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International Institute for Peace through Tourism
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IIPT is undertaking several projects to inspire peace through tourism.  Below is a list of current and ongoing projects.  Please follow the links for more information.
  IIPT Global Peace Parks are formed throughout the world to dedicate a piece of land to our commitment to "Building a Culture of Peace."  Our goal is to circle the earth with over 2,010 IIPT Peace Parks by 2010.  At the end of each IIPT Conference, delegates participate in a special ceremony in which an IIPT Peace Park is dedicated to our hope for a peaceful and sustainable world.  Many of IIPT Peace Parks have erected a Peace Pole with the message 'May Peace Prevail on Earth' in different languages.
  The Credo of the Peaceful Traveler puts forth an ethical travel philosophy for travelers to abide by.  The IIPT Credo promotes responsible travel by encouraging respect for hosts and the environment.  The IIPT Credo was developed over a decade ago, and has been spread across the travel and tourism industry worldwide. To display your support for the IIPT Credo, in addition to adhering to its principles when traveling,  please consider purchasing One Earth One Family Plaque and/or Note Cards.
  World Peace Travel is a new IIPT endeavor, beginning in 2006, which offers tours to various destinations around the world. This initiative was launched as means of offering travel opportunities that promote a ‘Culture of Peace through Tourism.’ We invite you to join us for our upcoming Tour to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, scheduled February 13 to February 26, 2007.  Also, please keep an eye out for future details announcing the Abrahamic Faith Tour.
  Service Learning opportunities endorsed by IIPT have been implemented by the IIPT Student/Youth Network and colleagues with Miracle Corners of the World.  Beginning in the summer of 2006, the 'Ray of Hope for Children of Tanzania' project is being undertaken to help improve life for primary school children of Kibada, located on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam.  Fundraising activities will help provide educational materials, desks, a computer, mosquito nets and other basic necessities.  Click here to read more information and to contribute.
  A new Consulting Division of IIPT is under development.  IIPT recently entered into a strategic alliance with the International Executive Service Corps with the aim to utilize its expertise on promoting sustainable tourism development.  IESC and IIPT together will maximize their combined knowledge and experience to benefit the private and public sectors as well as civil society of client countries. This agreement was announced at the 3rd Global Summit held in Thailand, October 2005, where IESC's President and CEO, Spencer King, was a keynote speaker on the theme:  'Role of the World's Largest Industry in Advancing the UN Millennium Goals.'  IIPT's wide network of practitioners with experience in a variety of fields and regions are pleased to offer their services as project consultants.
  Just a Drop, an international water-aid charity organized on behalf of the global travel and tourism industry, is IIPT's official charity. Just a Drop was recently awarded an IIPT Achievement Award for its fundraising efforts undertaken to provide clean water access to thousands of children and their families. By constructing wells, hand pumps and health and sanitation programs, Just a Drop is working to stop children from dying from aliments of water pollution.  IIPT carried out a special campaign in support of Just A Drop to assist grief stricken survivors of the Indian Ocean-Bay of Bengal disaster. Click here to read press release.
  To spread awareness on how tourism contributes to peace on earth, IIPT organizes Conferences throughout the world on various themes of Peace through Tourism.  Many of these conferences resulted in the creation of Declarations that express commitments to projects which promote avenues to build upon peace through tourism efforts.  Please be sure to visit our Conferences section to learn more. 
  A tradition of presenting IIPT Peace Awards to worthy individuals and organizations was inaugurated at the 2nd Global Conference to recognize and honor outstanding achievements that enhance international understanding, cooperation and peace.  Please visit our IIPT Peace Award page to learn more about past recipients and their exceptional efforts. IIPT Men of Peace, IIPT Ambassadors for Peace Awards, IIPT Achievement Awards are announced and presented in conjunction with IIPT Conferences.
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