please keep tuned to the IIPT web site for upcoming dates and details .

World Peace Tour guests: Sue Christianson,
Wendy Erd (Trip leader), Amelia Fendell-Wipf,
Suzanne Lecht, Jen Nicholson

Magical Taksang: Tiger's Nest Monastery,
Paro Bhutan

Tying on a blessing thread,
Young Monk at Paro Dzong

Bhutan New Year ( Losar )
Dancing in Bumthang, Bhutan

 Butter Lamps, lit to send blessings to all
sentient beings, Kyichu Lhakang, Paro

Tshetem Norbu, owner and guide
Sacred Himalaya Travel Thimphu, Bhutan

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IIPT is proud to again be a sponsor of THETRADESHOW 2007 (Travel Retailing and Destination Expo) being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, September 9-11, 2007.
THETRADESHOW 2007 again provides a major opportunity for IIPT collaboration with ASTA and its partners in promoting travel throughout the world as a vital force for international understanding and peace.

Clearly, the mission of IIPT in “Building a Culture of Peace through Tourism” has never been more important. The participation of IIPT and its members in THETRADESHOW 2007 will encourage other attendees to spread the word throughout the world that “Every traveler is potentially an Ambassador for Peace.” It is only through travel and people-to-people encounters that we can come to realize the full significance of our inter-connectedness and common future in an ever shrinking “Global Village.”

This year, the conference program has been specifically designed to give exhibitors the greatest amount of time with travel sellers to generate new leads and establish new business relationships. Exhibitors will have two full days for pre-scheduled, one-on-one appointments with travel retailers, wholesalers, tour operators and other exhibitors. THETRADESHOW will be open on Sunday, Sept. 9 from 2 p.m.-4 p.m. and from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday.

Buyer attendance at THETRADESHOW represents a large mix of travel retailers. Attendees are members of many reputable worldwide associations, making the attendees at THETRADESHOW highly qualified travel professionals. The expansive trade show and unparalleled educational program will draw every type of travel seller making THETRADESHOW the best place for suppliers to meet their target market and generate new and qualified sales leads.

THETRADESHOW (Travel Retailing and Destination Expo) is a 3-day, in-depth networking and educational event. Global and inclusive, THETRADESHOW, powered by ASTA and ITB Berlin, unites under one roof travel suppliers and buyers from all over the world, representing every segment of the travel and tourism industry. It is the trade show event for travel decision makers. For more information on THETRADESHOW, call 1.866.870.9333 or visit

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IIPT Proud Partner in 3rd African Diaspora Heritage Trail International Conference
“From Slave Ships to Self-Determined Destinations”

IIPT is again proud to be a partner in the 3rd African Diaspora Heritage Trail International Conference: From Slave Ships to Self-Determined Destination” October 10-14, 2007 at the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, the Bahamas.

The Conference is being hosted by the Honorable Neko Grant, Minister of Tourism & Aviation, and the Government of the Bahamas. It will be a diverse gathering of interested, talented and experienced persons from throughout the African Diaspora who are committed to the authentic research, documentation, promotion and further development of African Diaspora Heritage sites/venues, museums, monuments, and cultural expressions.

Hon. Neko Grant
Minister of Tourism Bahamas

Dr. Ewart Brown
Bermuda Premier

Conference speeches, panels and presentations are designed to be interactive in order to tap into the expertise of all participants. Overall the conference will convey the rich heritage, diverse stories and culture of the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora as presented through their own artistic expressions, written and oral histories, institution-building and policy making.

Conference attendees will also participate in educational and professional development sessions, share model heritage trail programs, and enjoy networking on an international level with professionals in related fields.

Founded by the Government of Bermuda, the ADHT is a transnational heritage tourism initiative to educate visitors, enhance economic viability of African Diaspora countries and communities and conserve the essence of African descent, culture and history for future generations.

ADHT is developing a network of collaborators who identify, build, finance, promote and market memorable heritage destinations. ADHT destinations foster sustainable economic development, provide inspiring educational experiences, produce quality cultural heritage products that expose visitors to authentic
  African Diaspora history and culture, and motivate local populations to become active participants in the preservation and dissemination of their own history and culture. ADHT seeks to establish a transnational African Diaspora Heritage Trail, linking Diasporan countries and venues throughout the world.
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 Show Your Support with One Earth One Family
IIPT Plaques and Gift Cards


Created exclusively for IIPT, both items display the IIPT Credo of the Peaceful Traveler and Art Piece by R. Padre Johnson. 
The Credo of the Peaceful Traveler puts forth an ethical travel philosophy for travelers to abide by. The IIPT Credo of the Peaceful Traveler was the inspiration of a very special person at the IIPT First Global Conference: Tourism - A Vital Force for Peace, Vancouver 1988. We have respected the author's request to remain annonymous. The IIPT Credo has since spread across the travel and tourism industry worldwide.

The One Earth One Family art piece
by R. Padre Johnson provides a view of our incredible earth from outer space, surrounded by the open faces of 25 children and adults from different cultures. Each portrait represents an important visual statement about the unique and interesting facial difference in each individual, the culture and ethnicity each represents, and the limitless threads of common humanity that draws all citizens of our planet more closely together as one inter-dependent family.

These items will remind all who see or receive them of what a privilege it is to travel freely throughout the world and the opportunity they have as they travel to be ambassadors of international understanding, good will and peace. These items will be admired and appreciated by everyone who sees them in your office, place of business or home.

Costs are $200 (US) plus shipping for an Acrylic Plaque, and $15 (US) plus shipping for a Gift Card pack of 10 Cards and Envelopes.  To order online or by fax/mail, please visit our website.

About IIPT

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is a not for profit organization dedicated to fostering travel and tourism initiatives that contribute to international understanding and cooperation, an improved quality of environment, the preservation of heritage, and poverty reduction; and through these initiatives, helping to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world.  It is founded on a vision of the world’s largest industry, travel and tourism – becoming the world’s first global peace industry; and the belief that every traveler is potentially an “Ambassador for Peace.”

For more information:
IIPT Website:
Tel: (802) 253-2658
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