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IIPT has established a tradition of recognizing and honoring outstanding achievements that contribute to international understanding, cooperation and peace. IIPT proudly presents a list of past Award Winners from the time of their inception.

IIPT Men of Peace
The following 20th century leaders have been honored as IIPT "Men of Peace":

- His Majesty King Hussein (1935-1999), Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

- Dag Hammarskjold (1905-1961), Former United Nations Secretary General

- Nelson Mandela, Nobel Laureate and Former President of South Africa

IIPT Ambassadors for Peace Awards

Airline Ambassadors-US

Third Global Conference, Scotland-1999

Since its founding in December 1996, the Airline Ambassadors network of volunteers has hand-delivered $4 million dollars in aid on 32 humanitarian missions, escorted 500 children in need, assisted at over 50 special events and involved 60,000 children in its programs. Airline Ambassadors are not only providing humanitarian aid, but building relationships through travel that express their humanity and compassion.  Airline Ambassadors have coordinated humanitarian missions delivering medical supplies, school supplies, clothing and food; but more importantly, their love and caring. They have developed relationships with children in Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, the how to Philippines, Romania, Senegal and the United States, who will receive the continued care and assistance of Airline Ambassadors on an on-going basis.

Rich Hansen- Wheelchair Athlete of Vancouver- Canada

Second Global Conference-Montreal 1994

Wheelchair athlete Rick Hansen of Vancouver, British Colombia, was the first person to receive the IIPT “Ambassador for Peace Award”. Rick Hansen came to international attention in the years 1985-87 as he wheeled 40.000 kilometers around the world during two years and two months, visiting 34 countries and raising $23 millions for a legacy trust fund in support of spinal cord research, rehabilitation, and wheelchair sports. During the two year man in motion world tour, Rick heightened the world’s awareness of the abilities of persons with disabilities, and focused attention on the barriers that stand in the way of them reaching their full potential.

Rick Hansen inspired millions of people, young and old, of every race, creed and color. His journey around the world exemplifies the possibilities of promoting international understanding, and support for common causes through the travel.

IIPT Achievement Awards
For their outstanding achievement in contributing to a “Culture of Peace through Tourism", IIPT has recognized the following individuals and organizations:

Mr. Chung Ju- Yung (1915-2001), Founder, Hyundai Business Group

Third Global Summit, Thailand 2005

IIPT presented the achievement Award Posthumously to Mr. Chung Ju-Yung for his Pioneering efforts in harnessing tourism to open doors to North Korea. In November 1998, his company organized the first tour to North Korea’s Geumgangsan “Diamond Mountains” and these tours continue to operate by bus through the DMZ.

In 1998, Mr. Chung Ju Yung became the first civilian South Korean to enter North Korean without military escort. At that historic juncture, which garnered international media coverage, Chung, 83 years old led a cow across the boarder at Panmunjom, site of the war end truce while his son followed with another 500 heads of cattle that were donated to feed Chung’s old Village of Asan. Chung additionally received permission to establish businesses and a hospital in the district for the care of its people.

Born the son of oppressed peasants, industrialist Chung Ju Yung, founder of the Hyundai Business Group, is accredited with rebuilding a war torn and impoverished nation employing more than 170,000 of his fellow Koreans. He attained folk hero status for his philanthropy and efforts to reunite his nation. In 1977 Mr Chung was one of the Civilians forces at the head of the effort to rebuild the war torn cities of Vietnam and was made an honorary commander of the British Empire by the England’s Queen Elizabeth 11. Chung also received the order of the merit from the governments of China and the Nations of Zaire.

Hon. David H. Allen

Second Global Summit, Switzerland 2003

At the First Global Summit in Amman, where he participated as a Keynote Speaker, Hon. David H. Allen was Inspired with an idea – an idea that took hold and grew in the months that followed into the “African Diaspora Heritage Trail.”  Within six months, in the Spring of 2001, the African Diaspora Heritage Trail was launched as a self-guided tour in Bermuda. It was endorsed a month later by the Africa Travel Association (ATA) and IIPT at the ATA 2001 Annual Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.  Hon. David H. Allen’s inspired idea took full flight with international support at the First African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference in Bermuda. In his own words, “The aim of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail is to “Identify, conserve and promote historic sites linked with the development and progress of people of African descent".  The award was presented posthumously to a friend and colleague of IIPT, the late Minister of Tourism, Bermuda, Hon. David H. Allen.

IUCN – UIAA Summit Team

Second Global Summit, Switzerland 2003

In August 2002, Harish Kapadia and Mandip Singh Soin from India and Sher Khan and Nazir Sabir from Pakistan climbed with Jamie Andrew, a quadruple amputee from Scotland, and Julie-Ann Clyma and Roger Payne from the UIAA. This was the first time mountaineers from India and Pakistan had formed a joint climbing team, the first time the flags of the 2 nations had flown together from a summit, and the first time any of the climbs had been made by a quadruple amputee.

The Summit Team climbed several peaks including the Monch (4099m) to recognize the success of the Swiss Government in achieving UNESCO Natural World Heritage status for the Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn Region.


The Rebuild Duvrovnik Fund

First Global Summit, Jordan 2000

The Rebuild Duvrovnik Fund was the first non-profit organization to bring together travel and preservation groups to serve a common cause. The Fund restored several landmark monuments and also played an instrumental role in attracting travel and tourism back to the region which has helped to restore the livelihood of the people of Dubrovnik.


Jordan-Israel, Red Sea-Dead Sea Project

Second Global Summit, Switzerland 2003

Jordan and Israel joined forces in a project to protect the Dead Sea, the water level of which is dropping at the threatening rate of almost a meter per year. This fall in the Sea's water level is endangering the ecological system, as well as tourism and archaeological sites in the region.


This project will save the Dead Sea without having adverse environmental effects on the surrounding region.


For information on how to nominate an individual or organization for an IIPT Peace Award, please email us at info@iipt.org.

International Institute for Peace Through Tourism