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First Global Conference

A Vital Force For Peace

Vancouver, British Columbia - 1988
  • Tourism Canada
  • Air Canada
  • Ministry of Tourism,
    British Columbia
  • enRoute Card Inc.
  • Alberta Tourism
  • The Financial Post

Click Here for a PDF of the Offical Conference Program

Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre

The First Global Conference, "Tourism - A Vital Force For Peace" was the result of a resolution unanimously endorsed by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) at its 1986 convention. The resolution was in support of the United Nations designation of that year as "The International Year of Peace."

The theme of the conference builds on the philosophy and principals expressed in the 1980 Manila Declaration of the World Tourism Organization. The Declaration challenged the industry with a concept of tourism that emphasizes the social, cultural, economic, educational, and political values of tourism. The Declaration emphasizes the very existence of tourism depends on peace. Beyond its economic significance, tourism is potentially the most important vehicle for promoting understanding, trust, and goodwill among peoples of the world.

World leaders have acknowledged the importance of travel as a contribution to world peace, as illustrated by the following statements:

Statement of Pope John Paul II

"The encounters engendered among people through travel are not only a condition for the realization of peace but a positive contribution towards peace."

Geneva Summit – Joint Statement of President Regan & Secretary Gorbachev

"There should be greater understanding among our peoples and to this end we will encourage greater travel."

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the conference was to identify, discuss, and propose new initiatives through which the diverse sectors of the tourism industry can facilitate and contribute further to the goal of "Global Peace Through Tourism." The objectives are:

  1. To achieve participation from a wide range of countries: North - South, East - West.
  2. To develop ideas, concepts, and proposals for realistic, implementable programs which enhance understanding among peoples, their cultures and environments through travel.
  3. To provide a forum for the exchange of views, sharing of experiences, and development of proposals from the full range of people-to-people type programs such as cultural exchanges, student exchanges, youth hostel organizations, international sporting events, twinning of cities and trade missions.
  4. To explore and propose appropriate models of tourism development which contribute to social, cultural and environmental benefits in addition to traditionally recognized economic benefits.
Honorary Chairperson
Vigdis Finnbogadottir
President of Iceland
Conference Chairman
Louis J. D'Amore
President, L.J. D'Amore &
Associates Ltd.

Sonja Bata
Director, Bata Ltd.

Who Participates

The conference will bring together people from countries around the world and from the many diverse sectors of the international travel and tourism industry. The program is designed to explore linkages with related sectors such as parks, heritage, culture, arts, recreation, the full range of exchange programs, community development, urban design and environmental enhancement.

Persons attending will be from senior management in both public and private sector organizations, educators, writers, editors, consultants, administrators, researchers, historians, tourism lawyers, politicians, clergymen, landscape architects, environmentalists, urban designers, and professionals of other areas of interest.

Stephen Lewis
Ambassador to the United Nations


Conference Design

  The conference is designed to maximize participation and interaction among all delegates with a view towards the exchange of ideas and the development of proposals for action. Speakers are being encouraged to provide their suggestions and thought-provoking questions in order to stimulate dialogue and participation in each of the Conference's concurrent sessions.

Key concepts, ideas and recommendations will be noted by a team of Conference "recorders" and synthesized each evening for feedback to all Conference delegates. Topics worthy of further discussion and exploration will be identified daily.
  These topics will form the basis for the formation of "Action Task Groups" on the last day of the Conference. Conference participants will be provided the opportunity to join the Action Task Group of their choice. Each Action Task Group will be asked to formulate the challenges, goals and opportunities in their topic area and the actions required to achieve these goals. The collective output of these Action Task Groups will form the basis of a "Columbia Charter" to be issued following the Conference.

Idea Exchange

The Conference program provides an opportunity for the unstructured, spontaneous coming together in small groups for further discussion of ideas emerging during each day. The Idea Exchange is also an opportunity for Conference delegates who wish to share information on an existing or proposed project/idea to meet with like-minded individuals one-on-one or in small groups. Small exhibits or displays are welcome.

International Student Forum

The bright young people in our colleges and universities today will be the leaders of our industry in the twenty-first century. Moreover, today's youth has the most at stake in the kind of world we will bring about between now and the year 2000. It is within this context that scholarship programs have been sponsored in several countries for the student in each country writing the best paper on the theme of Tourism - A Vital Force For Peace.

As part of their award, scholarship winners will be sponsored participants at the Vancouver Conference. As well as participating in the mainstream of the Conference, scholarship winners along with other student delegates will have the opportunity to come together in a specially designed "International Student Forum". All student delegates are invited and encouraged to participate in the Forum. Through a series of creative brainstorming sessions, some of the most dedicated tourism and hospitality students from around the world will develop their own statement on strategies and actions for bringing about a better world through tourism.

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