May 2012

IIPT Mourns the loss of Edward Beauchamp Founder, World Tourism Foundation


Edward L. BeauchampEdward L. Beauchamp (Ed), Founder of the World Tourism Foundation died peacefully at his home in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA this past month at the young age of 62.

The non-profit World Tourism Foundation (WTF) and the for-profit World Tourism Network (WTN) were created BY the industry FOR the industry - together building a globally shared brandfor the travel and tourism industry, much like VISA did for the credit card industry.  Ed believed that the world’s largest industry revolves around the smallest destination. His vision was for the World Tourism Foundation icon to be seen on both Destination and NGO websites around the world. With one click on it, consumers would be able to navigate a full range of supplier choices and build a complete itinerary in a secure and trusted environment.


Louis D'Amore, president and founder of IIPT stated: "Ed Beauchamp had a great vision for tourism and the world - a vision which found expression through the World Tourism Foundation to which he devoted the last one third of his life. The greatest tribute that can be made to Ed by those who knew him and believed in his vision, is to continue supporting his wife and partner in WTF, Cj Duffy in realizing Ed's dream for the World Tourism Foundation."

Ed’s vision was for a “Doing Well – and Doing Good” business model with industry stakeholders from all levels, of every sector, of every country sharing in its ownership.  He believed that such an ownership model was well positioned for the physical, economic, and social changes currently taking place in the world.


Suppliers would have substantially lower distribution costs through the for profit World Tourism Network – with revenues from transactional fees shared with the non-profit World Tourism Foundation to be distributed through grants towards poverty reduction, environment, climate change, education and more.


Publisher of the World Tourism Directory, Burkhard Herbote said, “In our many discussions, Ed talked about WTF plans for education, creating jobs and reducing poverty, sustainability, environment and climate projects, renewable energy, youth exchanges in areas of conflict, and more i.e."Peace Through Tourism".


eTN Publisher and ICTP chairman Juergen Thomas Steinmetz said: "Ed inspired many with his passion for tourism. I was pleased to serve on his board as a founding trustee. Ed's support and guidance will be missed."


Max Haberstroh, International Tourism Consultant commented,” Ed's passing away has shocked us all. We have lost an extraordinary personality, a visionary with mind, heart and soul. Many of us can say we have lost a friend.”


Zeal Greenberg, Chairman and Co-Founder, World Development Endowment Foundation said, “Ed’s great spirit will always be with us. I cherish the countless conversations and creative sessions we had.”


Agha Iqrar Haroon, Founder and President of The Region Initiative (TRI) expressed his condolences for a person for whom he had a “soul connection.” He added: “TRI is honored to announce an Edward L. Beauchamp Ecotourism Scholarship to be granted to the best student of tourism in South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.”


Ed was fond of quoting his wife and partner in WTF – WTN:

“Tourism provides the only remaining realistic path to peace!”


2012 Olympic Peace Campaign


An Olympic Sprint for Peace

IIPT Supports 2012 Olympic


London 2012With less than 75 days to go to this year’s London 2012 Olympics, the largest international coalition ever formed to promote the Olympic Truce is sprinting towards implementation measures. UNESCO, UNEP and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism have recently joined Ecotrans, IIPT, Global Sports Partners and other tourism and sports stakeholders, as well as Media Partners: eTurbo News, Travel Mole’s ‘Vision on Responsible Tourism’, Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), and, to support the Olympic Truce Campaign.

 Lord Michael Bates

Leading by example is Patron of the campaign, Lord Michael Bates, who recently completed an epic 3,000 mile walk from Athens to London to raise awareness to the importance of the Olympic Truce ( Lord Bates has agreed to be Patron of the Olympic Youth Peace Ambassador Training and Assistance Program.


The Program aims to bring youth from conflict zones and areas of violence to London to build a global peace network linking youth in conflict areas.  UNESCO have joined the program to strengthen their existing Youth Peace Ambassador network, and UNEP will also be delivering part of the training workshops. 


Urgent assistance is needed to fund the youth travel to Britain. Organizers are currently negotiating for a city and university willing to host the 2 week training event in support of this historic Olympic Truce. As well, additional sports and tourism stakeholders are being invited to strengthen the coalition further.


Peace One DayNominations for the Olympic Youth Peace Ambassador Training Program are still open. Youth from ages 19 – 26 are invited to apply. Civil society organizations and recognized NGO’s are welcome to make nominations. 


Organizations wishing to join us in our sprint to the finish line may contact Gordon Sillence, email:


For more information please visit:


Olympic Banner Supporters


Olympic Campaign Supporters_3



Responsible Tourism in India


A new magazine recently launched in India will be covering Responsible Tourism in India. Title of the Magazine is: Travel: The Indian Stories.

