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Photo Credit: Robert Eilets


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, December 7-12, 2003


Following are selected presentations from the conference

More presentations from the conference will be available shortly

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Monday, Dec 8
Wednesday, Dec 10

Thursday, Dec 11
Friday, Dec 12

Monday, December 8, 2003

Opening Ceremony

Tanzanian Prime Minister Welcome Address  (Acrobat, 23kb)

Hon Frederick Sumaye

Prime Minister

Republic of Tanzania

IIPT Welcome Address  (Acrobat, 20kb)

Louis D'Amore

Founder & President

International Institute for Peace Through Tourism

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Plenary I: Community Tourism, The way ahead for Africa

WTO: The Way Ahead for Africa  (Acrobat, 17kb)

Dr. Dawid DeVilliers

Deputy Secretary General

World Tourism Organization

DBSA: The Way Ahead for Africa  (Acrobat, 31kb)

DeVilliers Botha

Executive Manager

Development Bank of Southern Africa

Community Based Sustainable Tourism  (Acrobat, 31kb)

Judy O'Connor

Country Director, Tanzania and Uganda

World Bank

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Concurrent Sessions A

1. Sustainable Community Tourism, Challenges & Opportunities

Community Based Tourism in Tanzania, Potential and Perils in Practice  (Acrobat, 72kb)

Mustapha Akunaay

Executive Secretary

Tanzania Association of Tour Operators

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Plenary III: Healing the Wounds of Conflict

The Role of Tourism in Healing the Wounds of Conflict  (Acrobat, 43kb)

Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim


Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation

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Concurrent Sessions B

4. Poverty Reduction and Community Cohesion

Community Tourism in Kagera Region, Tanzania  (Acrobat, 44kb)

Mary Kalikawe

Kiroyera Tours

^ Top

5. Cultural & Heritage Community Tourism

The Challenges of Sustainable Tourism  (Acrobat, 48kb)

Dr. D. Kamamba

Director of Antiquities


^ Top

Plenary IV: Socially and Environmentally Responsible Community Tourism

Women, Peace and Sustainable Development  (Acrobat, 13kb)

Dr. Asha Rose Migiro

Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children


Bridging the Gap of the Have and Have Not Regions of the World  (Acrobat, 67kb)

Professor Chachage

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

University of Dar es Salaam

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Concurrent Sessions C

7. The Community Tourism – Wildlife Interface

The Community Tourism-Wildlife Interface  (Acrobat, 45kb)

Emmanuel Severre

Director of Wildlife

Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Tanzania

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Plenary V: Financial and Economic Perspectives for Sustainable Tourism Development

Financial and Economic Perspectives for Sustainable Tourism Development  (Acrobat, 30kb)

Dr. N.C. Weggoro

Chairman, Sectoral Section

East African Community Secretariat

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Concurrent Sessions D

11. Sport for Peace and Development

Sports Tourism, The Case for a Local Approach in Africa  (Acrobat, 45kb)

Peter John Cave

Course Leader

Dept of Tourism and Leisure Mgmt, University of Lancashire

Sports For Peace and Development  (Acrobat, 53kb)

Augustine Dzathor

International Peace Marathon

Africa University

Sports As a Vehicle for Peace  (Acrobat, 16kb)

Henry J. Ramadhani

Director of Sports Development

Ministry of Labor, Youth Development and Sports

^ Top

Friday, December 12, 2003

Closing Ceremony

Tanzania Action Plan  (Acrobat, 43kb)

Louis D'Amore

Founder & President

International Institute for Peace Through Tourism

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More presentations from the conference will be available shortly

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