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Second Global Conference

Building a Sustainable
World Through Tourism

Montreal, Canada - 1994

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Conference was to launch travel and tourism as a "Global Peace Industry" and to develop concrete proposals for action in support of this millennium vision.

The objectives were:

  1. Broad-based participation from 80 or more countries, representing all sectors of the travel and tourism industry, and related sectors including parks, culture, heritage, and environment.
  2. Presentation and discussion of 200 "Success Stories" from around the world as concrete examples and models of the vital role of the travel and tourism industry in contributing to a peaceful and sustainable world.
  3. Sharing of ideas and ideals, visions and concepts, experiences and aspirations as a basis for developing concrete proposals for action for broad distribution as a "Montreal Charter - Tourism 2000".
  4. Formation of IIPT Membership Organization with a commitment of members to a Millennium Project in support of the millennium vision: Travel and Tourism - A Global Peace Industry.
  5. Coming together again in reunion and celebration of accomplishments and to expand the mutually supportive networks which began in Vancouver.
Honorary Chairperson
Queen Noor of Jordan

The First Global Conference: Tourism - A Vital Force For Peace, held in Vancouver, October 1988, was a memorable experience for all those in attendance. The theme and programme were based on the philosophy and principles expressed in the Manila Declaration of the World Tourism Organization (1980). The conference heightened awareness of the vital role of the travel and tourism industry in contributing to world peach through:

 - promoting mutual understanding, trust, and goodwill

 - improving the quality of the environment, both built and natural; and

 - contributing to the World Conservation          
Strategy of "Sustainable Development."

The Second Global Conference: Building A Sustainable World Through Tourism built on the "Vancouver Experience" and focused on concrete examples from around the world, which clearly demonstrate the potential of the travel and tourism industry to contribute to a sustainable and peaceful world - peace within the global family, and peace with nature.

Dr. Noel Brown
Director,United Nations Environment Programme
The Conference brought together participants from around the world. Participants were from the diverse sectors of the travel and tourism industry, both public and private, non-governmental organizations (NGO's) and related sectors including parks, culture, heritage, recreation and the full range of exchange programmes aimed at promoting international understanding.

Persons attending were senior management, educators, writers, editors, consultants, administrators, researchers, historians, tourism lawyers, politicians, clergymen, landscape architects, environmentalists, urban designers and professionals of other areas of interest.

The programme was designed to explore linkages among there various sectors and collaborative inter-disciplinary approaches to achieving the aims of the conference.
Click here for a PDF of the Official Conference Program

The programme included five plenary sessions featuring 15 international prominent keynote speakers. Case studies of "Success Stories" were the focus of five concurrent sessions. More than 200 success stories were assembled from around the world in 12 theme-related topic areas as indicated below. These success stories represented the "real life" state of the art in sustainable tourism development from the grass roots, to the national and international level. The programme included a Networking Service, "Ideas Exchange", task group discussions, an International Student Forum, and an IIPT organizational meeting. The Conference was designed to maximize participation and interaction among delegates with a view towards networking, the exchange of ideas, and the development of proposals for action.

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