The compilation of stories and articles include the noble efforts of a few people with a great sense of responsibility for hosts and guests, and despite several challenges have strived to achieve more sustainability and responsibility. Purpose of the magazine is to moti­vate others to carry tourism practices with the spirit of well being of all.

The magazine itself demonstrates its commitment to the planet by only printing a synopsis of the stories with the full encapsulated in the India Tourism eCatalog CD (a compilation of all the State tourism boards of India) and on their website, (Re­sponsible Tourism section).

The first issue reports on:

Sustainable Tourism 1Practicing the Age Old Vedic Concepts of Sustainable Development

People of the pastoral community of Rajasthan still believe in old practices of livelihood inspired by the Vedic concept of sustainable development. They are specialized in camel breeding – taking care of their camel as their own child – never marketing its milk and usage of the camel for mutton is strictly forbidden. They are committed to preserve their forests, their culture, and their way of living passed on for generations. They are also known for the sense of hospitality and serve guests warmly with all available means.


 To read more such stories, visit:

Responsible Tourism Section

Banglanatak Dot Com: Social Sustainability to Revive Culture andSustainable Tourism 2 Vanishing Traditions

Banglanatak dot com has brought about a radical changeinthe lives ofmillions of artists byproviding them a sustainable livelihood. Using culture as a development tool, underdeveloped and marginalized communities across East Indian villages are being re-vitalized by providing livelihood opportunities to rural and tribal communities rich in oral traditions, performing arts, traditional craftsmanship, but lacking formal education and at the same time safeguarding intangible cultural heritage of these tribal communities.

To read more such stories, visit:
Responsible Tourism Section


Sustainable Tourism 3Conservation of Turtles & the Kindness Farm

Pradeep Nath is commtted to the conservation of sea turtles, wildlife and other animals. His organization, VSPCA – operates with a few volunteers. Forest officials have supported his initiatives in a joint project for conservation of turtles and Pradeep is now working with the same zeal for the conservation of endangered wildlife. His organization offers tours as part of his responsible tourism commitment and to generate revenues to further his cause.


To read more such stories, visit:

Responsible Tourism Section

Upliftment of Local Art & Culture

Pradhuman Singh has taken the challenge to promote folk crafts using tourism. He apportioned some revenues from his business to financially help these artisans by showcasing their art to tourists and also set up a training centre. More than 20 women are working at the centre manufacturing traditional Rajasthani textile and handicraft items for both local and export market.


To read more such stories, visit: 

Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change to Tourism:
Case Studies of Best Practice


Industry officials, experts, academics and practitioners share their knowledge, experience, research and methods of best practice to address and adapt to the adverse effects of climate change

 Edited by

Louis D’Amore and Dr. Patrick Kalifungwa


IIPT Cover Book

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism’s 5th IIPT African Conference: “Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change to Tourism in Africa and the Developing World,” was held in Lusaka, Zambia, in May 2011. Participants in the Conference were so enthusiastic about the quality of presentations that they believed the knowledge should be shared with a wider audience.


Accordingly, this publication contains papers and presentations from the 5th IIPT African Conference and other selected experts’ case studies, articles and models of best practice. It was developed in collaboration with IIPT’s academic partner in the Conference, Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence and Business Management (LIUTEBM) and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

To read the case studies, click on this link.

There is no cost to access the book but contributions to IIPT to offset costs are welcome.


IIPT World Peace Tours

Jordan - PetraIIPT launched World Peace Travel in an effort to be a model of tourism that exemplifies the ideals,concepts and philosophies upon which IIPT was founded and toward the mission of promoting a “Culture of Peace through Tourism.” World Peace Travel is being spearheaded by IIPT board member Donald King.

The following peace tours will be offered in 2012:

  • The Gulf Experience: United Arab Emirates and Oman - January 31-February 10, 2012
  • The Wild Jordan Tour - March 6-16, 2012
  • Nabji Festival Trek & World Peace Tour to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan - January 8-21, 2012
  • World Peace Tour: Tanzania - June 1-13, 2012
  • Are You Ready to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro? - February 18 and June 16, 2012
  • Discover Croatia 2012
    Click here to read more information and detailed itinerary

Travel Agents

Travel Agents please note that tours are commissionable – please contact Louis D’Amore, Email:


About IIPT

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is a not for profit organization dedicated to fostering travel and tourism initiatives that contribute to international understanding and cooperation, an improved quality of environment, the preservation of heritage, and poverty reduction; and through these initiatives, helping to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world.  It is founded on a vision of the world’s largest industry, travel and tourism – becoming the world’s first global peace industry; and the belief that every traveler is potentially an “Ambassador for Peace.”

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